Make Money Online – Top 10 Ways to Earn Money Online

Ways to make money online is one of the most searched query on internet but many of the people still does not get a clear idea on how to earn money online. The biggest reason I find is that there is no proper guidance available on this topic.

Many people think its very easy to make money but many think you need to be an expert in earning money online. There are number of ways a person can make money on internet but here I will discuss most common top 10 ways of earning online.

top 10 ways to make money online

Top 10 does not indicate that all the top 10 make money ways are genuine but these top 10 are the ways which people discuss online a lot. In this article, I will try to explain you the real truth of making money on internet.

I don’t find any reason you will search this query again on Google after reading this article. This article will be a complete article to explain you the best ways of making money online.

Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online

Just check here the top 10 ways which are most common & people talk a lot about them to make money online. This article will use a rating system for each option in terms of trust, earning potential as well as in in terms of simplicity of the program.

1. Make Money with Google AdSense

This option comes on the top of my money making list. Yes, AdSense is simply the best earning opportunities on internet and no one can deny this fact. In fact, earning from AdSense was never so easy as you can earn today.

You simply need a blog or website where you publish high quality contents and use AdSense on your blog or site to earn money. But AdSense is not something like you will start earning from the next day. You need to keep patience if you want to earn money from AdSense.

People earn anywhere between $100 to $100,000 or even more from AdSense. The earning depends on number of factors and some of them are hard work & best AdSense tricks.

Here is one of the best article on AdSense which will explain you everything about AdSense. And if you want to take some basic AdSense training, just check this link here.

red-arrow Trust Factor (9.5/10) – There is no possibility you can doubt on this program.
red-arrow Earning Potential (10/10) – There are people who make even more than $1,00,000 a month.
red-arrow Simplicity factor (7/10) – If you are a beginner, it takes time to earn from AdSense. But once you understand this, you will simply love this.

2. Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

This is another best earning option on internet. This is a bit difficult than AdSense but once you start making money with affiliate marketing, you will become addicted to this. There is no other online opportunity which can make you so much money.

Affiliate marketing simply means promoting products and services of other advertisers and earn money from each action like a signup or purchase on advertiser’s website through your promotion.

There are thousands of affiliate programs you can join and promote. In fact, there are many top affiliate networks where you can promote hundreds of advertisers from a single website.

Choosing a best affiliate program and knowing how to promote that is the key to success in affiliate marketing. Just check this affiliate marketing article to know more on this topic.

red-arrow Trust Factor (9.5/10) – There are thousands of affiliate programs but 99% of them are genuinely pay and just for 1% of the advertisers who don’t pay I rated this 9.5 out of 10.
red-arrow Earning Potential (10/10) – You just imagine how much money you want to earn and there is potential to earn that much income.
red-arrow Simplicity factor (5.5/10) – If you are a beginner, it takes a lot of time to understand affiliate marketing. You can simply begin with AdSense and study affiliate marketing till you learn everything about this.

3. Make Money on Fiverr

Fiver was not a that big earning opportunity until 2010 when it was in the initial stage. But in last 1 year, the Fiverr has grown like anything. Many of the people who were busy in other online businesses or even newcomers has come to the Fiverr and making full time income.

I am doing research on Fiverr from the last 1 year and according to my study, its one of the best money making option for everyone. This is the perfect opportunity for people who does not like to learn anything before they start earning. Just check this article on how to make money on Fiverr for more information.

The concept of Fiverr is very simple. Offer your service to the world for just $5. There are many things you can do on Fiverr. You just need to spend sometime there so that you will come to know what you can do for $5.

Its really one of the best money making option for millions of Indian who like to earn only INR 5000 to 10,000 even as full time income. Even if you complete 1 job a day, you will make more than INR 6000 a month. just think of this as many of the sellers on Fiverr earn even more than INR 1,00,000 a Day.

red-arrow Trust Factor (9.5/10) – Not a single complaint from any seller who did not get paid for their work from Fiverr.
red-arrow Earning Potential (9.5/10) – In future, you will see many sellers who will be earning as high as $10,000 a Day
red-arrow Simplicity factor (8/10) – Its relatively easy to start earning on Fiverr.

4. Make Money from Blogging

Blogging is the ultimate way of making money online and this is center point of earning cash. Many of the things like AdSense, Affiliate marketing starts with blogging. If you have a good blog, you can find tons of way of earning cash.

Blogging gives you the exposure to everything like AdSense & other similar networks, thousands of affiliate programs, SEO (search engine optimization), private ads, selling your own products, giving consultancy etc.

You can create a blog like where you choose a specific topic to publish high quality articles and doing some promotion so that your blog will get some exposure. Then you can decide how you want to monetize your blog.

red-arrow Trust Factor (10/10) – You are the owner of your own blog. You can decide how you want to earn income.
red-arrow Earning Potential (9/10) – Blogging too can make you unlimited income but you need to work very hard to earn very big income from a single blog.
red-arrow Simplicity factor (6/10) – Blogging is easy if you are ready to do hard work. It starts giving you returns after 4-6 months.

5. Earn Money on eBay

eBay is one of the oldest but easy online money making option for people. But you have to have some physical product to sell on eBay. You can’t sell your service or digital product on eBay (at least in India).

Even if you don’t have anything to sell, you can easily resell something through tie up with some dealer and buy only when you get a confirmed order on eBay.

Here is one of the article which will tell you how to sell on eBay with some good tips.

Trust Factor (9.5/10) – Even it can get 10 out of 10 but just as a little precaution.
Simplicity factor (9/10) – Its very easy to earn income through eBay.

red-arrow Trust Factor (9.5/10) – Even it can get 10 out of 10 but just as a little precaution.
red-arrow Earning Potential (8.5/10) – Very high earning potential for big seller. You need many resources & manpower to handle lots of physical orders.
red-arrow Simplicity factor (8.5/10) – Its very easy to earn income through eBay.

6. Earn Cash with Micro Jobs

There are many sites where you can earn by completing micro tasks. Websites like mTurk, MicroWorkers, ShortTask are some of the websites where you can join and make money.

You will never make big money from any of the site. In fact, its hard to make big money as your money is controlled by the sites and not by you. You can’t complete more jobs than these sites have even if you have more time. Check some tips here to earn more in less time.

red-arrow Trust Factor (7.5/10) – Although these micro jobs sites are genuine & pay but sometime (1 in every 100) they can give you some trouble to withdraw your income
red-arrow Earning Potential (5/10) – Not big. Its achievement for you, if you are able to earn $400 or more a month
red-arrow Simplicity factor (9/10) – Its really simple to earn from these sites. If your desire is not more than $200 a month, these online jobs are perfect than anything else.

7. Earn from Online Surveys

Online survey is one of the very easy online opportunity provided you find any genuine survey company. You will find hundreds of sites claiming to earn you big money by completing very simple online surveys but not even 2% of them are genuine.

And if there is any genuine website, you will not find more than 1 or 2 surveys and you will not earn more than $1 to $2 per month (max $5 to $10 for people in USA)  from individual site.

So making money from survey is really the waste of time. Its not a problem to join the sites but don’t expect much from these survey sites. Here is a list of top 20 survey sites where you can join and check if you get the online surveys.

**** Never pay any money to get the list of survey sites. Most of the scam sites which asks you to pay $10 or $20 to earn from surveys send you the list of fraud sites including the 20 sites given in the above link.

****** Just check the credibility of any site by searching in Google with the keyword “sitename complaints” and you will find the truth of that site.

red-arrow Trust Factor (2/10) – Not that trustworthy
red-arrow Earning Potential (2/10) – Don’t expect even $100 a month by joining even 20 or more survey sites
red-arrow Simplicity factor (10/10) – Very easy but not effective.

8. Get Paid to Click Ads

Its again one of easiest way to make money but again its very difficult to find any genuine paid to click sites. 99% of all PTC sites are scam. Not only that, the money you earn from these sites is very small. You hardly make 1 cent and less from each and every ads you click and read.

Its again very difficult to earn even $50 a month even if you join 10 genuine sites. The only way to increase your income is refer people to these sites so you will earn from the earnings of each and every referral.

Here is a list of top 10 paid to click sites where you can join and earn you some little money. First 2 sites are the best one. If you think of joining these sites, do refer at least 20 or 50 people to add more income from these PTC sites.

9. Make Money through Freelancing Sites

Freelancing sites is again one of the good way to earn income but its not a cup of tea of every person. You need to have some skills before you could decide to join any freelancing site.

There are many top freelancing sites where you can signup and start earning. You can do any job which can be delivered online on these sites. Things like software coding, creating websites, internet marketing, writing, Photoshop jobs are some of the things you can do on these freelancing sites.

Here is a list of top 10 freelancing sites where you can join and start making money.

red-arrow Trust Factor (8/10) – Most of the top freelancing sites are genuine.
red-arrow Earning Potential (7/10) – Good but you can’t make millions with freelancing jobs.
red-arrow Simplicity factor (7/10) – Easy for those who posses skills.

10. Make Money on YouTube & Facebook

Now a days people search if there is any way to make money from YouTube or Facebook. These sites are the most used sites on internet and so the potential of earning money from these sites.

Program like YouTube Partners can earn you some handsome money by uploading videos on YouTube. There are other ways as well to earn money from YouTube. Can you believe a 1 minute funny video ‘Charlie bit my finger’ has earned more than 1 million dollar to the person who has uploaded this video in YouTube.

Similarly, there are many ways you can earn using Facebook. Just check this article which will show you many similar ways.

red-arrow Trust Factor (9/10) – Most of the ways to earn through these sites are trusted.
red-arrow Earning Potential (7/10) – Good Earning potential
red-arrow Simplicity factor (6.5/10) – Easy for some and little difficult for some.


These were the most common ways to make money online but these are not the only ways to earn money but you can find many other ways. But yes, if someone is looking for the ways, then these top 10 options are the only way to begin.

We will write about more such money making programs and the best tips & tricks you can use to work on these programs. So just subscribe to this blog so that you will never miss any way to make money online neither any tips about working on them.



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    The way you have brought up the clarification of doubts to a new comer to this industry is very simple.He or she can easily choose their as per their skills, knowledge,potential & planning.
    I would be following you and will refer this site to as many as i could.
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