What is Blogging? How Blogging Can Change Your Life For Good!

Pritam Nagrale

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what is blogging

I am a Blogger and I can proudly say it.


…because BLOGGING has Completely Changed my Life!

A few years back when I started BLOGGING I didn't know what will happen next Will I Succeed or Fail but still, I continued Blogging.

Fast Forward to NOW. All I want to say is…

Blogging has Changed my entire life.

Want to Know How?

Not only I have bought a large flat and an office with my blogging income but also an ultra luxury car that I never dreamt about.

And you almost feel like a celebrity when people from all over the world know you.

what is blogging

So what exactly blogging is?

It was very difficult to explain people back in 2009 when I started blogging. But now a days many people are aware about blogging.

There are hundreds of definition for this term ‘What is Blog’ & ‘Blogging’ and I really don’t want to confuse you to use any technical term to explain you blogging.

And I really don’t want to add another definition to blogging which will confuse you even Further.

In the simplest word:

Blogging is nothing but creating a website like my website MoneyConnexion and write your Opinions, Thoughts, Knowledge and Experiences on your blog.

The Person who creates a Blog is called as BLOGGER.

Anyone can start a Blog whether an Individual or a Group. This start a blog guide will help you to start your blog in 30 minutes.

Once your blog is ready, you can write and publish useful and quality content on regular basis (1-2 content in a week).

Now the Next Big Question is what to write?

You can write about your interest or your hobbies, your knowledge or opinion on different topics, or even about your day to day life experiences.

There are thousands of topics on which you can Write and start Blogging.

Let’s take some example –

You are a women who is passionate about cooking and you like to experiment with different recipes then start a blog on cooking and share your recipes with the world through your blog.

You have excellent knowledge on finance then you can start a finance blog where you can teach people how to save or invest money.

You are passionate about football or other sports then you can start a sport blog where you can share your opinion on different games.

There are thousands of other topics like hollywood, fashion, food, travel, lifestyle, politics, technology, gadgets, how-to-tips, locations etc.

People come to your blog, know about you, read your posts and write their feedback through comments.

You become popular! you make money!!

And that's what blogging is.

Various reasons to start a blog

Making money from a blog is not the only reasons for starting a blog. Different people have different reasons to start a blog-

  1. There are many who start a blog because they really care for others and always think if they can in anyway contribute to the wellness of the society through their writing.
  2. Some people like celebrities, influencers, brands etc. blog for recognition and this way they can connect with their audience.
  3. There are many businesses who write blogs about their products, services, features, promotion etc.
  4. Lastly, there are people who start their blog for making some extra income.

My initial goal of starting my blog MoneyConnexion was helping people who are looking for different ways to make money online.

I have years of experience in this field and I give all my experience to my readers through my blog.

And trust me, I laugh all the way to my bank helping my blog readers.

So what's your goal of starting your blog.

How to start your own blog

Trust me, its much easier than what you are thinking right now. It hardly takes 30 minutes to start your blog.

There are 3 steps to start your own blog-

  1. Buy a domain and WordPress hosting
  2. Install a good theme
  3. Write your first post.

You can refer this start a blog link to get step by step details.

Is blogging really difficult?

Not at all. There are thousands of famous bloggers who are doing very well in this field and making good money but still they don’t have any knowledge of web designing or even any IT background.

I really mean it. Even I have trained many people how to start a blog and after learning a bit they are doing very well in this field.

If you really want to earn money from blogging, then you can devote some time to this and see within a few days, you can create your own blogs. And yes, its about learning how to create a blog and not about doing any software or computer course.

How to monetize your blog?

If you work hard for your blog and get decent traffic then there are number of excellent ways to make money from your blog.

One of the easiest way that most people use is Google AdSense. You can signup with AdSense and once you get the approval, you can place AdSense ads on your blog.

Whenever a reader of your blog clicks on any of the AdSense ads, Google pays you.

Another popular way to make money from your blog is affiliate marketing. You can join best affiliate programs like Amazon, ShareASale, CJ etc. and add the affiliate links in your relevant posts.

Whenever your blog reader clicks on these affiliate links and buy something from merchant site, you get good commission.

You can also make money selling your product (if any), your services, creating and selling an ebook, taking sponsored posts, start paid membership for premium blogs.


  1. Blogging is simple.
  2. Anyone can start a blog. Just get a basic training or read some articles on blogging. That’s it
  3. People don’t blog just for money. There are other reasons as explained above.
  4. Blogging means writing something on your blog. People like your content and visit your blog again for more useful content from you.
  5. So many ways to earn money from your blog. You decide how do you want to monetize this.

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