Top 25 Freelance Jobs Opportunities to Earn from Home

Freelancing is one of the best career for people who want to work from home. There are hundreds of freelance jobs opportunities available on internet.

Millions of companies all over the world are looking for people who can complete their different types of jobs & projects & if you posses some skills then you can work for such companies & make good income.

Although there are many freelance jobs opportunities available on dozens of freelance sites but if you can have more scope if you work on any of these 25 jobs-

25 Most Popular Freelance Jobs

So read about these freelance jobs & if you have any of the skills then you can start right away by joining these freelance sites OR if you don’t have then start learning today & become an expert in next few weeks to work on freelance sites.

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1. Web Development and Designing

Job Description: You all know about web development and designing. You have to design and code the website and give it to your client.

Skills You Need: You need to know designing and coding. You must be well versed with various SDKs like .NET, Java, Dreamweaver etc. Knowledge about WordPress could come in handy.

2. Teaching and Tutoring

Job Description: You have to teach and tutor online over Skype or Google Hangout. Job is pretty simple you need to organize various sessions and give lectures.

Skills You Need: You must know your subject or area of expertise. Whether it is high school math or teaching a programming language like C++.

3. Freelance Writing and Copywriting

Job Description: You have to write for various clients. Freelance writing could be anything from ghost writing to article writing for a blog or website.

Skills You Need: You need to have writing skills and must be able to finish articles or essays in short period of time. Check this post if you want to earn through freelance writing.

4. Creative Design

Job Description: Creative design could include a vast area of design related work. For example take PowerPoint presentation or desktop designing with Adobe Photoshop.

Skills You Need: Creative designing is not easy. You need to know everything about PowerPoint or Adobe Photoshop. Experience is must.

5. Sales and Marketing

Job Description: Here you got to generate leads for your clients. You have to market a product especially on the internet. Marketing could be anything email marketing, social media marketing etc.

Skills You Need: You need to have some experience in marketing mainly affiliate marketing. Sales and Marketing would be done on the Internet rather mainstream media.

6. Graphic Designing

Job Description: Graphic designing is all together a different field. You got to create graphics for printed and electronic media. Graphic designers are huge in demand as a freelancer.

Skills You Need: Graphic designing is not a casual thing. You must have done a professional course with some experience before you start as a freelance graphic designer.

7. Mobile App Development

Job Description: App development is very hot especially for mobile platforms like Apple and Windows. You need to develop Apps as a freelancer for your clients.

Skills You Need: Off course! Passion for app development! You must have developed apps for a particular platform like Apple iOS or MS Windows.

8. Search Engine Optimization or SEO, SEM

Job Description: Search Engine Optimization or SEO is also a popular freelancing job that can be done from home. You need to pull a website and rank high on Google. SEM or search engine marketing is same thing.

Skills You Need: You must know everything about SEO like link building, ranking high on Google, how Google behaves, Panda affect etc.

9. Branding and Public Relations

Job Description: Branding and PR jobs are in high demand if you are a freelancer. These services can be given working as a freelancer from your home. The campaign that you are going to run will be on Internet.

Skills You Need: You need to Branding and market a product. Then Public Relations are an area in itself. So you need some experience.

10. Admin Support or Assistance

Job Description: Administration Support or assistance could come in various forms like being virtual assistant or managing a certain kind of project.

Skills You Need: For admin support jobs you need to keep track of various things through calendar like appointments, meetings etc. Must have some kind of previous experience before you start this work.

11. 3D Modelling and CAD

Job Description: 3D modelling and CAD is an advanced subject however the demand is great if you want to work as a 3D Modelling and CAD designer.

Skills You Need: Here you need a formal degree. Although in a freelancing job no one asks for a degree but for being able to do the job you need to have basic education as well as experience.

12. Game Development

Job Description: Game development is also quite similar to app development. However, here you will code about games that are played online or offline.

Skills You Need: You need to have good understanding and knowledge of various gaming SDKs. You might have some prior experience before you become a game developer.

13. Translation

Job Description: Translation jobs are also in great demand if you are a freelancer. You need to translate something from one language to another. There is legal translation and medical translation also.

Skills You Need: You need to have knowledge of various world languages especially French, German, English etc. Future of translation is really great.

14. Web Research

Job Description: Web research or internet research is quite an easy job for freelancers. Here you will be given different types of tasks like surveys, filling form, taking poll etc. Basic research work!

Skills You Need: You need to have knowledge about surfing internet and various websites. Moreover, you must be willing to spend time on Internet for long hours.

15. Legal Services

Job Description: Legal services are for law graduates or students of law. Clients seek various services like corporate cases, criminal, property, family, paralegal etc. Here money is great!

Skills You Need: Here you must have legal background. You could be a consultant with some experience and a list of satisfied clients.

16. Transcription

Job Description: You might have heard about transcription jobs. Transcription jobs could be anything from general to legal to medical. Medical transcription jobs are most popular among freelancers.

Skills You Need: You need to have great listening skills as well as typing skills because you are going to listen and translate.

17. Article and Blog Writing

Job Description: Although we mentioned freelance writing and copywriting in the very beginning of the article but article and blog writing is different. Here you write blogs and articles for bloggers.

Skills You Need: You need to have decent writing skills. In fact this is easier than copywriting because you can be casual.

18. Photography

Job Description: Freelance photographer is one of the most popular freelancing jobs. I should have mentioned this much earlier in the article.

Skills You Need: You must have passion for photography and some experience is also good. Your portfolio must be impressive. You must be familiar with editing and retouching photograph.

19. Customer Service

Job Description: Customer Service jobs for freelancers are there but not quite popular as others. There is other different customer service like giving technical support to the client.

Skills You Need: You need to have great communication skill and knowledge about the particular field you are asked to give service in.

20. Social Media Coordinator and Community Manager

Job Description: Social media coordinator or community manager jobs are not for everyone because you need to have experience. Here you need to know about platforms like LinkedIn, Google Plus etc.

Skills You Need: You have to manage and update all social media platform. You need to learn more about LinkedIn and how you engage with others.

21. Logo Design and Illustration

Job Description: Logo design and illustration could come under creative design. Design logos for websites and create magical illustrations.

Skills You Need: You must have experience in creative design especially creating logos. You also know about how to do branding. If you have talent then you will easily get clients.

22. Audio and Video Production

Job Description: Audio and video production comes under creative design.

Skills You Need: Here you have to know about editing, recording and producing audios and videos. You must have some work experience so you can do the job as a freelancer.

23. Data Entry Jobs

Job Description: Data entry jobs are nothing new and you might know about them. You have to see images and write it down into a word file. You have to finish certain pages in a day.

Skills You Need: You need to have typing speed of at least 30 to 40 words per minute and patience also.

24. Human Resource Management

Job Description: HR manager or human resource managers are required by the clients. You can do this job online as well offline from your home.

Skills You Need: You need to have great resume and work experience. You also need to have great contacts and network of other HR manager that you know. HR manager as a freelancer is for more experienced executives.

25. Architecture Services

Job Description: Finally, you can get a job as a freelancer for various architecture services. The most popular one is interior designing. You can deal with clients from your home.

Skills You Need: You must have training and some educational background in designing before you find clients.

So these were 25 most popular freelancer jobs that you can work from home.

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