Make Money Writing: 6 Best Ways Get Paid to Write Articles

If you are good at writing or if you can express your ideas well then you can definitely get paid to write online. It is not necessary that you should be a professional writer or experienced columnist to make money writing online.

I have good experience of making money writing articles and other things online. I will share my expeirence and explain you all possible ways to get paid to write articles, essays, reviews and even short stories.

get paid to write

You can easily make US $50 to $500 per day if you have the necessary skills and know the correct way to make money writing articles.

Here are 6 best ways that will be useful for you to make money as a writer. These methods are easy & anyone with little or no experience can start earning writing online.

My Favorite 6 Ways to Get Paid to Write

I used to make $3000-$4000 per month writing for others. An average writer can make $2000-$10000 per month writing articles online.

Here I am showing you 6 different to get paid to write online.

1. Get Paid to Write Online for Others

This is one of the most popular ways to get paid to work as a freelance writer. You can find number of different ways to make money writing for others :

  • Get paid to write articles for blogs and other websites
  • Proofreading & editing
  • Copywriting
  • Press Releases
  • Translation from one language to another
  • Transcription
  • Writing Resume & Cover letter
  • Get paid to write Essay, research paper, scripts, advertisement etc.
  • Writing legal documents, contracts, Agreements, Wills etc.

There is a very huge demand for writers for doing all these works. If you have good experience in any of the given way above, you can make a high income.

You can find such types of online writing jobs here or see many other freelance websites where you can join as a writer and make money.

Here are some of the most popular sites for writers-


This site has become the most popular sites for freelance writers after the merger of Elance & ODesk. You can find lots of work if you are ready to provide quality.


This is one of my favourite places to find any type of freelance work. You can join Fiverr as a seller and then create gigs related to your writing services each for $5 or multiple of $5.


This is one of the exclusive sites for writers where you can find all types of freelance writing jobs. You can start with $5 for 500 words articles, and once you are promoted, you can make up to $40 for a 500 words article.
Contently: You can find 2 ways to make money on Contently. First by writing for their clients and second for writing for Contently.


If you are expert and confident then you can make up to $25 per hour writing on Freelancer.

You can also check these 92 sites on MakeLivingWriting where you can find all types of writing projects and 37 blogs on Minterest to earn up to $300 as a guest post writer

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2. Start a Blog and Make Money Writing

I recommend every writer to start a blog even if you don’t want to make money blogging. A blog can showcase your talent through the content you will publish on your blog.

Creating a Blog is EASY!

If you believe me… it's so easy that it'll hardly take 15 minutes to make a blog from scratch…

So, If you want to start your own BLOG then read this guide which will help you create one FAST…

An article written for others will earn you only one-time income, but an article written for your OWN BLOG can make you a lifetime income.

and… that’s why blogging can make you lots of money.

There are many ways you can make money from your blog. One of the easiest ways is by placing AdSense ads on your blog.

Another popular method is affiliate marketing. You can promote different products related to the topic you are writing on your blog and make money from each sale that happens through your blog.

3. Make money writing eBooks

If you have some great ideas, knowledge or experience that will be helpful to mankind, you can create an eBook, publish it and make money from this.

Although it looks everything simple to publish an eBook but its not. It takes time, hard work, research and patience to publish your eBook.

We have written a complete article to make money from an eBook here. I am sure you will be able to publish and sell it.

Some writers have sold millions of copies of their eBook.

So, start working writing now Who knows you Might be the NEXT BESTSELLING AUTHOR…

4. Social Media Consultant

A social media consultant is another best ways to get paid to write if you are good at writing a short & viral post.

Almost all the companies in the world need social media consultants who can manage the social profiles/pages of their companies and grow their business.

You need to post creative content so that you can increase followers & engage them. If you are an expert in this field, you can manage profiles of hundreds of companies & make a living.

5. Writing for Newspaper or Magazine or Blogs

If you have experience of that level, then you can sell your articles to popular newspaper and magazine. You can get paid between $50 to $300 per article depending on the quality of the article.

You can check these 10 Magazines that can pay you $500+ for one article.

To make that much money from each article, you need to do a lot of research for writing the article. Article length should be more than 2000 words to get accepted.

If you remember that we've already discussed above that how you can start a blog and write for own blog and make a life long income.

But for any reason if don't want to start your blog then you can write articles for other popular blogs and get paid for it. This is known as Guestposting. It is also a popular way through which writers make money.

6. Get Paid to Write Erotic Stories

Do you know there is very huge demand for erotica on internet and hundreds of authors are already making big bucks writing erotic stories?

There are many ways you can make money by writing erotic stories like creating your own blog (very little competition), write for other blogs or companies or write & sell your own books on Amazon & other popular platforms.

Check this podcast from Marla who is telling her story how she made $10,000 writing Erotica.

So there are 6 most popular ways to get paid to write. If you have experience with other ways to make money writing online then share with us.


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  9. Don’t waste your time trying to get registered and writing on the writing sites. They are either full (they will not enable your account because they already say they have too many writers), require you to complete 30 “standard” articles (of which there are none available) before graduating to premium or elite status or… they have errors on their web site preventing you from registering your email address. Big waste of time trying.

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  12. I am also interested in simple writing work to begin with and as
    my writing and confidence improves, I can take on more. I also like copy paste writing work .I am excited to do online job .

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