30 Most Popular Affiliate Marketing Networks & Companies for Beginners

There is no doubt affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. Combination of online marketing skills and right affiliate networks can make affiliate marketers rich very quickly.

Hence a beginner must be able to fully appreciate the importance of choosing a right affiliate network very early on. Every affiliate marketer has its own requirement and they have to choose a network accordingly.

Most of the time you choose a network on the basis of 3 things

  1. Quality of Products
  2. Commission rates and
  3. Ease of payment.    

30 Best Affiliate Marketing Networks

Affiliate Marketing Networks

I have personally worked on most of these affiliate networks for years and depending on my experience and my research I am explaining you about the 30 best affiliate marketing companies that affiliates can choose from.    

1. Amazon Affiliate Program

The first most ubiquitous affiliate network in our list is Amazon Associates. Almost 1% of all websites on internet (out of 200 million active websites) are using Amazon affiliate programs to make money.

Amazon has changed its commission structure from 21st April 2020. Here is the new commission structure-

amazon associate commission

Other Ways to Earn Money from Amazon affiliate program are 

  • Special Programs
  • Bounty Events – Up to $3 – $5 for successful registration

To make things easier for affiliates they have got some easy to Use Tools

  • Site Stripe or Toolbar
  • Product Links
  • Banners
  • API

Some of the Great Advantages of Amazon Associates are

  1. No Third Party Advertiser Approval
  2. Choose From Over 350 Million Products
  3. Competitive Conversion Rates that Maximizes Earnings
  4. Hassle free linking tools to monetize your website/blog
  5. Detailed reports to further optimize your blog for ads
  6. Great for all kinds of publishers irrespective of their income. A large network, just a content site, a review website or a single blogger everyone make money.

However there are two disadvantages

  1. It is not for everyone. You must have a good site with some traffic otherwise Amazon may decline your application.
  2. Secondly Cookie Duration is just 24 hours. It means if someone clicks on your Amazon affiliate link and buys after a day then you won’t get any commission. Customers have to buy within 24 hours. It sucks!

But if the customer has added the products in the cart then you are eligible for a commission for a period of 30 days. Amazon has world's best conversion rate. 79% for prime members and 13% for non-prime members.

Sign Up Here for Amazon Affiliate Program

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Cookie Alert!

Cookie Duration Policy: After clicking your affiliate link if a customer buys the products within the cookie duration (15 days or 30 days depending upon the affiliate network) then you get paid. If they buy after the cookie duration, then you don’t get paid.

Most of the affiliate programs mentioned in our list have 15 to 30 days cookie duration. Some programs have more and some less.

We recommend you to find out cookie duration of each affiliate network by going to their website. Each network has its own cookie duration policy.

2. ShareASale

Salient features of ShareASale affiliate network are

  • 3900+ Affiliate Programs from 40 Different Categories.
  • Product Links – Choose a right product using Deep Linking Tool and database of 2000+ merchant data feeds.
  • Custom Link Creation – Create License Plate Links with Social Media Features and Deep Link Directly to Products.
  • Banners & Text Links – Banner Ads in Your Side Bar and Affiliate Links in Blog Post
  • Data Feeds via API and FTP for easy automation and up to date product information.

ShareASale offers some of the best Coupon & Deals from top merchants to promote.

Some of the Featured Merchants are Weebly, Dealflicks, Cricut, Johnston & Murphy etc

Commission Structure

  • Flat Commission and Percentage Wise.
  • Commission Depending Upon the Merchant – 5% to 10%
  1. Fashion Merchants Clothing and Apparel – 7% to 8%
  2. Home and Garden Merchants – 6% to 20%
  3. Food Drinks – 20% to 30%
  4. Grammarly is currently offering $20 flat per sale

They have got Easy 5 Step Joining Process with Direct Bank Deposit facility Available. Moreover, what I liked about them is their Customer Support.

Join ShareASale Here

3. Commission Junction

Actually ClickBank (CB) and CJ both are twins with a presence of 20 years. However CJ is more professional compared to Clickbank and has paid $1.8 billion to publishers in 2019.

I have been making money from CJ since 2004 and has good experience on working on CJ's platform.

Products are less compared to CB but are of great Quality. Unlike Amazon, CJ and CB are third party affiliate network where advertisers and publishers meet.

CJ has some of the top advertisers like GoPro, Barnes & Noble, Lowe’s, IHG, Priceline, J.Crew etc to promote. They’ve got some quality brand to promote.

CJ is different from other Affiliate networks when it comes to finding perfect Advertisers.

Features like on-demand insights & analytics and care for your privacy by cookieless tracking makes CJ a great affiliate network

Customer support is also fantastic!

Commission would depend upon the advertisers you are tying up with.

You get paid in over 150 currencies via Check, Direct Deposit, Payoneer etc.

Join CJ Here

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4. JVZoo

JVZoo Affiliate program was launched in 2011. They have over 9.5 million products mostly digital from 200+ niches in 22 different verticals.

The niche you can choose products from includes Business/Finance, Education, Ecommerce, Health, Writing/Speaking, Entertainment etc.

Once you sign up with them (which is easy 3 steps process)

  • You can choose products that interest you and start promoting.
  • You have to ask for permission from the vendor. Most of the time they will grant you and you also need to ask them how you will you promote their product.
  • Just one link to make commission from all products in a funnel. You can track conversion per product and per funnel.
  • You can sort a vendor you want to promote on the basis of Conversion Rate, EPC, Commission, Conversion Rate and Refund rate.
  • Go for products which may pay you less in commission but have refund rate less than 5%.

A new affiliate marketer has to be little bit cautious here! Because the problem with JVZoo is quality of products. Most of the products from Make Money Online vertical are of low quality.

So it is better to choose products from other niche.

Look at for the Product of the Day and Top Sellers for the day on their website. Filter products according to sales volume and total revenue.

Join JVZoo Here

5. Webgains

Webgains has over 250,000 affiliate marketers promoting for over 18,000 advertisers/brands.

Some popular advertisers you can promote for are Samsung, Hertz, Feelunique etc.

Some popular publishers who are promoting their products are The Telegraph, TopCashBack, RewardStyle etc.

Webgains affiliate network is quite different than other networks like CJ or Clickbank.

They help affiliate marketers by giving complete training and guidance to create content that is going get more clicks and convert into sales.

They will also teach you digital marketing, SEO, SEM social media, CRM etc.

Good for more experienced affiliate marketer as well as novice one.

Getting Approval

  • 3 Step Sign Up Process
  • First 2 steps are easy. 3rd is very important where you’ve to give details of your website.
  • You like it or not, your website must be genuine containing content in all the pages. And no spam links!
  • Website content and traffic must be relevant to the advertisers’ product or else they will reject. 

Join Webgains Here

6. Clickbank

It's one of the best Affiliate Networks for Digital Products. Clickbank is one of the oldest affiliate networks operating for last 17 years.

One of the best things about this network is Commission Rate which is as high as 75%.

They’ve got broad Marketplace with a huge products database containing more than 15K products.

Some of the verticals are Arts & Entertainment, Computer & Internet, E Business & E Marketing, Software Services, Education & Tutorials, Health & Fitness, Home & Garden, Sports.

Some Advantages are

  • Great Search Engine for choosing products. Use Stats to narrow down product search.
  • Sorting Products – Simple and Easy to Understand Stats to sort products. Gravity, $/Sale, Avg %/Sale, product type, recurring are some parameters.
  • Data Analytics is pretty simple and nothing spectacular.
  • Easy to Create Affiliate Links through Clickbank HOPÔ Hop Links.

Easy 3 step sign up process.

7. Awin

Awin is one of the top most affiliate networks in the world. Last year only they paid over $818 million to their publishers.

29,500+ Advertisers to choose from. There are 200,000+ affiliate marketers associated with Awin.

Advertiser’s Products are of really great quality for promoting, almost no junk. The most popular niche is Retail & Shopping followed by Telco, Finance and Travel.

What makes Awin standout is its Data Report which helps publishers to target their customers more effectively. Trend reports and white papers gives an in depth analysis about different sectors and target audiences.

Moreover tools like MyAwin, Opportunity Marketplace and The Hub makes easy for publishers of all sizes to run their campaign effectively and convert better.

Awin is an innovative, intuitive and a more tech savvy affiliate platform for publishers.

Join Awin Here

8. Impact

Impact is suited for B2B marketing companies rather individual affiliate marketers.

At Impact affiliate marketing is also known as Radius. You first have to create an account with Impact Radius. Once you’ve created it you will be able to view Impact’s marketplace.

You can promote for brands only when you have completed the verification process.

After verification you can choose products to promote by clicking on the Brands. Impact has a vast collection of advertisers to choose from. You can choose products on two parameters

  1. Payout – Either advertiser pay you a commission or flat rate per sale.
  2. EPC- Average Earnings per 100 customers an affiliate is making.

So choose products with high Payouts as well as high EPC. Creating an Affiliate Link and Banner ads are really simple.

You can sign up here and get started.

9. Maxbounty

Maxbounty is said to be no. 1 CPA (Cost Per Action) Network in the world. It has over 20,000+ registered affiliates, 350+ advertisers and 2000+ offers to promote.

Some of the best verticals you can promote for are Diet, dating, market research, real estate etc.

In my experience products are of decent quality because of their higher conversion rates. However you need to be careful with some niches like gaming and travel.

Some of the popular brands you get to promote are Nielsen, McAfee, T Mobile, Norton, Lima etc.

MaxBounty also pays $1000 in bonus to new affiliates based on their performance. 

Sign up is simple. Go Here

10. FlexOffers

Very thorough sign up process. You are likely to be declined if you don’t have a proper website with quality content.

After getting approved you can pick products from more than 25 different categories. There is no dearth of products to choose from but you need to be extra careful with a lot of products from categories like Digital Products, Careers and Health.

There are More than 12,000 advertisers with millions of products to promote. What is unique about FlexOffers is there are 500+ Premium Advertisers which are ready to pay far higher commission. But you have to pay a fee.

Sort products on the basis of EPC and commission rates. Getting text links and banner ads for promotion is simple.

Join Here

11. LinkConnector

LinkConnector affiliate network is for more experienced affiliates who are very tech savvy and want advanced features and promotional methods.

Some of the features to maximize your campaign are

  1. Naked Linking
  2. Coupon Attribution
  3. Naked Coupon
  4. Multivariable Tracking
  5. Conversion Pixel Placement

Moreover LinkConnector offers EPC by affiliate type which means depending upon your promotional style like Search Engine, Coupon, Loyalty you will know your EPC.

Affiliates can choose a merchant or brand depending upon their performance.

Join Here

12. Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten is said to be #1 Affiliate Network in the world with over 110 million orders worldwide. Affiliates can choose from over 150,000 products from top brands like Sears, Best Buy, AT&T, Macy’s, New Balance etc.

The niche they offer is very vast and you have to be smart enough to choose a right product to promote. Once you apply here, after 2 – 3 days you will get approval only if you have a functioning and an established website. Otherwise you may get rejected.

For a new marketer finding a profitable product could be a daunting task. Once you have joined the network, go to the program menu and select categories. In categories you will find thousands of pertinent products.

Before you click on the Apply button you need to do some research about the products you are choosing. Do 3 things

  1. Firstly, in the Offer section learn about the commission they are paying.
  2. Secondly, understand “Return Days”. Return Days are any purchase customers make within the number of days listed, you will get paid for the sale. If it is 30 days then you earn commission for within 30 days. After 30 days you won’t any commission.
  3. Research about the product and find out more. Don’t fall for products which are paying high commission but are of low quality.  

Now you can click apply and start promoting. You choose between Text Links, Product Links or Banner ads.

13. CrakRevenue

CrakRevenue Affiliate Network is predominantly for promoting adult products. Some of the categories are dating, Webcam affiliate offers, adult paysites, adult gaming etc.

CrakRevenue offers more than 1000+ offers mainly related to Dating and Cam verticals. Here, you can’t get access to all the offers that you would like to promote otherwise.

Upto 700 offers were available to me and for more I required approval from the company. To find out approved offers you can click “Offers” tab and select “Approved” status from “Status” column.

Under “Your Status” section you can see all the approved offers. Select a product depending upon the higher payout. You get paid for every sign up.

Most of the offers are sign up offers rather selling. Hence opportunity to make money is higher.

There are two terms you need to understand while choosing a product.

If a products says

  1. SOI Products – It means Single Opt in and here your customer doesn’t have to confirm their email address to confirm subscription.
  2. DOI Products – Double Opt in where they have to confirm their email address to confirm subscription.

By clicking the “Request Approval” button your request will be sent to the advertisers. If approved, you can start promoting.

Join Here

14. Partnerize

Partnerize is a SaaS based software solution and not traditional affiliate network like Rakuten or MaxBounty.

Partnerize is better suited for B2B companies rather traditional affiliate marketers.

If you are a publishing company and offers affiliate marketing as a solution, then you can join Partnerize. It has s large customer base brands that offers cashback and discounts to their customers.

You can help such brands by getting them more customers.

Individual affiliate marketers can definitely skip Partnerize. Others can join here.

15. Peerfly

Peerfly is another great option for affiliate marketers. It has over 2500 live offers from all kinds of brands including Fiverr, MacAfee, Booking.com etc.

There are advantages and disadvantages of Peerfly.

2 things I liked about Peerfly

  1. It is easier to use when it comes to sorting out offers to promote.
  2. They have great Tracking feature to track your campaigns so that you can optimize conversions.

2 Things I didn’t like about the Peerfly

  1. Offers are very competitive because so many other affiliate marketers are also promoting. Competition is really tough. 
  2. A lot of junk CPA offers are just scams. So not for beginners.

You can join here

16. PepperJam

PepperJam affiliate networkhas a very simple with easy to use interface for marketers.

Firstly, you join the network here and then start promoting their product. While registering keep in mind you need a functioning website with relevant traffic. Earlier it was ok if you didn’t have a website. But now it is not.

You can start finding affiliate programs to promote. Filter the products by using “relationship Status” and “Advertiser Category”.

Choose a product on basis of Commission Rate and Cookie Duration.

Apply for the products, get the links and start promoting.

17. Revimedia

Revimedia affiliate network works mainly on CPA (Cost Per Action) payment model. You get to promote quality products from verticals like mortgage, finance, insurance, home etc.

There are only 2000+ affiliates promoting for Revimedia. It is because Revimedia registration is bit tough and they want you to have not just a website but a website that is also generating leads in a given niche.

Commission rates will depend upon advertisers you are choosing to promote.

Join Here

18. Clickbooth

Clickbooth pays its affiliates for various business models like CPA, CPL (Cost Per Lead), Cost Per Engagement, CPI (Cost Per Index), Cost Per Sale, Cost Per Click etc.

What makes Clickbooth really attractive is affiliates can get a lot of offers where they can make good money with a business model like Cost Per Engagement or CPL. So they don’t have to necessarily sell products to make money.

Two important verticals to promote offers are Health & Beauty and Financial. Commission is either flat or percentage wise.

Join Here

19. AdmitAd

AdmitAd is one of the fastest growing affiliate networks in the world. The last year it paid $3.4 billion to its publisher.

You can imagine the network has over 579,000+ publishers around the world. You can promote products for verticals like ecommerce, banks and finance, online games, services from 1700+ advertisers.

They have a huge directory of products to choose from. Join Here

20. AffiliateFuture

AffiliateFuture has over 600 retailers that you can promote for. These advertisers include popular brand names as well as lesser known ones.

Currently AffiliateFuture has over 300,000 publishers around the world.

The best offers that affiliates can promote come from Retail vertical. The commission is really good and products are of good quality.

Their dashboard is also quite neat and clean making tracking very easy.

 Join Here

21. VCommission

VCommission is India’s #1 affiliate network with more than 18,000 publishers worldwide. VCommission is basically a CPA network that pays commission for CPA, CPS, CPL, CPI campaigns.

Some of the most popular brands that you get to promote are Flipkart, MakeMyTrip, Domino’s, GoDaddy, Myntra, HDFC Bank, SnapDeal etc.

VCommission is really great for promoting products from Ecommerce sites like Myntra, Jabong, Flipkart, AliExpress etc.

However the commission rates are very modest, around 3% to 5%. Join here and start promoting.

22. TradeDoubler

TradeDoubler affiliate network is predominantly for European audience. Although affiliates from 70 countries can promote but it is better if your website receives a large amount of traffic from UK.

TradeDouble has 2000+ Advertisers and 180,000+ Active Publishers. Some of the best advertisers you can promote for are Groupon, Microsoft, Puma, Philips, HP, Puma, T Mobile etc.

The network has really great tracking capabilities. You can join here

23. iCubesWire

iCubesWire is an India focused affiliate network which was founded in 2010.

iCubesWire has over 10,000 publishers promoting products for 500 brands in verticals like Ecommerce, Automobile, Technology, Finance, Travel etc.

Affiliates get paid for models like CPA, CPL, CPS, CPI, CPC, CPV, CPM etc.

2 Billion Monthly Impressions, 100 Million Clicks and 7 Million Conversions are good reasons to join this network. Join Here

24. CPALead

CPALead is a small yet very powerful affiliate network with only 200 unique exclusive products to promote.

CPALead has paid over $100 million to over 300,000 publishers around the world since 2007.

Affiliates get paid for CPA, PPC, PPV and CPI payment models.

Join Here

25. ClickDealer

ClickDealer affiliate network offers products from verticals like sweepstakes, ecommerce, dating to promote.

You get paid for business models CPA, CPL, CPS, CPI. Commission rates depend upon the advertisers you are choosing to promote.

The dashboard is very simpleto view statistics and performance reports.

They have more than 9 payment options including PayPal, Payoneer, Yandex etc.

ClickDealer has 4 Step Account Activation process.

Join Here.

26. CueLinks

An Indian Content Monetization network! Automatically converts keywords in your content as affiliate links to merchant sites.

CueLinks got Over 1000 affiliate programs to promote. Some of the best Ecommerce brands to promote are Flipkart, Amazon, Shopclues, Paytm Mall, Swiggy, Jabong etc.

CueLinks shows you best deals and offers to promote in their search results.

Join Here

27. TradeTracker

TradeTracker is UK based Affiliate Network with a focus on 19 other European countries.

They have 5500+ Active Programsfor more than 30 verticals. Some of the renowned advertisers you can promote are Allianz, Vodafone, Trivago, Emirates, DisneyLand, Zaplo

TradeTracker has very Intuitive Interface and Easy to Use Dashboard. It’s diverse set of tools helps affiliate to dig deep into data. And very easy set up.

Join Here

28. Adwork Media

Adwork Media offers 2500+ highly converting campaigns like email submits, surveys, downloads, trials, CPIs etc. Commission rates depends upon the advertisers you are working with.

Its tools like Content Lockers, Product Lockers, Offer Walls allows affiliates to monetize their content like blogs, articles, downloads, links etc.

They also offer app monetization, mobile monetization, app monetization and domain monetization.

Join Here

29. Mobidea

One of the best mobile affiliate networks designed specifically for tapping mobile traffic coming to your website.

Mobidea has got 130,000+ affiliates, 800,000+ advertisers and 2000+ active campaigns.

Wide range of CPA offers from several Verticals Dating, Sweeps, Coupons & Vouchers, Mobile Content etc. Best CPA offers from Premium advertisers can pay up to $30.

Great tracking capabilities and Real Time data in your dashboard helps you to increase revenue!

Get paid every week through PayPal, ePayments, Paxum, Wire Transfer etc.

Join Here

30. GlobalWideMedia

GlobalWideMedia has generated over $1.3 billion in sales annually for its advertisers.

Publishers has a great chance to promote top CPA, CPL, CPC, CPM campaigns and chance to get a piece of $1.3 billion pie.

Publishers can promote products for verticals like ecommerce, finance, travel, automotive and earn commissions depending upon the advertiser.

Join Here

So these were 30 affiliate marketing networks for new affiliate marketers to get started. Choose a network that suits you the best.

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