Virtual Assistant Jobs – How to Earn from Virtual Assistants Services in India

Virtual assistant industry is one of the fastest growing areas showing tremendous popularity in last couple of years. Almost every business right from small business owners, entrepreneurs, PR agencies needs assistantship.

What is Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistants (VAs) are independent entrepreneurs who work on contract basis offering varied secretarial, administrative, creative or technical services. The job title “Online Virtual Assistant” describe a job which “exists or results in essence or effect though not in actual form or name’ and the word assistant describe “subordinate”. Hence, Virtual Assistants job is all about assisting your boss virtually or remotely. With tremendous improvements in online and digital technology, the skills, qualities and expertise of remote workers has rated this job at high rank in the world of online jobs.

virtual assistant jobs

Virtual Assistants use their own home or office setup and necessary equipments to perform their job. Hence it is the most suitable business for work from home professionals or those who have limited office space. The start-up cost of this business is minimal. Prices of VAs may vary based on location, complexity of services offered and level of expertise. In the initial career, you may start taking up assignments for few dollars per hour but later the business show huge potential to make money. If you hold a company with team of skilled and expert professionals then you may offer entire team of assistants.

How to earn from Virtual Assistants services in India?

Unlike any other physical assistant jobs, online Virtual Assistants jobs are special kind of online jobs with lot of unique features. The job is performed by real individual or working in team offering support to the business remotely from their own home office. Check out the list of steps to earn from virtual assistant services in India:

Step I

Evaluate your skills and strength

Step II

Decide the type of service that you may like to offer based on your skill-set and expertise. The more specialized your skills are, more you will be able to charge. Remember, strong computer and internet surfing skills are must for VAs as most of the jobs will be available from internet.

Step III

Analyze all necessary requirements that you may need to perform your job. Since you will be working independently, you need to have personal computer, printer, telephone, fax machine and internet connection. Besides primary requirements, if you are offering special services then you need to purchase all other requisites to perform the job.

Step IV

Decide the charges of the services offered by you. You can either charge each project independently or charge hourly rate depending on the quality that you can offer to your clients.

Step V

Create your resume or profile highlighting your skills and expertise.

Step VI

Start promoting and advertise yourself as Virtual assistant in specialized area that you wish to offer. It is advisable to setup portfolio website to advertise your services online. You can use social media to promote your business.

Step VII

Once you start working on projects, you can expand your business by increasing the size team who may work from remote place or assist you at your home office.

You may find tremendous scope to earn money from virtual assistants services in India because more and more businesses are searching temporary staffing solutions.

Top Virtual Assistant services

To increase the chance of getting more clients for virtual assistant business is your ability to stand out from the competition. The best way to make your business more different is to provide VA in more specialized niche service. It will help you to elite group of VIP clients. Following are the top virtual assistant services that target audience who are ready with cash in hand to buy your assistance ship.

  1. WordPress Website design & Management
  2. Internet marketing project Management
  3. Social Media Management and Support
  4. Online customer Service Desk Management
  5. Specialized eBay web branding & management
  6. Online webinar coordination and management
  7. Niche writing/transcription/translation services – blogging, e-marketing, speakers/trainers
  8. Secretarial services like Medical, legal, accounting, book keeping, staffing, research, desktop publishing, event planning

Top 5 websites to find Virtual assistant jobs

Virtual Assistants are the professionals, entrepreneurs or freelance workers who offer services virtually from anywhere. Internet is the best source of find out virtual assistance jobs. Here are top 5 websites to find VA jobs:


Post a brief request and job description on Twitter and add a link to the website describing your profile and portfolio. Clients will directly contact you to get assistantship


Craigslist is excellent alternative to Twitter if you want to post anonymous job offers. Additionally, you may increase the chance to get job from the city/location that you live in.

VA Networking

VA is social networking site meant for virtual assistants that not only help them to start their business but offer resources to improve their business


Elance is a platform for online employment where you can bid on the projects. The website offer review of freelancer’s profile and portfolio allowing employers to evaluate their performance.

Guru Employer

Guru employer is very same as Elance where you can bid on the projects. You can browse and filter services through Guru by keywords or country.

In one line, like any other business, virtual assistant business may take time to get grip or hold on getting assignments. However, once you have step-in, your success is for sure. You will find huge earning potential in this business. Home-based business opportunity is continuously expanding with continuous demand of online service providers.

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