List of Top 30 Most Expensive Domain Names of All Time

What’s in a name, as the old question goes? There’s everything in a name, if we look at our own or those of stores and brands. And of course, websites too. A website gets its name from the domain. The easier or simpler the domain name, higher the chances of people remembering it.

Just in case you’re unaware, there’s a huge business in buying and selling top domain names. Known as domain flipping, investors buy excellent sounding domains and sell them online for a huge profit.

And who buys these expensive domain names: Obviously, businesses that need them desperately since it signifies their brand.

Do you know what is the highest price ever paid for a domain name? You just check the first name in the Top 30 list below.

30 Most Expensive Domain Names

Most Expensive Domain Names

To help you understand better, I’m listing more than 30 different and most expensive domain names in the world. These were either sold directly by domain owners or bought during online auctions.


  • Bought for $345 million 2007 by RH Donnelly in 2007.
  • Print and online Yellow Pages publisher in US. However, the business went bankrupt in 2009.
  • Main competitors for the domain name were Dow Jones and New York Times.


  • Bought in 2005 for $90 million
  • Core Business: Travel & Tourism
  • Sold to: LLC, a travel and tourism company. The previous owner, Stephens Media accepted down-payment of $12 million for the website and the balance is payable till the year 2040.


  • Sold For (USD): $35 Million to $40 Million
  • Core Business: Core business was booking hotels and flight tickets
  • Sold To: Brain Sharples founder of HomeAway bought this website. Expedia was the prime competitor.
  • Year: 2007


  • Sold For (USD): $30 Million
  • Core Business: Social networking platform
  • Sold To:, a company deal in blockchain solutions
  • Year: 2019


  • Sold For (USD): $30 Million to $32 Million
  • Core Business: A lifestyle website catering to high end customers
  • Sold To: The buyer is unknown.
  • Year: 2012
  • com
  • Sold for $18 million
  • Core Business: Insurance & Investment
  • Sold To: QuinnStreet, a marketing company by WebMediaBrands inn 2009


  • Sold for $17 million
  • Core Business: Internet services
  • Sold To: Zhou Hongyi of Qihoo China. The seller was Vodafone in 2015
  • Sold For (USD): $16 Million
  • Core Business: Now it is an online marketing company that helps businesses to generate sales and leads
  • Sold To: The name of the buyer is Quin Street and changed their corporate name to Life Quotes
  • Year: 2009


  • Sold for: $16 million
  • Core Business: Insurance & Investments
  • Sold To: QuinnStreet, a marketing company in 2019 by unknown seller.


  • Auctioned For (USD): $13 Million
  • Core Business: Off Course by the very name you could suggest this is a pornographic website. So core business is sex.
  • Sold To: Gary Kremen founder of the sold this company to Clover Holdings. Early he sold this domain for $11.5 Million to Escom in 2006
  • Year: 2010


  • Sold For: $11 Million
  • Core Business: An American electric vehicle and clean energy company based in Palo Alto, California
  • Sold To: Elon Musk
  • Year: 2018


  • Auctioned For (USD): $11 Million
  • Core Business: This website caters for booking hotels and flight tickets. Now, this domain name worth in billions.
  • Sold To: David Roth, CEO of bought this domain name for $11 Million in the year 2001.
  • Year: 2001


  • Auctioned For (USD): $ 9.9 Million to $10 Million
  • Core Business:com was basically a tax advisor website that dealt with issues like Finance and capital.
  • Sold To:com was sold to a Nevada based company called Eastern Services Group. The sale was quite controversial and today this website doesn’t exist.
  • Year: 2011


  • Auctioned For (USD): $9.5 Million to $10 Million
  • Core Business: As the name suggest a porn website.
  • Sold To: The original owner of the sold the website to MXN limited for $9.5 Million.
  • Year: 2007


  • Sold for: $9 million
  • Core Business: Footwear in America
  • Sold To:, an American online footwear giant by an anonymous seller on


  • Sold For $8.8 million
  • Core Business: Free & Subscription Adult Videos
  • Sold To: The deal was concluded between two anonymous owners online. One of the bidders represented reportedly by MindGeek in 2015.


  • Auctioned For (USD):$ 8.5 Million
  • Core Business: com was administered by American Farm Bureau Federation.
  • Sold To: You might be surprised to know that the was acquired by Facebook in a meeting held in Atlanta.
  • Year: 2010


  • Sold for $8 million
  • Core Business: Unknown
  • Sold To: Details of this deal remain unknown. The domain name sold for $8 million.


  • Auctioned For (USD): $7.5 Million
  • Core Business: com was just a high profile generic domain name.
  • Sold To: com was acquired by Jake Winebaum and Sky Daton for creating a B2B site.
  • Year: 1999


  • Auctioned For (USD): $7.5 Million
  • Core Business: com was owned by Odimo Inc.
  • Sold To: com an European Jewelry company bought for $7.5 Million. As the name suits their business.
  • Year: 2006


  • Auctioned For (USD): $7 Million
  • Core Business: com was owned by Andrew Miller and Michael Zappy who acquired it for $80,000.
  • Sold To:com was bought by Interbrew beer making company.
  • Year: 1999


  • Sold For: $6.8 million
  • Core Business: Stocks, Mutual Funds & Investments
  • Sold To: Trade of UK by unknown domain flipper.


  • Auctioned For (USD): $5.8 Million to $6 Million
  • Core Business: A website related to tourism.
  • Sold To: Buyers are unknown.
  • Year: 2008


  • Auctioned For (USD): $6 Million
  • Core Business: com was an online gaming site
  • Sold To: Mansion Limited of Gibraltar bought which a great online website.
  • Year: 2007


  • Auctioned For (USD): $5.5 Million
  • Core Business: Moniker was the owner of registered in 1995, a popular gaming site.
  • Sold To: Moniker sold the website to Bodog at Snapnames domain auction.
  • Year: 2010


  • Auctioned For (USD): $5.1 Million
  • Core Business: This was an infomercial website.
  • Sold To: In order to promote their brand LA Group, Inc acquired
  • Year: 2000


  • Auctioned For (USD):$5.1 Million
  • Core Business:com was a generic name so it was sold very quickly.
  • Sold To:com was acquired by ToysRUs, which is an American company.
  • Year: 2009


  • Auctioned For (USD): $5 Million
  • Core Business: com was the domain name based on a country registered in 1995.
  • Sold To: It was sold to communications for $5 million.
  • Year: 2004


  • Auctioned For (USD): $5 Million
  • Core Business: SEO is a perfect exact domain name for SEO business. SEO companies would like to buy this generic domain name.
  • Sold To: WashingtonVC bought Michael Mann is the owner of WashingtonVC who bought it for $5 Million
  • Year: 2007


  • Auctioned For (USD): $4.9 Million
  • Core Business: com was a domain names suited for clothing and apparel industry.
  • Sold To: Zappos acquired for $5 million in 2008. Later in 2009 Amazon acquired Zappos itself.
  • Year: 2008


  • Auctioned For (USD): $4.5 Million
  • Core Business:com was about cloud computing.
  • Sold To: Apple bought from a Swedish company called Xcerion.
  • Year: 2011


  • Auctioned For (USD): $4 Million
  • Core Business: The business of was selling gift cards and other accessories
  • Sold To: Gift Card Lab bought and now it is a $100 Million Company with 100% growth rate every year
  • Year: 2012


  • Auctioned For (USD): $4 Million
  • Core Business: A pornographic website and now it does not offer any free porn.
  • Sold To: The owners are unknown but it is one the most expensive adult domain name ever sold.
  • Year: 2008


  • Auctioned For (USD): $3.85 Million
  • Core Business:com or Yellow Pages was offline.
  • Sold To: AT &T bought it from Live Deal.
  • Year: 2008


  • Auctioned For (USD): $3.5 Million
  • Core Business: Earlier it was known as CatalogCity
  • Sold To: Lee Lorenzen acquired it in year 2003
  • Year: 2003


  • Auctioned For (USD): $3.25 Million
  • Core Business: AltaVista was a search engine even before Google came. It dominated the Search Engine world.
  • Sold To: Compaq bought it for $3.25 million.
  • Year: 1998

In Conclusion

The above list would also help you understand why domain names are important for every business online. But that’s not all. While the above 30 are the world’s most expensive domain names, there’re others that’re the most valuable.

Meaning the prices of these domain names could run into hundreds of billions of Dollars and would most likely never be sold. Some of these domain names include,, and others.

You too can enter the domain flipping business, if you have some money to invest. Read this excellent guide on how to start a domain flipping business. Who know, maybe you’ll strike it very rich someday and the next list of most expensive domain names includes your name.

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