How to Earn Money Online? Different Ways for Different People to Make Money

Although I have already written many articles on how to earn money online but all those articles will only give you the idea of the different programs available on internet to make money. You can also learn there which are the trusted one & which are fake.

But this article is different. Here you will know which program is best for a particular type of person. There are different type of people in this world. Although the objective of all these people are same i.e earning some income but all of them need different type of work because all of them have different skills.

Someone wants little extra money but someone wants big money, someone is highly qualified but someone is not qualified, someone can do anything to make money but someone need easy money, someone can invest money but someone does not want to spend any money.

How To Earn Money

So this article will classify the people with different needs in terms of making money & what they can do to fulfill their needs.

So what are you waiting for? Just go through this complete article & I am sure this will show you the real path of income. Either you will find something genuine right now that can give you real money or you will never come back in search of online income.

If you are looking for big success, then check here 9 ways to become rich.

So how to earn money online?

I know more than 70% of the people look for easy money. Few of them get the success but most of them never get any success to earn money online.

The reason for this, you have chosen a program that does not fit your skills.

I have divided people into 5 different categories. People who come into first 2 categories will never make any money, in fact they lose the money. People in last 3 categories will earn good income depending on their skills.

So just check out all these categories so that you can know whether you will earn money online or not.

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Category #1 – You want to make money from something that does not exist

You are someone who is looking for programs like online data entry, form filling, typing jobs or anything that sounds easy which can be done from home. I strongly recommend you to immediately stop searching such jobs online.

Never try to search again for these types of online jobs. From my last 8 years of experience, I can tell you that 99% of sites where you go for these types of earning programs are scam. If you try to search something like this, you will only find scam websites who will try to convince you to provide such programs. You will pay the registration charges but never find such programs.

These websites show you the sample jobs, testimonials & member area & even income proofs but you will never find any of the jobs mentioned there. So there is no place for you to earn money online. Please search somewhere else. But be careful everywhere if they ask registration fee.

Category #2 – You want to earn good money but need easy program

You may/may not have the idea that online jobs in the category 1 are fake. But you are ready to earn good money from any of the online income opportunity. Here good money means, you want to earn more than $200+ ( Or Rs. 10,000+). The problem with you is, you don’t want to learn anything.

I know you are a hard worker but you want to work like a coolie (labor) on the station who needs instructions to follow. You are ready to put the efforts but need the instructions & orders to work on some opportunity. When you are stuck somewhere or don’t understand something, you want to leave it instead of finding any solution.

Really, you don’t have any place on internet to earn money!!

Category #3 – You want any earning but easy jobs

You are the person like category 2 but you are satisfied even with low earnings. It may be $5 (Rs. 250) or $100 (Rs. 5000). You are just looking for something extra that can give some relief to your family burden. But you are not in a position to learn something.

Congratulation, you have multiple income option. There are many low paying websites that can earn you real income.

The available options for you are:

Working on such programs is so simple. Either you have to click on ads or receive SMS in your mobile or fill up simple surveys to make money.

But if you search this online, chances are you will find more scam sites than the trusted one. Its very hard to differentiate between fake & trusted sites. But yes, there are trusted sites as well.

Now the question is where to find the sites which pay you for clicking ads, or receiving SMS on mobile or filling simple online surveys.

The answer is our Free Package. Our Jobs8Home free money making pack will give you the list of only those sites which are trusted and paying regularly to their members. You can signup free for online jobs here.

Category 4 – You are ready to learn new things but need good money

If you belong to this category, you have good chance of making some good money by working online. Now your income purely depends on your depth of learning. You can earn Rs. 5000/- ($100) per month or you can make INR 5,00,000 ($10,000) per month depending on your capability.

But one things is sure here that if you want to earn good money online then you have to learn different things.

The options available to you are:

  • Crowd sourcing jobs
  • Fiverr
  • Freelancing
  • Blogging

Crowd sourcing is very famous now a days & there are many websites for crowd sourcing work. One of the famous website is Amazon Mechanical Turk (mTurk) but taking approval is bit difficult from mTurk. There are more than 6 other websites for crowd sourcing that is available with our premium training package.

Fiverr is again one of the most famous program to earn money online. You can get paid $5 for each service you provide to someone on Fiverr. Read more here.

Freelancing is something you need to work for someone. But you need to have some skills like contents writing, web designing, Photoshop work and hundreds of other skills. You can read this article on freelancing.

Blogging is again one of the hottest field where you can write your own pay cheques. Here you need to create a blog & write something you are passionate about. There are thousands of bloggers in India who are successful & making 5 to 6 figure income in dollars. Its one of the most lucrative online career for people in India. Learn more about blogging here.

Category 5 – You are ready to learn anything but want very big money

If you are someone who has big dreams & can do anything to learn what it takes to earn big income then no one can stop you to earn big money. Along with your efforts, you need to invest money on various resources to speedup your learning.

The options available to you are:

Click on the links above to learn about a particular topic.

But the problem here is that you must know what to learn & where to put your efforts. Either you can read the success stories of many top bloggers & copy the way they are making money or you can get trained from some internet marketing gurus.

Both will be proved as costly. If you follow the successful bloggers, it may take 1-2 years or more for you to become successful & if you hire some internet marketing gurus, they may charge you hundreds of dollars per hour to coach you.

We also provide similar training but our price is very reasonable. You can send an email to priyan@jobs8home if you are interested in the internet marketing training.

You can also signup free here for our Premium Training Package where you will get the access to some of the best programs mentioned in this article.

So how do you like this article? Which category do you belong to? Have any question / suggestion on how to earn money online then write it through comments.


  1. Nicholas Redd says

    I’m glad I found your site. This is RICH content. I look forward to trying some of these things out. I’m DYING to make money online. Thanks for the article!

    • says

      Wonderful and genuine tips for the newbies to earn money online.
      One can earn some small ‘honest’ side income with this blog


    • gautam says

      Every thing is good for writing but not a practical I know on line earning money not so easy because I done maney survey but no one give single Paine just people are talking u take survey I give reward point but point can u eat if u can I can,t . So no money no survey so pl don’t waist Ur time I know u want I pay then u think to give work so my suggestion is this u keep Ur money I keep my time thank and good buy

  2. Muralidharan.K says

    Can you please let me know whether these online jobs are genuine. If yes, then why they ask money from the people for registration. If a person works online, he should be paid by the employer. Is there any online job without payment, if yes let me know.


  3. guest61 says

    Nice article.But can you tell us a site for click ads which is NOT spam? I have tried several, they show that your money is being accumulated, enable you to ask for encashment when it reaches a particular limit, but then they put you in the queue from where you never come out!

  4. RAVI SHANKAR D S says

    Dear Priya, thanks for sending useful, informative messages. I belong to Category 3 and please help me in this. Wish u happy dasara festival.

  5. Prasad says


    I am looking to work from home option, which i can do and earn some good money.

    Please suggest some good websites which are not fake.

  6. abburi venkateswara rao says

    all these are aimed at for ur gains exclusively by lures and making us gamblers. i shall never stoop down to such lures nor succumb. i feel very happy if these are never sent to me in future.

    abburi venkateswara rao, m.a., m.a.llm., pgdpmir, vijayawada, mobile 91 9849348455, pin 521212

    • says

      I subscribe your view that all the people sending some thing is looking for something means- simple business. There are those who are never willing to help their near and dear but do suggest some ways for some one who they have never seen are going to see not out of love for them but out of love for money.

  7. sunil says

    thanks priya… The article is very much informative. And it will be of great help for the newbiez who wanna earn online.

  8. Pradeep says

    Mam nice information,
    Here is the question again how to start B’coz some thing confused about starting…
    my ? is how i directly start online job with earn
    & i want to go with paid online surveys

  9. Debenkumar Irengbam says

    Very very thanks Priya. The article is very convincing and it is same with my past experience. Really, I am not encourage lengthy tutorial. Your one article can convince me a lot that I cant’ during the past two years. I had paid at south India in past one year and they had send me thousand of sites that same with I have received every day from western country. I am seeking more counselling through mail and articles from you only as you are great Councillor. I feel very glad on your guidance. regards.

  10. narendra says

    your message is very useful, iam one of the victim of such online jobs, due to a major surgery i left field job and tried, 3 people cheated me by giving capture to cash, mega typers,
    typing publications books
    through this communication, i inform every one not to go for such kind of work, without seeing the demo, do not pay any advance payments. if possible sue them .
    even the leading news papers should not take the adds from online work from home people in classifieds.

    • anil sharma says

      For part time work
      just associate with a marketing company and earn huge money.
      Quest:- HOW ?
      Ans:- This company is associated with many brands available in market like P&G, NESTLE, M.D.H., CADBURY, UNILEVER, TATA …..
      u just hv to recommendation & duplication to the known people, relatives ext.
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  11. Veena says

    I am in family business but I want to earn money from online. I am Graduate and can learn.
    I can’t waste my money as I already wasted it 3-4 times. Please suggest me some work online as I can provide 4-5 hrs daily in it.
    Looking forward for your reply. Thanks.

  12. ZUBIN M. says

    Dear Priya.
    Informative & Interesting. can you sujjest website /job where anovice like me can earn decent money online. I am a self employed businessman & noi much awair of computer techs., except for primary business related functions & programmes. Help me.




  14. says

    At present I want to give you, my warm love, for this kind of help.
    At first , i think you should know about me, and suggest an on line job for me. I am a house wife, my son and husband both are busy with their job, I stay alone at home, yes, I want to earn money, but my need is not too much.
    My knowledge of computer is just only operating, I have no any technical back ground, I am M.A but my subject was my mother language, bengali.
    So it seems to me, any kind of difficult job, I can’t handle. My earnest request to you if you please
    suggest me any easy job, which I can do easily and earn little money for my satisfaction?
    If you can do it , I can get an opportunity to get rid of identity crisis .

    • Binay says


      If u are housewife no problem as there is a big opportunity for u to earn handsome amount that is in Pounds not in Dollars or Rupees
      If u have the zeal to earn you can contact me through e-mail or call me up on my cell # 8286858601 during day time from 9:00 AM till 1:00 PM

  15. D.S. Rama Prasad Dubey says

    Seems to be free package. If it is free then it’s alright but if any amount is warranted in future then it’s better to peep back

  16. swaminathan says

    priya thanks for informing the idea. i am working in engg college as retired prof. can u nw suggest for me to earn rs.7000/pm without any investment, but utilising my engg skill.

  17. Amruta says

    I want to do this online jobs……but couldn’t get what to do exactly…. plz help me how should i start???????

  18. mumtaz says

    i ma dentist but currently athome as my child is 3months old, do let me kno abt genuine work online, i don want to do any investment, i think i fall in category 3, mail me ur contact no.

  19. Shaun says

    i know of a couple of these. i have tutorials on how you can earn online. i manage them on my blog. people can contact me on- shaun10p (at) gmail (dot) com

    • Part Time Online Jobs says

      Hello Ravi,
      These are different ways to earn money. You will receive the payment from the company you work with.

  20. m r s reddy says

    dear priya,
    ur mails are excellent.what are u .how ur getting this much information. really wonderful. i am also interested to earn money by doing internet work in my leisure time.suggest genuine sites without an advance payments and let me know ur contact number and where ur staying .
    truely liking your efforts to educate on different subjects and contents

  21. says

    This is good information for beginners (or people who have been trying to make money for a long time, but not succeeding). It’s very easy for newcomers to get sucked in by the programs offering big money for no work, and it just doesn’t happen. If you want big money, you have to put in time and effort, and even then the big money takes a long time to come. It’s definitely possible to make a little bit of extra money without doing much studying, though. The good Paid to Click sites do pay as promised!

    • Muralidharan says

      Hello all
      if these sites are genunie they should not ask for regn fee and most of the sites ask for money once you pay you lose. i have been trying to find sites for the last five years not yet succeeded. think it over and then take a call.

  22. strix says

    priya ma`m its my request you to please lay more stress on as this is the genuinely paying site which pays for quality work..

  23. Mayank Agrawal says

    Hello mam please tell me how to earn money through clicksure and clickbank account also please tell me how i am able to make money through uploading things.

  24. ishan says

    People have impression that to make money online doesn’t work what they try with but the problem with the way, you shouldn’t follow any short cut, follow the right approach.
    Safewebcash tells you how to earn money online in simple steps.

  25. says

    Priya madam, It is very deeply informative with lot of guidance. Truely appreciate your hard work, Precious time and the research you have done. Your writing also shows the depth of knowledge you have gained in this field and then your instint
    to help others. Thank you very much and wishing you great success in future.

  26. Rahamathunnisa Khaji says

    Hi Priyan,
    This is the most practical and honest presentation of opportunities to work online.What I feel is one should start in a comfortable position and start upgrading and learning new things and look forward to higher earnings.As there are no free lunches, one should be prepared for reasonable learning costs.I hope to follow some of your suggestions and move on further as I succeed in my initial efforts.Please Do keep posting the latest trends and opportunities and in the process you may be working for a social cause apart from the financials.

    Lets join hands for mutual value addition and wealth creation.


  27. Tosif Khan says

    Hi Priya,

    Thank you so much for detailed information about making money online. I was such wasting my time. Now i will learn first and after that i will start my task. Thanks a lot dear. But at this time my family conditions are not too good so i will try to work on your low earning ideas like get paid to click ads, earn money from mobile, paid online surveys etc.

  28. Rama Devi says

    I am looking for some genuine sites conducting Online Indian Surveys (or Ad Posting) and are good in services and reasonably good pay masters. Pls suggest…….

    —– R a m a D e v i (ramadevi9009 at the rate gmail dot com)

  29. Usha Rani says

    Hi priya,
    Thank u for such a valuable info.I belongs to 4 category..and want to learn more about blogging and Google adsense..
    I like to earn money from these please can you provide more info&directions to reach the destination.
    Thank you


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