101 Best Small Business Ideas in 2021

American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker, Robert Kiyosaki says: “The only difference between a rich person and a poor person is how they use their time.”

In our era of modern technology and boundless opportunities, living poor has become an option of sorts. Everyone can make extra money to fulfill their goals, provided they know what they can do in legit manner.

Parents looking for extra cash to run households or provide higher education to kids, teenagers hoping to buy trendy stuff and senior citizens, living off pension and savings, all can make extra money through a small business.

Who knows, one day, you too may strike it very rich.

101 Small Business Ideas

Here, we present a list of 101 small businesses ideas. Probably, you will find a perfect idea you are searching for.

small business ideas

Online Small Businesses

Here is the list of great business ideas you can do online

1- Cyber security Services

Cyber security is growing concern nowadays with companies small and large. While large firms have elaborate cyber security departments that monitor the Internet and company’s computer systems to prevent hack, phishing, spyware and ransom-ware attacks small organizations cannot afford such infrastructure. IT experts can launch a small business online from home.

2- Content writing/ Blogging

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) manufacturers, banks, newspapers and lots of other small business ideas nowadays rely on content writers to submit product reviews. These independent reviews feature on company websites. Other businesses run independent blogs to promote products and services. With great writing skills, you can open a content writing and blogging business.

3- Software development

Americans spent US$ 360.3 billion on online shopping in 2016. This figure is expected to grow to US$ 630.4 billion by 2021. Consequently, e-retailers will require faster and user-friendly mobile apps to attract customers. Additionally, the demand for various types of software for accounting, tax calculation and other purposes is already high. For IT experts skilled in software development, this is one of the great small business ideas online.

4- Data analysis

Almost every company wants to know details such as spending patterns, demographics of people who access their website, shopping and Internet usage trends, transaction patterns and lots of other stuff. Experts skilled in data analysis can offer the service to companies by opening a small business online.

5- Online editing

Editing raw videos, giving subtitles, adding audio tracks are some tasks that you can perform online from home or a small office. Advertising companies, manufacturers, TV channels and others look for business from where they can outsource the service. If you possess required skills, software and hardware, try the online editing business.

Find 16 more online business ideas here.

Sales & Marketing is best small business to start

6- Network Marketing Business

network marketing business

Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing (MLM) is by far the best small business for people with aptitude for sales. Collaborate with major American MLM companies like Cutco, Amway, Avon Cosmetics and others to open your business.

7- Insurance Agency

Buying life, health, vehicle and home insurance can be tricky. Hence, prospective clients look for agents who can explain various aspects of a policy. Insurance companies also depend upon agents to augment their sales and increase market share. With some knowledge of finance and insurance, this is a fairly lucrative small business.

8- Real Estate Agency

Dealing in real estate can prove very profitable in the US. People move homes to match their financial status or while relocating for jobs. You can tie-up with a large real estate company and work as their sub-agent or launch your own business.

9- Stationery Supplies

Stationery is required by everyone- from students to companies small and large. Take orders from schools and offices for supplying stationery such as letterheads, envelopes, receipt and invoice books.

10- Graphic Design

Design advertisements, stationery, logos, invitation cards and lots of other stuff using a computer. This is an evergreen business in the US. However, you need a high level creativity for this small business.

Food & Beverages Business

11- Hotdog and Burger Stall

For entrepreneurs with small budget, a neighborhood hotdog and burger stall will fetch you extra income & its good business idea. Make your own hotdogs and burgers with unique taste that tantalizes palates for more popularity.

12- Food Truck business idea

food truck business idea

Setting up a food-truck is fairly simple in the US. You can buy a used vehicle and get it customized for food-truck. However, kitchen equipment can cost lots more. Despite, food truck assures you year-round income.

13- Jams and Sauces

Mass produced brands of jams are loaded with sugar while sauces have an overdose of preservatives, albeit approved ones. Instead, make jams and sauces with traditional recipes with no artificial additives. You will find huge market among the health conscious.

14- Herbal Drinks

Like other parts of the world, USA also has native herbal medicines made of indigenous plants, roots, berries and flowers. Get hold of these traditional recipes and create herbal drinks that can be sold at jogging tracks and sports grounds.

15- Bakes and Cakes

bakes n cakes business

Cookies, pastries, breads created with variety of flours and cakes- who does not want these? Use your home oven and culinary skills to churn out these products which sell like the proverbial ‘hot cakes’.

Writing is one of the best home business idea

Here are some best business ideas from home. You can find more 50 home based businesses here.

16- Writing Resumes

Thousand of well educated jobseekers fail when it comes writing their own Curriculum Vitae, Resume or Bio-Data. Though USA is a native-English speaking country, few have skills to write these documents vital for job searches. With necessary skills, you can open this small business.

17- Stories

Original stories, based on facts or fiction, are quickly taken by publishers for books and magazines. Alternatively, you can get your stories published online by Amazon and other similar websites to earn a decent income.

18- Ghostwriting

Very often, people with limited writing and language skills hire others to author a document, essay or story. The work is however published under their name, though you are the author. This practice, called ghostwriting, is fairly rampant in the US. However, you will need to sign a waiver of your Intellectual Property Right as ghostwriter. Meaning, you have no claim to the article.

19- Business Plans

Every small business ideas, weather its a start-up or a new business it requires a great business plan, especially if they are seeking money by venture capital, crowd-sourcing or other lenders. It is fairly easy to enter this lucrative business if you have some knowledge about financial markets.

20- Copywriting

Not every company can afford advertising firms to create great ads, catchphrases and other promotional material. if you have that creative streak of mind to write attractive catchphrases and promotional material, then this small business idea of copywriting is great for u.

Creative small business ideas

21- Wedding Dresses

Making wedding gowns and dresses for that special occasion is extremely profitable. It is a one of the great home-based small business idea that you can start with investments below US$10,000. You need to keep abreast with latest trends in wedding wear worldwide to create newer and unique styles.

22- Thrift Store

Many people sell new or rarely used garments for several reasons. Either the size is wrong or they do not like the design and style. You can open a thrift store by buying such clothes and selling them for a small profit.

23- Garment Repair

A slight tear or rip on your favorite shirt, trouser or dress can occur quite easily. Rather than dispose off an expensive garment from your wardrobe, it makes good sense to get it darned or repaired in a manner, the damage is concealed. You can open a shop that repairs such damaged garments.

24- Tailoring

Needless to say, this is a year-round business. People need tailors for almost everything- stitching dresses to making customized curtains or linen. This is a home-based small business idea that you can open anywhere in the US. All you need is a high quality sewing machine and other minor paraphernalia.

25- Fashion Design

Renowned fashion designer Coco Chanel struck it rich with just one creation. Those interested in fashion can easily open a designer studio. You need to keep abreast with fashion trends in US and Europe as well as other main markets of the world. Creativity plays an important role here.

Body & Beauty is another best small business to start

26- Tattoos & Body Piercing

With some training, you can offer tattoos and body piercing services from home or a small studio. Once considered the mainstay of gangsters and drug addicts, tattoos and body piercing is now a booming fashion trend.

27- Traditional Cosmetics

Everyone talks of home cures and remedies for body, hair and skincare. But few actually get about making these formulas at home. Make traditional cosmetics and beauty products at home with natural products and sell through boutiques or online.

28- Hand-Made Soap

Allergies suffered by people to ingredients used in bathing soaps commercially produced is now helping the largely unorganized sector of hand-made soaps to flourish. The business is easy to set up and requires minimal investment.

29- Beauty Treatment/ Beauty Parlor

Nowadays, men as well as women seek beauty treatment. Acquire skills as beautician and open your own beauty treatment salon or beauty parlor from home. You can introduce your own line of therapies and treatments, provided you have astute knowledge of cosmetics and related products.

30- Hair Stylist

hair stylist

Hair stylists are always in business. Everyone wants to sport a celebrity hair style. You can fulfill this demand in the market by opening a hair styling salon or parlor. Of course, you will have to acquire the skills and training required to make your small business succeed.

Health & Fitness

Below is the list of best startup business ideas in Health & Fitness

31- Yoga/ Aerobics Instructor

Everyone nowadays is a fitness freak. Yoga and aerobics is a great way to ensure fitness. A lot of individuals, couples and families prefer to learn and perform Yoga and aerobics in privacy of their homes. You can offer this service for a great income.

32- Sports Coach

If you are expert at any sport, offer your services as a private coach for single or group of students. Kids and teenagers aspiring to join school teams look for private coaches for their favorite sport.

33- Garage Gym

Put all redundant exercise machines, weights, dumbbells and other similar stuff to good use by opening a gym at your garage. Invite people in your neighborhood as members and charge a reasonable fee. Alternatively, buy the stuff in used goods market and set up a small garage gym.

34- Hikes & Treks

organise hikes

Organize hikes and treks to forest and mountainous areas near your location. Organize groups of families, teenagers and older children for weekend outings that combine adventure and fun. You will require proper knowledge of the areas where you intent to hold treks and hikes as well as good first aid and medical emergency skills.

35- Summer & Winter Camps

People of all ages love camping in groups. Organize summer and winter camps for people of all age groups. Conduct games and other activities that keep people engaged and entertained. You will have to enlist services of a chef to feed hungry bellies.

Mother & Child Care

Below is the list of best home business ideas for women.

36- Doula Service

This are small business is for women’s only. With some skills in nursing and midwifery, you can offer Doula services to expectant mothers. Often women are wary of delivering at a maternity hospital for fears of contracting infections. Doula service enables women to deliver babies in the comfort of their homes. A doula also provides care to mother and child post delivery.

37- Creche

Creche or a small babysitting service can be launched from your home or small rented premises. You will have to invest on playpens, toys and other kid stuff to keep children under your care entertained. Creche is in high demand among working couples.

38- Baby Sitting

Baby sitting services differs from a crèche in one vital element: Babysitting is provided at home of the customer. Families requiring the service will call you to their place to care for infants and toddlers while parents are away. You will get paid by the hour. Recruit a few teenagers or women adept at handling babies and toddlers for a bigger business. You can pay them per job.

39- Post-Natal Caregiver

Caring for women who have just delivered requires immense skills. This is a small business idea for women. Additionally, you also require skills for handling newborns.

40- Pram rentals

pram rental business

This business idea is gathering momentum in the US. Buy a few prams and rent them to families with newborns and infants. Prams are also rented by couples while visiting a distant place since carrying one along is often cumbersome.

Small Business Ideas for Senior Citizens

41- Caregiver

Either you can give care to the elderly or hire a few trained hands to open a bigger business. In the US, this business is very lucrative and senior citizens usually hire caregivers from foreign countries since they cannot locals.

42- Handyman

Providing handyman services to senior citizens involves running errands such as buying stuff, waiting in queues, driving the elderly around or completing forms and formalities. For a large business, enlist services of teenagers who are willing to work for a few extra bucks.

43- Special Diet Cook

With some knowledge about nutrition and culinary skills, you can enter this business. Either you can cook special diets at residence of the elderly or prepare meals at your home for supply. Special meals for senior citizens include low sugar, low sodium, gluten free meals and a host of others that are consumed due to health issues.

New business ideas for Teenagers

Here is the list of businesses Teenagers can do

44- Application Filing

Teenagers can also open a small business of filling application forms online and paper for a variety of services. However, the best suited is filling school and college application forms, requests for grants and scholarships and other similar stuff.

45- Educational Tutor

educational tutor

Students proficient in specific subjects can open a business as tutors. This is a very easy and zero investment business for teenagers. All you need do is coach your juniors and peers on subjects in which you have exceptional proficiency.

46- Career Counselor

This is a small business idea for grown-ups, especially those holding professional qualifications. You can counsel teenagers about career options in your profession and places where they can get best higher education.

47- General Counselor

Everyone needs the proverbial ‘agony aunt or agony uncle’ at all stages of life. A general counselor means, you will hear problems faced by people and counsel them on the best way to overcome or circumvent the situation. Those skilled in human psychology will find this business profitable.

48- Bike Rentals

Buy a few used bicycles and rent them out to teenagers and adults. Biking is a healthy exercise and many people prefer using bicycles instead of driving a car while going nearby. However, they do not invest in one and look for rental bikes.

Specialized Small Business ideas

49- Fitness Trainer

Specialized courses as fitness trainer are available from major gyms and fitness institutes in USA. Once qualified, you can open the business of fitness trainer. Meaning, you will coach fitness aficionados on various exercise techniques, diet and healthy lifestyles.

50- Walking Tours

If you reside in a town or city that has several tourist attractions, you can offer walking tour packages. This involves taking domestic and foreign tourists on a guided walking tour of main areas of your city and briefing them about these places.

51- Foreign exchange

In the US, buying and selling foreign exchange is fairly easy and does not involve complex documentation. You can open this small business of buying major currencies of the world from tourists in exchange for the American Dollar or vice versa. To make this business profitable, you will need an agreement with a bank or exchange house to offer you preferential rates on foreign currency as your margin.

52- Mail Franchise

Several global and domestic mail firms offer franchise to entrepreneurs in the US. This small business idea does not require very large investment. However, the returns are very high. Look for franchise opportunities with companies such as UPS, PostNext and Postal Annex+, among others.

53- Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky continues to remain high on list of preferred foods in USA. With good skills and unique spice blends, you can launch your own brand of beef jerky. Proper meat handling, preparation techniques as well as great packaging is required to make your product successful.

54- Plumbing Services

Plumbers are in high demand across USA and earn hefty income. Indeed, at several locations, it is not easy to get a plumber to fix that leaky pipe or clogged drain. Invest in tools and equipment required to enter this small business. You can learn a few vital tricks of the trade by apprenticing under an experienced plumber.

55- Moringa Oil

A small Moringa Oil press is available for about US$ 2,500. Moringa, also called ‘drum sticks’ grow abundantly in coastal parts of the US. Extracting oil from dried Moringa seeds is a very lucrative. This oil is used in high-end beauty and skincare products or consumed as health supplements. Residues are sold as livestock feed.

56- Aeroponic Farming

Aeroponic farming is a relatively new concept that is fast gaining ground for growing vegetables. Aeroponic farmed vegetables are considered healthier than organic vegetables since they do not depend upon soil. Rather, they absorb nutrients from humidity in the air.

57- Organic Vegetables

With a small ‘kitchen garden’ or from your backyard, you can start growing organic vegetables. Organic vegetables and herbs continue to remain in great demand and large scale producers often skip smaller shops.

58- Fish Farm

Farming trout, catfish and other fresh water species is a great business idea. You can acquire skills required to operate a fish farm from any institute. You will need a few water tanks and ground water to farm high quality fish that sells at premium.

59- Gardening Services

Who does not want a great garden? But everyone does not possess green fingers required to make a beautiful garden. This is a great home-based business for people who have a passion for gardening and know about tending plants, irrigation and fertilizers.

60- Florist

While still on the subject of plants and herbs, you can consider opening a florist shop is a great small business idea. Investment is low but demand high creativity. Design bouquets, wreaths and other floral arrangements. You can also take orders for floral decorations at weddings and other celebrations.

61- Krav Maga Instructor

In this era of crime, self defense is something vital for every citizen. Krav Maga is a form of self defense used by the indomitable Israel Defense Forces. Training in this skill is available in the US and trainers are in high demand.

62- Handcrafted Gifts

People are usually confused over what to buy for gifting someone. You can offer handcrafted gifts that are made to order by customers. These gifts are very exclusive and command a high price in the market.

63- Masseuse

Holistic medicine is becoming popular by the day across USA. And massage is one such therapy that is much sought. Of course you will require some skills for giving a great massage. However, you can also open a masseuse service by hiring trained staff from Far East.

64- Crypto-currency Mining is one of the new business ideas

The business of mining crypto-currency- meaning monitoring Internet data for transactions and book keeping for Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin and others is very profitable. Training is available easily across USA. You can open this small business from home but need a very high powered computer with excellent graphics card. You get paid in Bitcoin or any other crypto-currency you mine.

65- Bed-n-Breakfast

Not all tourists like to stay in a hotel, motel or resort. A lot of tourists prefer to stay at small bed-n-breakfast accommodations offered by individuals or families, at home. The system is most popular among high-end business travelers who prefer privacy. If you have adequate room at your house, offer B-n-B services.

66- Omega-3 Eggs

Even a Food & Drug Administration and others argue over their health benefits, Omega-3 fortified eggs are fast becoming popular in the US. You need open a small poultry farm and feed chicken with Omega-3 oil fortified food. Omega-3 fortified eggs cost thrice or more the price of their conventional counterparts.

67- Biohazard Waste Disposal

Small hospitals and medical clinics do not have facilities to dispose bio-hazardous waste such as blood and other samples, cotton swags, used injection needles and syringes. You can open this business from a garage. You will require appropriate containers to collect the waste, an electric incinerator and proper facilities to dispose the destroyed waste.

68- Handmade Ice Cream

While there are dozens of ice cream brands flourishing in the market, nobody can beat or fulfill the demand for good handmade ice creams. This is because handmade ice creams are bereft of artificial flavors and colors. Make yoghurt and fruit based ice creams from home for sale at stores.

69- Aromatherapy Oils

You will need to invest in good oil press to enter this small business. Extracting fragrant oils from flowers, root, fruits, leaves, berries and herbs can be quite daunting. However, returns more than justify your efforts.

70- Music Classes

Kids and teenagers are very eager to learn playing some music instrument. Guitar, keyboard and percussion drums are popular & most successful small business idea. Provided you are proficient in playing any of these instruments, you can open a music coaching class.

71- Denture Workshop

Every dentist requires dentures for clients. Molds for dentures are provided by dental clinics. You have to create them based on specifications provided by these dentists. All dentistry products and services in the US command a high price.

72- Antique Repairs

Repairing antiques requires deft handling, understanding of arts and creative skills. This is a fairly easy business you can set up from home. It involves repairs of family heirlooms, antique furniture and other similar stuff.

73- Glamour Studio

Despite the domination of selfies, everyone wants glamorous looking pictures. Armed with very high definition cameras, lighting equipment and a home studio, open a business that offers glamorous pictures.

74- Portraits

Fine arts professionals who can make portraits can open a wonderful business. Self portraits are something the rich-and-famous love. They pay lucratively for excellent portraits. Since the work has generally do be done at locations of the customer’s choice, you need not invest much.

75- Organic Fertilizers

Stores, supermarkets, restaurants and households in the US waste large quantities of food. You can collect the stuff, dump it in a composter and make high quality fertilizer from these products that otherwise would be wasted.

76- Language Classes

Migrants from South America, East Europe and Asia land in US to pursue their dreams. Thousands of foreign students also arrive in the US for higher education. They need to learn English the way Americans speak. Coaching classes in US English is great business, especially for coaching foreign students.

77- Translation Services

With America’s trade with foreign countries on the upswing, there is great need for excellent quality translations of legal and business documents from English to foreign languages and vice versa. For those fluent in foreign languages, this is a great small business idea that costs very low to set up.

78- Martial Arts Training

Students as well as grown-ups often wish to learn martial arts for self defense. Karate is one of the most popular martial art across the world and in the US. As Karate expert, you can coach students at home or at a classroom.

79- Imported Stuff

You will be amazed at the demand for imported costume jewelry and home décor items in the US. Buy such stuff from foreign sellers through the Internet and sell them at premium from a home store or online.

80- Fine Coffee

Do not worry about competition from giants such as Starbucks, Colombia and Costa’s. A well brewed coffee, cappuccino and other similar beverages is something that everyone wants. You can set up this business from a small store or street-side stall.

81- Exotic Wines

A lot of Americans love to try exotic wines made from fruits other than grape. You can try this business with some knowledge about the fermentation process and wine making. Use high-sugar content fruits including banana, durian, mango and various berries for your exotic wines.

82- Janitorial Services

With some good contacts and sufficient staff, open a small business that offers cleaning services to offices and homes. This business runs on annual contracts. Meaning, you are assured of year-round income, provided you strike proper deals and have great cleaning staff.

83- Photo Restoration

Equipped with high quality scanner, photo editing software and tools as well as a good computer, open a photo restoration business from home. The business involves restoring faded picture, deleting details and touch-ups to make old pictures look better.

84- Lamps and Lanterns

Lamps and lanterns made of paper, glass, wood, cloth and other material are easy to design and create. Unique lanterns, especially those based on ancient or foreign designs sell for a premium in the market.

85- Medicinal Tea

Get hold of ancient and foreign recipes that are used for brewing teas that treat various common ailments such as sore throat, colds and lack of sleep. Make a mix of these herbs and spices and sell as medicinal tea.

86- YouTube Videos

Captain Sparklez is an example of how an ordinary YouTube aficionado made millions of dollars by making tutorial videos. You need great technical knowledge about the stuff on which you intend to create tutorials & earn from YouTube. There is no dearth of viewers for interesting videos.

87- Security Services

Provide security guards, bodyguards, bouncers and CCTV surveillance services to companies and individuals. You will require licenses from various authorities for this business. Additionally, you may have to invest a bit on firearms.

88- Building Maintenance

building maintenance business

Maintaining old buildings by restoring exterior and interior plaster and paint, flooring and other works is something you can consider if you have enough experience in the construction industry. This business works on contracts, meaning you are assured of regular income.

89- Electrical Works

Maintaining electrical connections in buildings is a highly specialized field. You need to ensure that all wiring and mains as well as switches comply with fire and safety as well as industry standards. Those with experience in electrical engineering can enter this business.

90- Appliance Repairs

Repairing home appliances like toasters, air conditioners and heaters, blenders and other motley stuff is fairly easy. You can acquire these skills from any training institute in your vicinity. The business can be started from home or a small workshop or even your garage.

91- Musical Instrument Repair

Another highly specialized small business idea is repairing musical instruments such as guitars, violins, keyboards and percussion drums. Once again, these skills can be learned by apprenticing with any major store that offers the service. The business is very lucrative provided you advertize it well and offer competitive rates.

92- Pest Control Services

pest control service

To open a pest control service, you will need astute knowledge about pesticides and other chemicals as well as their safe use. Your investment will go into buying insecticide sprayers, fumigation equipment, rodent killers and pesticides. Licensing may be required in some states of the US as well as training.

93- Wind Chimes

Making decorative wind-chimes is one of the small business ideas for women. You can make wind-chimes with metal, porcelain and wood as well as other material that lets off sonorous melodies on friction.

94- Vehicle Restoration

Vehicle restoration business vastly differs from that of a conventional garage. Vehicle restoration involves complete overhaul of old cars and motorcycles that people retain for their vintage value. You can open this small business from your garage but will you will need proper knowledge about cars and motorcycles.

95- Philately Store

The Internet makes it possible for you to order new issues of postage stamps and other postal stationery such as first day covers, commemorative issues and albums from almost every country under the Sun. All you need to do is pay small subscription fees to postal departments worldwide, who will mail you the stuff. You can recharge your credit anytime. Such stamps and postal stationery sells at very high premiums to collectors or philatelists.

96- Pet Care Business Idea

pet care business idea

If you are fond of animals and know how to care for pets, launch a pet care business from home or a rented premise. People leave their cats, dogs and pet birds in care of such businesses while they travel for vacations or business.

97- Neon Signs

All businesses require neon signs to display their name and other details. This small business can be started for investment as low as US$ 10,000 and from your garage or home. Creativity is a must and you will require some skilled staff to make these signboards.

98- Event Planning & Management

Admittedly, there are giants in the field of event planning and management. However, you can offer this service for birthday parties, school picnics, family get-together and other similar events. You can also add catering and entertainment as optional services for clients.

99- Ethnic Eatery

With scores of people from various countries residing in the US, everyone craves for a taste of food from their native land. Should you be a foreign migrant and well versed in delicacies of your ethnic group, open an eatery that offers such food.

100- Microbrewery

This small business idea can be extremely profitable provided you know how to brew beer. Microbreweries make very small quantities of very high quality beer that are sold only within a very limited geographic zone or a single restaurant. Though this is a small business, you will need ample space and proper equipment.

101- Vegan Food


As thousands of Americans turn to vegan food, devoid of any product of animal origin, new vistas for entrepreneurs are opening up. You can open a vending stall for Soy milk based ice-cream, softies and health drinks. The bright side is, the demand for such foods is far too greater than current suppliers can fulfill.

Statistics speak aloud

The US is home to some 46 percent of the world’s 34 million millionaires. In stark contrast, the country also has a poverty rate of 13.5 percent, based upon the 2015 census. Meaning, about 43.1 million Americans lived in poverty that year.

Such high numbers of millionaires in the US proves, people can strike it rich. Obviously, some millionaires inherited ancestral fortunes. Yet, someone took the initiate several years ago to launch a small business which burgeoned into a large corporation.

Nobody wants to be counted among the 43.1 million American poor. Becoming a millionaire is everyone’s dream. To achieve it, you need to start somewhere. Thus, launching a small business is the first step you can take towards this objective.

Why small business?

A glance at any large corporation in the US reveals, they began as small businesses. Indeed, some of these businesses have very humble beginnings:

  • Businesses launched from home & garage: eBay, Nike, YouTube, Walt Disney, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Dell, Harley Davidson, Virgin, Google, Mattel and others.
  • Companies launched from shared dwellings and small restaurants: Facebook, Airbnb, Pizza Hut. McDonald’s, Starbucks, to name a few.
In conclusion

Regardless whether you are eying a microbrewery or a small home based business, capital for your venture can be fairly easy to find. There are scores of venture capitalists, start-up incubators and crowd funding platforms that can help you set a small business that needs some external funding. However, most small businesses succeed due to ingenuous ideas rather than investment and size.

Before you venture into any small business that we have listed, ensure you possess the required skills. Entrepreneurship succeeds only when blended with your personal experience and knowledge.

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