100 Best & Top MLM Companies in USA

Most of us wonder how some people get richer faster than others. Quite likely, they have discovered the secret of Multi Level Marketing (MLM) or network marketing, as it is widely known.

MLM or network marketing allows you to work outside office hours, is 100 percent legal and offers great earnings.

Multi Level Marketing or direct marketing is one of the surest ways of getting rich quickly. In fact, thousands of people have bid adieu to their full time jobs in favor of MLM business.

However, MLM is not for all. It requires excellent business acumen combined with great salesmanship skills to become a successful leader.

Additionally, you require a great social network of family and friends. With a small investment and basic equipment, you can join an MLM company and launch your own MLM business.

Top 100 MLM Companies in US


Here is a list of topmost network marketing companies operating in the US.

NOTE: Listing of these MLM companies does not indicate popularity, ranking or financial standing. The below list was generated at random…

1: Avon Cosmetics

The most reputed US-based MLM company with worldwide operations. Avon is also the oldest MLM companies of the world.

It was launched in 1886 and gave women in the country, the right to earn an income much before they got the right to vote. The company prides in “putting mascara on face and food on tables.”

2: Oriflame

Based in Sweden, Oriflame is also one of the oldest MLM companies of the world. Oriflame offers body, skincare and other wellness products for discerning users.

Products of Oriflame conform to strict manufacturing standards of the European Union.

3: Amway

Amway's brands are time-tested and trusted all around the world. Amway's direct selling model helps make selling easier, through personalized service and products matched to you and your family, says the company’s website.

A visit to Amway website will reveal the vast range of products that has made Amway popular worldwide.

4: Herbalife

Operating in the US and global markets since 30 years Herbalife is an expert in nutrition and weight control products.

All products of this MLM company are made with superior quality organic ingredients only. It has tens of thousands of network marketers worldwide.

5: Forever Living

A huge range of skincare, beauty products, dietary supplements for slimming or weight gain as well as balanced nutrition are sold around the world by Forever Living.

Though relatively new in the MLM business Forever Living has carved a niche in the very competitive market.

6: Vorverk

Germany based Vorkerk is a popular MLM company that has over 650,000 network marketers worldwide. Most of Vorkverk’s network marketers are based in USA.

High quality German-made products including carpets and flooring material, body and beauty care essentials as well as home appliances are sold by Vorverk across America.

7: Tupperware

Almost everyone has used some Tupperware product during their life. This company also ranks among the largest network marketing firms of USA.

Tupperware makes excellent yet affordably priced kitchen products such as storage boxes. Over decades, it has helped women achieve financial freedom through MLM business.

8: Shaklee

US-based Shaklee has an impressive record for its nutritional supplements. Its products have been everywhere, from space to Mt. Everest missions, North Pole and the US space shuttles.

The company also has an impressive record of researches and quality certification.

9: DXN

Indubitably, Asia is the hub of herbal medicines, beverages and cosmetics. Malaysia-based DXN offers traditional Asian remedies and cures to Americans at affordable prices. The Asian connection helps DXN maintain very competitive rates in the US market.

10: Cutco Cutlery

Cutco, established in 1949, is the largest manufacturer of kitchen cutlery in the United States and Canada. Cutco’s product line includes kitchen knives and utensils, shears, flatware, cookware and sporting knives.

More than 600 employees work at Cutco’s factory and administrative headquarters in Olean, New York. Cutco products are sold through in-home sales demonstrations, at local events, Cutco retail locations and online, according to the company’s website.

11: Jewels by Park Lane

For anyone well versed in fashion accessories and latest trends, a lot of money can be made by doing MLM for Jewels by Park Lane. Jewelry from this large American chain comes with quality assurances.

They are available in various styles to suit diverse tastes as well as budgets. For those who party frequently, Jewels by Park Lane is an excellent company to engage with for MLM.

12: GNLD

Also known as Golden Neo Life Diamite Co, the company offers hundreds of excellent products made to suit every lifestyle.

GNLD products are available to treat a variety of medical conditions too, including high levels of bad cholesterol, diabetes, poor nutrition and various deficiencies. GNLD ranks among the topmost MLM companies of US.

13: Mary Kay Inc

One of the leaders in beauty products, Mary Kay Inc. has an impressive 3.5 million independent beauty consultants worldwide who offer more than 200 premium products in nearly 40 countries around the world.

Mary Kay Inc., is helping millions of women achieve their financial goals by participating in its ever expanding MLM network.

14: Belcorp

South American women rank among the most beautiful in the world. Beauty secrets of Latinas is brought to USA by Belcorp, a Peru-based MLM company.

Belcorp operates through nearly a millions beauty consultants- who serve as the company’s network marketers. As you may have guessed, Belcorp makes skincare, hair and beauty products for women of all skin types.


Primerica is an innovative MLM concept since it helps families and individuals struggling financially to overcome money problems.

Primerica provides low cost investment solutions including mutual funds, life insurance and other financial plans across America. The company retails its various services through its MLM network.

16: Nu Skin

Nowadays, everyone wants to look younger. That is exactly what Nu Skin offers: a whole range of exclusive anti-ageing products.

Nu Skin operates worldwide and its website can be viewed in different languages, customized for its millions of users. The company is setting new standards in the anti-ageing skincare industry worldwide.

17: Ambit Energy

The pioneer of selling energy through MLM, Ambit Energy provides electricity and natural gas services in deregulated markets across the United States, primarily marketed through a direct sales channel of more than 250,000 independent consultants, the company website says.


High quality nutritional supplements and superb healthcare products are offered by USANA Health Sciences across USA through network marketing.

The company has its own state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to ensure consistent quality. USANA remains committed to offering the highest quality products to customers.

19: ACN

ACN is the world’s largest direct seller of telecommunications, energy and essential services for home and business.

Today, the company is present in more than 25 countries. Its long distance telecom services rank as the most sought after in various countries, since they come at very affordable rates.

20: Mistine

Eye and facial care at very affordable prices is made possible by Mistine. The Thailand-based company has a very sophisticated MLM network in the US.

Mistine’s products are made in Thailand and approved by regulatory authorities of the US. This is a great company for women entrepreneurs.

21: Pampered Chef

Everyone can become a great chef with recipes and unique kitchen tools made by Pampered Chef.

Millions of people worldwide are enjoying their daily and routine cooking with these exclusive tools that range from the humble spoon to cake dishes. Their website features great recipes for a party or daily meal.

22: PartyLite

Flameless fragrant candles, twinkling lights that brighten up your home and parties, exquisite lighting solutions for festivals and special occasions are sold through MLM by PartyLite.

23: Wacthers Organic Sea Products

Another pioneer of America’s MLM business, Wachters offers some 100 unique healthcare and beauty products to consumers in USA and world over.

Wachters is unique because all its products are made from stuff found in oceans of the world.

24: Scentsy

As the name suggests, Scentsy is all about scents. Rather, it is all about fragrances. Scentsy offers amazing fragrances for almost everything.

Your room and home, laundry, kids, closets and cupboards. The company is waging a war against odors with its affordable yet innovative products.

25: Natura Cosmeticos

Forests of Amazon, depths of the Amazon river and dense Equatorial woods of Brazil provide raw material for products of Natura Cosmeticos, one of the premier MLM companies operating in USA.

Natura is a Brazilian firm with a very strong and rapidly growing presence in the network marketing business in the US.

Other Top Network Marketing Companies

Name/ Website Products/ Services
26 4Life Health & wellness
27 Advocare Dietary supplements
28 Alliance in Motion Nutrition & health
29 ARIIX Weight loss, healthcare
30 ASEA Dietary supplements
31 bHip Global Nutrition & health
32 Doterra Essential oils
33 DubLi Network Referral income
34 Empower Network Digital products
35 Enagic Water purifiers & filtration
36 Essante Organics Home & healthcare
37 Evolve Health Healthcare solutions
38 FM Group Insurance
39 ForeverGreen Dietary supplements
40 Fuxion Nutrition & health
41 Gano XL Exotic herbal beverages
42 Global Wealth Trade Fashion & beauty
43 GVO IT solutions
44 IDlife Nutrition & health
45 Immunotic Medical devices
46 Isagenix Personal care
47 It Works ! Global Skincare & nutrition
48 Javita Exotic herbal beverages
49 Jeunesse Skincare & nutrition
50 Juice Plus + Nutrition & health
51 Kannaway Dietary supplements
52 Kyani Nutrition & health
53 Le-Vel Health & wellness
54 Life Plus Personal care
55 LifeVantage Health & wellness
56 LR Health and Beauty Fashion & beauty
57 Lyoness Referral income
58 Mannatech Health & wellness
59 Mega Holdings IT solutions
60 Melaleuca Personal care
61 Modere Health & wellness
62 Morinda Exotic herbal beverages
63 Nature’s Sunshine Products Dietary supplements
64 Nerium International Anti-ageing products
65 Nucerity International Skin and eye care products
66 Nuriche Dietary supplements
67 Organo Gold Exotic herbal beverages
68 Origami Owl Custom jewelry
69 Perfectly Posh Fashion & beauty
70 Phyto Hair & skincare
71 Plexus Worldwide Health & wellness
72 PM International Dietary supplements
73 Premier Designs Fashion jewelry
74 Purium Health Health & wellness
75 QNet Multiple products
76 QSciences Health & wellness
77 Rain International Dietary supplements
78 Rodan and Fields Personal care
79 Seacret Direct Dead Sea salt based cosmetics
80 Send Out Cards Greeting card system
81 Sevenpoint2 Skincare & nutrition
82 Shopping Sherlock Discounted shopping
83 Sisel International Personal care
84 Skinny Body Care Skincare & nutrition
85 SoZo Global Exotic herbal beverages
86 Stampin Up Exquisite paper products
87 Stella & Dot Fashion jewelry
88 Stemtec Dietary supplements
89 Sunrider Personal care
90 Synergy Worldwide Health & wellness
91 Talk Fusion Video communication solutions
92 The Limo Company Luxury car rentals
93 31Gifts Purses, totes, bags
94 Total Life Changes Essential oils
95 Trevo Skincare & nutrition
96 TruVision Health Essential oils
97 Unicity International Health & wellness
98 Valentus Dietary supplements
99 ViSalus Dietary supplements
100 World Global Network Exercise equipment
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