Best Places To Sell Your Dirty Socks For Money

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Where To Sell Used Socks For Money?

Have you ever imagined that your used socks, I mean dirty ones, can actually help you make lots of money? I’m not kidding. Indeed, there are countless men out there that’s willing to pay a lot of money and buy your dirty socks.

How dirty? To be precise, the socks that you wear through the day and leave unwashed. The socks that will smell of your feet, perspiration and any other stuff. Talk about foot odour and smelly socks- well- that’s exactly what customers out there are waiting to buy.

So, who would buy those dirty socks from you? Here, I will answer this question.

Customers of Dirty Socks

Usually, dirty socks from women have a huge demand. That’s because millions of men in the US and around the world have something known as a feet fetish. This means they feel carnally aroused by the feet of women and stuff such as socks and stockings.

Speaking of stockings, you can sell those, too, as long as they’re dirty. In fact, stockings that have strong scents sell almost instantly. Dirty stockings mean the ones you wear all day and take off. The more the scents, the greater the price you can demand.  In fact, you needn’t be shy or worry about any body fluids whose stains or odours appear on the stockings.

Is Selling Dirty Socks and Stockings Legit?

Absolutely. There are no laws in the USA against selling dirty stocks or stockings. However, I will caution you about something. In some countries, selling dirty socks and stockings is strictly banned. That’s because authorities consider these pieces of female attire as health hazards that could trigger severe disease.

I will explain: Sweat and other body fluids are generally sterile when they exit your body. However, bacteria and other microbes settle on the skin and start breaking these fluids into other components. These bacteria can trigger diseases of various kinds.

I can’t say how serious is the threat of disease from bacteria on dirty socks or dirty stockings. Yet, some countries, especially in Europe, view these used innerwear as biohazardous. Hence, the ban.

At the same time, there are no explicit laws banning the sale of used, dirty socks and stockings in the US. You can sell them legit on any website that I will write about in this article.

How To Sell Used Socks?

It’s easy to get started to sell dirty socks online. However, you need some preparations before you actually get down to selling dirty socks. Here are some simple steps you would have to take.

1. Collect Used and new Socks for Sale

The first step is starting to create an inventory or stock of dirty socks for sale online. Therefore, collect used socks that are good and usable and buy some new ones to use and dirty, before you sell. If necessary, buy some attractive socks. It’s really not necessary to buy branded or designer socks for this purpose.

2. Decide Your Activities

Decide on the types of activities you’ll do while wearing a certain pair of socks. This is very important. That’s because factors such as the volume of sweat, the odour of feet and the duration of wearing any pair of socks depend on these activities such as jogging or sports or simply walking.

3. Select the Marketplace

I will be providing you with a list of some websites and marketplaces where you can sell dirty socks and stockings. Usually, you will have to register as a seller on these websites and create an account. Read their terms and conditions carefully. That’s because these websites will charge a sellers fee and, sometimes, a fee for sending the money to your bank account or PayPal. You can select more than one website to sell your dirty socks and stockings online.

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4. Select an Alias

That’s right: select a false name or alias for your trade-in dirty socks. That could help protect your real identity and location. Customers aren’t really interested in your name. However, maintaining secrecy is better because none of your relatives and friends will know that you’re selling dirty socks for money. Also, if your identity and location leak out, you could get stalked.

5. Decide Your Prices

Of course, you would love to know how much money those dirty socks can fetch. This is quite simple. Read the pricing of other sellers and check the descriptions of their used socks. You can expect to get a similar amount of money for your dirty socks. However, don’t compare your prices with old timers that have loyal customers and hence, charge more money.

6. Learn Feet Photography

The final step is to learn feet photography. You don’t need to take a course of any sort in photography to take foot pictures. Instead, simply learn how to handle the camera or the one on your mobile phone to take superb feet pictures. You could also request a relative or friend to take pictures of your feet. Learn a bit about backgrounds and how to highlight the socks on your feet for such pictures.

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Best Places To Sell Used Socks For Money

Once you’re ready to sell dirty socks and stockings online, check out these websites.  These are some of the top marketplaces where you could sell dirty socks and stockings to earn some money as a side gig. I’ll repeat, read their terms and conditions for sellers very carefully so that you’re sure of getting the best possible price.

1. Facebook Marketplace


Create a separate Facebook account using another email ID. Never sell dirty socks and stockings from your main Facebook account since you wouldn’t have any secrecy in that case. There are over 2.9 billion users on Facebook.

Therefore, you can imagine the size of the market you have for dirty socks and stockings. Take superb photos of your feet with the socks, write an attractive description, quote your price and give other details such as shipping fees for people to buy.

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2. Facebook Groups

Finding Facebook groups to sell dirty socks and stockings can take some time and effort. However, these would prove worthwhile. Search for groups of various fetishes such as feet fetish, used lingerie fetish and, of course, socks and stockings fetish. These are usually private groups and entry is limited to select persons only. However, you can apply for memberships of these groups from their Facebook pages.

3. eBay


The pioneer of online buy-and-sell, eBay is one of the best resources you could consider for selling dirty socks and stockings. You’ll first have to create a seller account on eBay and agree to all their terms and conditions. Read their conditions for accepting returns and giving refunds very carefully. Once you create an account successfully, the rest is easy. Upload attractive photos, write brief but wonderful descriptions, quote your price and clearly mention your shipping policy to post.

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4. Shopify


Selling used socks and stockings on Shopify isn’t really free. That’s because you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription fee to Shopify to use their services. However, having your own marketplace on Shopify can actually translate into more customers for your used and dirty socks and stockings. This is your own online store and you can upload as many dirty socks and stockings photos and descriptions as you like.

5. Craigslist


And finally, Craigslist. This is one definite place to sell used and dirty socks and stockings for free. Maybe you’re aware that Craigslist is the single-largest online classifieds website in the US.  They allow free listing of stuff you want to sell.

It’s also possible to select the locations where you want to sell the stuff. Creating a Craigslist account is easy: sign up using an email and by creating a strong password. Once you have the account, start posting pictures, descriptions and other details of your dirty socks and stockings.

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Wrap Up

Actually, there are no specialized places to sell used, dirty socks and stockings. You can also try some of the websites that deal in dirty panties and check if they have a section for socks.

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