1. Hello there! Your post is wonderful, although I have tried to make online by simply answering questionnaires, but nothing seems to work for me…

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  3. please am a Cameroonian and most of this site are not working in my country.
    please could you help me with sites and apps that are working in my country? i realy wants to be earning free PayPal money. thanks

  4. Hi Pritam Nagrale,

    Can I get your e-mail Address (for any type help, as like earning money transfer/withdrawal)


  5. dear admin.
    i come from indonesia. many of your edvice website, are not support in our country. can you give me a solution?

  6. Bonjour. Merci pour la formation. Moi je n’ai pas un compte PayPal. Comment je peut l’obtenir? Merci de m’aider.

  7. informative and helpful unfortunately most of these companies do not work in Africa especially here in uganda.so you need to specify which countries are considered.thanks


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