1. I sir,
    This is from Philippines, what should I do if I don’t have a PayPal account or any bank account. should I withdraw my money in that online job?is there any way to get my money?
    . Thank-you

  2. The information is very useful. All the steps for creation of account is very simply explained step by step. Thank you.

  3. Please sir I really love your content and would love to be a successful person. The the problem is that I don’t have a laptop or a computer in other to get started with your great tutorials. Please can you help me I would be grateful

  4. I am Ephraim Z a Nigerian. How can I open and verify PayPal account here in Nigeria? Is there any online site that can welcome people from my region? If there is/ are, please let me know, I would like to raise money for my school tuition fees.

  5. sir,
    i am shahzad from malaysia.i am a refugee here i read ur article its nice but one thing i have to ask for my self i have no bank account here in malaysia .and so if i made pay pal account without bank link then how i receive money. if any other way.
    pleas must suggest any other way for me

  6. Hi Pritam Sir this is another Great Article about how to open a paypla account. You Explain Step by step Now any one can Easily Create Paypal Account, i read your every blog post very care fully. Thank you so much for your good work and keep it up.

  7. hi i want to ask that m a pakistani n i don’t have a PAN card. can my CNIC be used instead of PAN card?

  8. hi,
    its very nice info thanks a lot.
    want to know is there any maintenance charge and minimum amount limit to Paypal account ?

  9. Sir, I have a question regarding Connecting bank account to PayPal account.
    Can I connect any debit or credit card to Paypal?
    Whether the permission of bank is needed for linking the bank account?
    thanks for sharing this article, keep up the good work.

  10. Good day! Mr. Pritam Nagrale, I have a very serious question. I don’t have a bank account, is there any other way aside from paypal where I can withdraw the money?

  11. hello sir
    i am afsha
    i thank you,you have given it all information
    what is pay pal, how to create pay pal
    account, but what is purpose code?


  12. I am from Andhra Pradesh. When I started to open the account, I typed my address and filled PIN code. But the PIN Code is not accepted. Why?

  13. hii
    actually I am still 16 and I have a bank account and the problem is that account name is registered by my name but all other info is register to my parents name like pan card then how to create a paypal account?may I know that ?

  14. hi… Pritam I really appriciate ur work, I have read this artical & find very it helpful. But still I have some doubts ,
    I mean for example I want to buy an online program where the payments are received by ClickBank & I don’t have any cradit or David card so I have to use paypal. Can I pay with PayPal even if it is not link
    to my cradit or David card ??


  15. If I cannot get my own card, do you think it would be safe to get a VCC from Auction Essistance so I can verify my account?

  16. And can I purchase any products like Website hosting,domain or email autoresponder by Indian paypal ?
    Clerify me about this,please.

  17. pritam sir while creating paypal account, when I enter the state it says “review it” with a red warning sign and I am unable to continue to next page. Plz help

  18. Sir, I want to open an account in paypal.But i am unable to create an account bcz of state problem.When i mention state orissa it occurs error. so plz help me
    thank you

  19. I’m from sri lanka. Is this paypal accounts works in srilanka? Somebody said me that when i open an account on paypal, select the country as malaysia or phillipine not sri lanka. Is this service not available in sri lanka?

  20. I have a question –
    Should I prefer keeping my primary (Main email id) or a secondary barely used email id as my login id? I am concerned about safety and clutter.

  21. hi sir
    I have read all information about this job ,but iam confuse .what
    exactly work in this job.pls tell me iam inrested in it. what should i do join this

  22. I want to open paypal acoount but in my pan card has only first name .
    Am unable to proceed without entering last name. please suggest if any other way to complete the process.

  23. Sir
    I have a doubt regarding linking of bank account to paypall account.
    Can i add any debit or credit card to paypall?
    Whether the permision of bank is needed for linking the bank account?


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