10 Best Jobs For People Who Hate People

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Best Jobs For People Who Hate People

Do you hate people? If yes, there’s nothing to worry about. Almost every human on Planet Earth hates people at some time or the other. There are no fixed rules or yardsticks on why we hate certain people regardless of how nice they are and why we love certain people without flinching, though they’re nasty.

Psychology says that it’s perfectly normal for all humans to hate some people and love others while being neutral to a lot of folks. That’s part of regular and ordinary human behaviour.

Despite being a negative emotion, hate also propels us to do some positive things. For one, hating somebody adds a little spice to our life. It creates some degree of moral awareness within us and finally, we discover that people we hate aren’t really so bad after all and that our feelings were misplaced.

Is Hate Good or Bad?

Over the centuries, philosophers, thinkers, sages and spiritual leaders or saints, among others, have wondered and taught various features of hate. Is hate good or bad? It depends on whom you decide to follow.

According to the Torah, the holy scripture of Jews, hating someone is a sin by itself. Because hate harms the hater directly. Hate causes a lot of negative emotions among the hater and forces them to do things that are anti-social. Hate can lead a person to harm themselves.

Christianity, on the other hand, says that it’s wrong to hate a person. The Holy Bible teaches that it’s okay to hate a sin or something wrongful a person does. However, it’s wrong to hate the person that’s doing the wrong.

Islam has superb preaching about hate. The Holy Quran says those who renounce anger against others and choose to pardon will live in the glory, peace and prosperity of Almighty Allah forever.

The Hindu or Sanatana scripture, Srimad Bhagawad Gita explicitly says that a human should not be a slave of likes and dislikes or hate and love because these emotions hinder physical, mental and spiritual development severely.

Buddhism has a wonderful explanation on how to tackle hatred. Scriptures of this faith state that a human being can’t simply renounce hate. Instead, they have to attain self-realization of the negative fallout on their own life when they hate someone.

Modern-day psychiatry and psychology find that hating someone is like finding a scapegoat to blame for our own faults. Hating somebody brings negative thoughts and can lead to stress, depression, anxiety and even worse, severe mental disorders.

In fact, modern philosophy has one simple adage: “Don’t hate someone that you dislike.” The meaning is clear: just because we don’t agree with a person or have some differences that we don’t like, we shouldn’t hate someone.

Reasons People Hate People

Coming down to Earth, let’s explore why people hate others. What are the real reasons for such unreasonable hatred, even when all religions in the world speak about its undesirable effects? Why do perfectly normal, civilized persons hate someone that others might even love?

This will surely surprise you: there are as many as 12 strong reasons why people hate other people. In this article, I will discuss these 12 reasons.  That would help you know the nature of your hatred and help you find the right job for people who hate other people.

Intense Stress

Intense Stress

Women and men, as well as kids and teens suffering from intense or extreme stress, can develop hate towards other people. Actually, there are no real reasons for them to hate others. However, persons undergoing severe stress often feel angry against others and their own circumstances. They vent this anger in the form of hatred for other people. Usually, victims of intense stress don’t go around harming people they hurt. Instead, they avoid such people and sometimes speak negatively against them.

Burnout Syndrome

Maybe you’ve faced burnout syndrome at some point in your life. It’s very common among people of all ages- from students to seniors. Typically, burnout syndrome is a fallout of stress combined with tiredness. Victims experience a lack of energy, constant feelings of fear and irritation, as well as irrational hatred for some or all people around them. Usually, victims of burnout syndrome hate people who harmed them at some time or against whom they hold resentments from the past. This is, again an irrational form of hatred.



A person undergoing bouts of severe depression will often end up hating people, including their family members, for absolutely no reason. These victims are themselves unable to explain the reasons for feeling this intense hatred for their near and dear ones or good friends and colleagues. This happens because the thought process of a depression victim is always unclear. They feel their brain is experiencing a fog. They’re unable to clearly think. This makes them incapable of proper interaction with others. Hence, they end up creating misunderstandings and, eventually, hating people.

Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder

Unfortunately, most cases of Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder go unnoticed till the later stages. PTSD is a psychiatric illness that mainly strikes persons who have witnessed or lived through emotionally stressful events, such as a death in the family.

Sadly, all first responders in the world, such as Emergency Medical Service (EMS) or ambulance crews, firepersons, police officers, journalists and press photographers that cover disasters, wars and other such events, emergency doctors, surgeons and nurses, soldiers and mortuary workers are highly prone to PTSD.

Persons afflicted with PTSD often experience sleep disturbances and lack of concentration. These make them irritable and nervous. As a result, they end up hating people for no reason.

Avoidant Personality Disorder

The causes of Avoidant Personality Disorder, or AVPD, remain largely unknown. It is suspected that AVPD is a genetic disorder. Its severity can vary from person to person. AVPD can strike some victims suddenly and without warning. An estimated 2.5 per cent of Americans are suspected to be afflicted with AVPD.

As the term suggests, AVPD causes the victim to avoid other people. They prefer to live in near isolation. They venture out of their homes only when it’s absolutely necessary and at times when there would be fewer people on the streets and stores.

Persons with AVPD hate people because they fear someone could hurt them emotionally. AVPD victims are highly sensitive and don’t hide their feelings. They will cry openly if they’re hurt by your words. This can bring them ridicule from others. They hate people because they falsely believe that everyone will mock them.


Narcissism or Narcissist Personality Disorder (NPD) is an extremely dangerous psychiatric disease that causes the victim to hate people. In fact, NPD victims often hurt people for no reason, usually with harsh words. Hence, normal persons stay away from NPD victims. In turn, NPD patients avoid mixing with other persons, too.

It is estimated that five per cent of the US population suffers from NPD. Generally, persons with NPD have a false sense of superiority over others. They feel they’re privileged and better than others, and their knowledge is far better than anyone else they know. Hence, they snap at people and can’t get along with people.

There are several causes of NPD. One is childhood traumas, improper parenting, single-parent families, low self-esteem and childhood abuse.

Social Anxiety Disorder

Social Anxiety Disorder is common among almost every human. It’s a typical disorder that creates some level of anxiety that we sometimes experience when meeting new people.

This happens because all of us are unaware of what to expect from a new person or how to interact with them. It gives some excitement and causes us to be at our best when we meet someone we’ve never met earlier.

However, in some cases, this social anxiety becomes very unhealthy. Social Anxiety Disorder can cause its victims to avoid other people altogether. That’s because the anxiety of meeting new people often causes insecurity, panic and disgust. Hence, such persons avoid meeting people or any social interaction.


Schizophrenia is often termed a multiple personality disorder. It is considered as a major psychiatric disorder. This means a single person has different personalities. They also assume entirely different identities for each of these personalities.

When they’re undergoing a Schizophrenic attack, one or more of these non-existent personalities crop up. The person’s behaviour changes totally. They also operate under a different name, often without knowing what they’re doing.

Victims of Schizophrenia are unable to adjust to a social life that demands normal living. Since most victims live in a non-existent world built by their own minds, these victims can’t relate to other people easily.

Ideological Differences

Perhaps the worst case of ideological differences can be described as the Holocaust, which began before World War II, when Jews and others, such as gypsies, were systematically tortured and gassed to death at Nazi death camps. While the Holocaust is an example of ideological differences caused by political propaganda, we, too, can suffer from the same for various reasons.

Individuals also are affected by ideological differences. These include differences with others over politics, wealth, religion, beliefs and race, in most cases. People make themselves feel uncomfortable with those with differences. This kind of difference isn’t normal or automatic. Instead, some people want to discriminate against others because they feel either superior or inferior. Hence, they avoid any contact, such as working with others.


Xenophobia is the term broadly used to describe the fear of strangers.  This is very common in USA, which is a multi-ethnic and multicultural country. There are no official figures or statistics that indicate how many persons in the US suffer from Xenophobia or fear of strangers.

Incidentally, Xenophobia can be induced by self, external entities or even be a result of mental disorders. One of the greatest causes of Xenophobia is said to be parenting and community living. Often, parents pass their hates, likes and dislikes to their kids. As a result, the child develops a hatred for persons who belong to a different race or religion. Left untreated, it can develop as dangerous fanaticism.

The other form of Xenophobia is induced by external sources. For example, there was widespread hatred against certain communities in the US during the Covid-19 pandemic. Political rhetoric added to this Xenophobia as an increasing number of people blamed an Asian race as responsible for the global pandemic.

Mental disorders also lead to Xenophobia. This can be due to some long past but untreated traumas, baseless fears and psychosis. Some persons falsely believe that a person from a different race or ethnicity can harm them. Others live with the fear that some races possess supernatural powers.

In any case, Xenophobic persons aren’t able to work easily. They tend to live alone or in isolated communities. They shun contact with others and prefer extreme privacy, even at a high financial cost, such as living without a job.

Poor Self-Esteem

Another major culprit for people to hate people is low self-esteem. This means that a woman or man thinks low about themselves. They falsely believe they’re incapable of doing much, that they appear ugly or unattractive and so on. They lack confidence to the extent that they expect ridicule wherever they go. Persons with low self-esteem always believe that others are observing them closely and will mock them for any faults.

This is a psychiatric condition and is curable with proper therapy and medication. Low self-esteem generally arises out of childhood experiences. A child who is bullied and mocked by parents, teachers, peers and others in the neighbourhood will always suffer from low self-esteem, even as an adult. They will falsely believe that they’re inadequate and unfit for anything.

Such persons either end up taking jobs that are far below their actual earning potential. Or they will find work that allows them some level of isolation. However, with proper therapy, such persons can lead a happy and normal life.



One of the saddest parts of addiction is that it makes the addict hate other people. That’s because of vast misunderstanding that occurs between the addict and others, including members of the family. Close family members are unable to comprehend the various needs of an addict. At the same time, the addict is unable to get their thoughts across clearly to others.

Research proves that alcohol and drug addicts have an intelligence that’s four times superior compared to others. This means the thought patterns of an addict are more sophisticated than those around them. This leads to a breakdown of communications since one is unable to understand the other.

As a result, addicts also start hating people. They tend to isolate themselves to the extent that their dependence on alcohol, drugs or other such substances increases exponentially. Addicts avoid other people to avoid clashes of thought and ridicule.

You Could Be Affected

These are the 12 broad reasons why people hate other people. Such behaviour isn’t merely restricted to persons with mental disorders; it affects ordinary people, too. Sadly, you, too, could be affected by such hatred towards other people.

If that’s your case, there’s no need to panic. Help from professionals can help you overcome this issue and lead a better, normal life. At the same time, getting help requires some initiative and courage from you. Most people consider hating the other as normal. That’s not always the case.

10 Best Jobs For Antisocial People

While you could be affected and hate other people, there’s no reason why you can’t find a job and work. After all, everyone needs money for a living and at least to afford the three basic needs- food, clothing and shelter, if not anything else. Unless you’re planning to live entirely on charity- which isn’t really possible- you would require a job that pays something.

Therefore, I will write about the ten best jobs that you can find and take if you hate other people.

1. Loco Engineer

Loco Engineer

A loco engineer is a person who drives a train. This is a superb job for people who hate people. Generally, a loco engineer works alone in the cabin of the train engine.

They keep tabs on the power supply, speed and other vital parameters of the train and ensure an accident-free, smooth run to the next station. At layover stops, loco drivers can rest alone in a special room at the railway station.

2. Security Staff

Security Staff

There’s a huge demand for security staff across the US since they help curb crime. Some such jobs are available as security crew for remote locations where there are important installations.

All you have to do is monitor the CCTV camera over there and ensure there are no intruders. In some cases, you will also get free accommodation at a remote location from the employer.

3. Trucker

Trucker: best job for loners

A trucker is basically a truck driver or truck pilot, as they’re sometimes known. You would surely know what truckers do. They drive long freight trucks between distant places to deliver perishable and non-perishable stuff to the buyer.

Since most large trucks nowadays come with GPS and other modern navigational systems, as well as cruise control, only one trucker can drive the vehicle. Only in rare instances does a freight company send two truckers on a single vehicle.

And even if you have company, the other trucker would most likely take the time to sleep so they can drive when you wish to rest.

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4. Astronomer


Talk about the skies. If gazing at the skies, observing and mapping planets, stars, asteroids, satellites, and other unidentified phenomena matches your interest and needs, work as an astronomer.

Generally, giant telescopes capable of scanning large depths of outer space are located at remote locations. That’s because remote locations don’t have the typical haze that comes from electric lamps.

This gives a clearer view of the sky at night. You will almost be alone for long hours of the day and night and report your findings on the radio.

5. Mortician

Mortician: jobs for antisocial people

Take the job of a mortician if you’re not scared of ghosts, spirits, phantoms, goblins and other such paranormal creatures. Whether or not such creatures exist is a debatable issue.

However, the job of a mortician allows you to work alone and far away from any maddening crowd. A mortician’s job is to embalm dead humans with chemicals, use wax and other stuff where necessary to enhance its physical features and appearance, dress up the cadaver and ensure it reaches the funeral home on time for persons to pay last respects.

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6. Farmhands


Generally, farmhands work alone in large fields. That’s because modern-day agriculture and horticulture are also done using sophisticated machines. You will be in charge of a large area of a farm.

Tasks include ploughing the soil, putting fertilizers, sowing seeds and reaping harvest, irrigating the plants and spraying pesticides and insecticides.

You will also be responsible for preventing any dangerous reptiles, such as venomous snakes, from entering the farm and making pits. Snakes love farms since rats and other rodents frequent them to forage.

7. Nutritionist


As the term suggests, a nutritionist is a person who finds the nutritional value of different kinds of food for a variety of persons, such as kids, adults, seniors, and people with different medical conditions such as diabetes or high cholesterol and other issues.

Usually, a nutritionist works alone in the lab and analyzes various kinds of food through tests. They try to evaluate the contents of fats, carbs, proteins, fibre, sugars, salts, minerals and other such nutrients in food products.

Their findings enable doctors to recommend a specific diet to their clients and patients.

8. Crop Duster

Crop Duster

A crop duster is a very important person. They are basically pilots that fly small aircraft capable of dusting insecticides, pesticides and sometimes, fertilizers from the sky onto farms. Just in case you’re unaware, some farms are pretty large and stretch for miles and miles.

Hence, it’s impossible to dust crops there from the ground and manually. In such cases, crop dusters prove handy. They take orders for crop dusting and do the needful with their aircraft. You can join a crop dusting company or do it yourself as long as you have a basic flying license.

9. Oenologist


Not many have heard about the profession of an oenologist. In fact, it’s one of the highest paying jobs you can ever land if you have the needed qualifications. So, who’s an oenologist? Actually, oenologists are persons responsible for ensuring that a winery produces superb wine consistently. They develop formulas for making wines and ensuring that it’s loved by drinkers.

Furthermore, they also have to ensure that one cask of wine of the same brand doesn’t take different from the other cask. They taste wines and ensure that tastes, textures and flavours are consistent with a brand and batch. They also develop formulas for new types of wines and monitor those being made.

10. Perfumer


Similar to oenologists, there’s another superb profession, a perfumer. This means you will be testing various substances and finding formulas to make perfumes that people would love. This is a very complex task since it involves knowing the smell of different stuff such as spices, woods, roots, herbs, flowers, chemicals and lots more.

Then, it requires blending skills to get the right notes for a perfume. This is possible only after multiple tests. Once they make a perfume, it is tested in the market before being launched. Nowadays, lots of average Americans opt to make their own perfumes with the help of perfumers at boutiques and perfumeries.

Closing Thoughts

Most of the jobs for persons that hate other people for whatever reasons pay quite high salaries. In fact, such persons are essential for some of the most complicated jobs in the world. Persons who hate others have an advantage: they dedicate themselves fully to their work since they shun socializing. Understandably, some of these jobs require specific educational qualifications. However, others, such as security personnel, can be taken even by a school graduate or high school grad.

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