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Get Paid to be a Friend

Regardless of whether or not we like it, Friendship is vanishing rapidly from our modern life. Blame it on the Internet, TV, or simply our stressful schedules, almost everyone struggles to find a friend with whom they can talk and relax.

At the same time, you might wonder: why do we need friends, especially at a time when we can have enough of them on Facebook and other social media platforms? If we’re working, surely we have colleagues and coworkers. Or, if we have a family, we can spend time with the spouse and kids or parents.

True, we have social media, family and coworkers. However, friends are something very different.

The Importance of Friends

Friendship isn’t something new. It has existed since ancient times. Though there’re no known records, the renowned Greek philosopher Aristotle famously said: “Friendship is the highest form of love. A true friend is one soul in two bodies. Friendship is a slow-ripening fruit.

Furthermore, Aristotle went on to analyze and define different kinds of friendships that existed in ancient Greece at the time. He distinguishes between three kinds of Friendship:

  • Friendship for personal or mutual benefit
  • Friendship due to shared values and thoughts
  • Friendship for personal or mutual pleasure

The holy scripture of the Jews, the Torah, states: “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity. (Proverbs 17:17)”.

The Holy Bible is full of verses where Jesus Christ addresses his 12 apostles or disciples as ‘friends’. In fact, at the Last Supper, the Bible records Jesus Christ as saying: “I do not call you servants any longer, because the servant does not know what the master is doing; but I have called you friends because I have made known to you everything that I have heard from my Father. (John 15:15).”

It’s well known that in the ancient Hindu text, the Mahabharata, Arjun of the five Pandava princes considered Lord Krishna as his personal friend and mentor. The friendly but wisdom-laden dialogue between the two on the Kurukshetra battlefield is recorded as the holy scripture of the Hindus, the Srimad Bhagavad Gita.

These examples clearly highlight the importance of Friendship in our lives from a practical as well as a spiritual angle.

In fact, friends are important because they give you a much-needed sense of belonging in this modern world, where we’re forced to live in near isolation. Friends add spice to our lives by keeping us company in our good times and bad times. They encourage us to do something and warn us if we’re going wrong. A true friend is like a pillar in our life.

Male Friends or Female Friends?

Since friends play an important role in our lives, the question arises whether we should have male friends or female friends. The obvious answer would be for men to have male friends and for women to have female friends. That’s because men might find it easier to speak sensitive issues with another man while a woman might prefer to speak openly with a woman.

However, this age-old myth is false. In fact, there’re countless cases where a man and woman have an excellent friendship that doesn’t culminate into amorous or intimate relationships.

Friends from the Same Culture

It’s also a myth that friends should be from the same place and culture. As a matter of fact, my best friend is a woman from Europe while I live in Asia. When we met, there wasn’t any common ground between us. However, over more than 35 years later, we’re superb friends and going strong. In fact, we have lived and supported one-another through the toughest times and had the best of fun during happier days.

Personally, I found that friends from different countries and cultures are often the best. They can present a totally different view, angle or perspective about something that makes us look at things with new eyes. Trust me, such new perspectives can sometimes lead to amazing breakthroughs because they help us think outside the box.

Therefore, you, too, can have friends from different countries and cultures, both online and offline. However, be sensitive to cultural differences.

Psychological Impact of Friendship

Finally, modern day psychology also emphasizes on the importance of Friendship during our times. It says that loneliness can lead to severe mental problems including stress, anxiety and depression. Left untreated, these can develop into more serious psychiatric disorders with long-term effects such as personality disorders.

All these can simply be avoided by having friends or at least, single yet genuine and unflinching friend. Understandably, our hectic schedules and other demands on our time make it impossible to socialize with a friend or friends daily. However, it is indeed possible for each of us to take some time off, at least on weekends, to enjoy with friends. Or, we could communicate with them over phone too.

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Getting paid to be a Friend

This is where the importance of paid friends come. These figures might shock you: about 60 percent of all adult Americans suffer from loneliness, according to a report by the reputed Mayo Clinic. This means, a large chunk of the US adult population is prone to suffering from psychiatric ailments including stress, anxiety and depression, over a span of time.

However, the facility to now get paid friends can protect a lot of people from loneliness and the risk of stress, anxiety and depression. As a matter of facts, there’re countless examples where paid friend and their customers have become genuine and true-life friends. They are now happy in their lives.

Therefore, if you believe that selling your Friendship or getting paid to be a friend is something strange or undesirable, think again. In fact, by getting paid to be a friend, you would be helping someone shirk off that feeling of loneliness and boredom and bringing some joy into their lives. By selling your Friendship, you’re actually preventing such lonely people from psychiatric problems.

And of course, you’re making money too.

So, how to get paid to be a friend? Continue reading. In this article, I will talk about various websites and platforms as well as other details on how to get paid to be a friend and earn some money while helping lonely people.

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15 Top Websites To Get Paid to Be a Friend

Considering that 60 per cent of all adult Americans feel lonely and want to find a friend or companion, you can well imagine the demand for your Friendship. If you’re seriously interested in getting paid to be a friend, it’s fairly simple. However, selling your Friendship isn’t easy by any means, I will caution you. It entails some effort from you as well.

However, here are some websites and apps that could help you get started to get paid to be a friend.

1. Rent a Friend


The name that emerges on top of the websites and apps to get paid to be a friend is Rent a Friend. This website operates in the US and is available in a lot of other countries, too. You can simply click on the Join Now button to sell your Friendship. The next steps include filling in some of your personal details and a picture. Quote your price for the Friendship and await clients.

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2. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

While Facebook is the topmost social networking website in the world, its feature, Facebook Marketplace, is an excellent destination to get paid to be a friend. All you have to do is create a simple profile and post it with your photo and price on Facebook Marketplace. Since Facebook Marketplace displays the ad within a radius of 100km from your location, chances are that you will find someone nearby that wants to rent your Friendship.

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3. Rent a Local Friend

Rent a Local Friend

Rent a Local Friend boasts of having over 2,500 members that get paid to be a friend. Their website further claims that they have friends available in some 575 cities, and their services are utilized by some 110,000 clients.

That’s because Rent a Local Friend isn’t any ordinary service. It allows travellers to find local friends who know the place and its nuances. If you’re familiar with your city, can drive around, and have knowledge about various tourist attractions, you can become a friend of travellers.

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Basically, isn’t an exclusive platform for getting paid to be a friend. Instead, it’s one of the largest marketplaces for freelance work. At the same time, you can create a profile and sell your Friendship through

They have a section where you can work as a freelancer that sells their Friendship. Joining is simple- enter your email, create a password and confirm and write an amazing profile of yourself. Whenever anyone is interested in buying your Friendship, an alert will appear in your email.

5. Rent a Cyber Friend

Rent a Cyber Friend

As the name suggests, this website specializes in providing online Friendship to lonely women and men. To become a cyber friend, you’ll have to join as a member of their friendship community. Once your application is successful, you’ll have to await clients.

Generally, Friendship through this website is by online chats and Internet-based calls only. Whether or not to allow video calls is your choice. Through this website, you can find clients in the US and abroad and get paid to be a friend.

6. is one of the largest platforms in this genre of intimate talk and paid Friendship. This website accepts both women and men as members of its online friendship community. They also retain your anonymity, provided you too, take certain steps in that direction.

A word of caution. As a paid friend on, you’re expected to speak about intimate and steamy stuff rather than the usual talk about work, home and hobbies. This website is for persons that are unable to strike intimate friendships.

7. Fiverr


Yet another freelancing platform that allows you to become a paid friend is As the name suggests, Fiverr here means $5. You can sell any service for a starting price of $5 only.

However, that doesn’t mean that you would be making only $5 by selling Friendship. Instead, you can earn a lot more by including add-on or value-added services for an extra fee. On, you get to decide how much cash a client will pay for your online Friendship.

8. My

If you’re a woman of 25 years of age or older, working as an online pal on My might feel attractive. Here, you can earn as much as $75 per hour or more, depending upon the nature and location of your customer. This website is strictly for adult chats and intimate talks as friends.

Therefore, think twice before you enroll, since you might wish to avoid such talks with perfect strangers. My operates from the UK and has quite a large following in the US too. This is a legit website, despite the nature of paid friendship it offers.

9. Friend PC

Friend PC

Friend PC is an interesting website. Here, you can find a life coach, virtual friend, virtual gamer or virtual girlfriend. You can choose what role you wish to pay and get paid for your Friendship. The website is quite simple and easy to use.

Upon registering with your email ID, create a password and a super profile. Remember, more people are attracted and will pay for your online mentorship or Friendship if your profile is attractive enough. Upload a recent picture and await friends online.

10. is a website where you can get paid to be a friend. Or rather, a real-life friend by working as a sugar baby. This website welcomes applications from women and men, provided you meet certain conditions. Working as a sugar baby is very profitable.

You get to go to horribly expensive places such as restaurants and boutiques and enjoy for free with your sugar daddy or sugar momma. Additionally, you’ll get lots of freebies from them, such as expensive clothes and gadgets, among others. And it doesn’t end there. As a sugar baby, you will get a lot of hard cash, too, as you pay for being an online and offline friend.

11. Premium Chat

Premium Chat

If you’re looking for more money from online friendships, try Premium Chat. This website has facilities where you can select the themes on which you wish to make online pals and chat. For example, if you love playing Minecraft games, enrol on that segment to find like-minded women and men.

Premium Chat is open only for persons that are above 18 years. The website has members from the USA and elsewhere, too. I am unsure about how much you get paid to be a friend through Premium Chat. However, reviews suggest that you can earn up to $300 per week.

12. has one bold and honest motto: “Where romance meets finance.” This is impressive and direct enough to both you and the person seeking online Friendship. You can exchange romantic Friendship for financial freedom.

This website is ideal if you wish to get paid to be a friend by working as a sugar baby. This is a premium website that attracts well-heeled and wealthy sugar daddies and sugar mammas. Therefore, you can make a lot of money by being friends online and offline.

13. Papa


Papa is yet another website where you can connect with older people and make some money by being an online friend. In many cases, online Friendship also blossoms, and people meet offline too. This is an ideal app for students who wish to meet older people, most of whom are professionals in their respective fields of work.

Here, you can make money by giving your Friends online through chats, calls and video calls and by meeting people offline, too. This isn’t a sugar baby website.


If you’re not shy and don’t have any reservations about long, steamy and intimate chats, could prove to be an ideal website. There’re reports that women who use and offer their online Friendship, earn as much as $1,500 per month, though I am unable to confirm this independently.

The pattern of customers of this website is common. If they like your hot chats, they will become your friends and connect with you almost daily. The chat is charged at $0.60 per second. So, you can imagine the money that can be made by offering your Friendship. The website ensures your total anonymity, meaning the friend doesn’t learn your real identity and location unless you leak it out.


Regardless of our age and gender, most of us love casual flirting. That’s exactly what is all about. It allows women and men to flirt with you online. Your real identity and location, however, remain a secret unless you choose to reveal them to the online friend. enables lonely people to connect with like-minded women and men and have some intimate talk.

You can also offer ordinary chats and later, move further to steamy ones. This website isn’t about building relationships. Instead, it’s about helping lonely and coy people to overcome inhibitions over intimacy. Hence, they allow one-on-one intimate talks up to a limit.

Safety Issues of Apps and Websites

The above 15 websites are the best if you wish to sell Friendship and make some quick money. In all cases, including the sugar baby websites, Friendship begins with mere online chatting, calls or video chats before you can meet in person. In steamy chat websites, your identity remains a secret and at your discretion. Generally, people use pseudonyms for such websites.

Overall, these websites are safe and secure. That’s because they don’t want to face expensive lawsuits arising out of the leak of personal information of their members and online chat community. In some rare cases, women and men offering paid chat services have chosen to reveal their true identities and locations to enter real-life relationships. That’s your personal choice.

Legitimacy of These Websites

My research proves that all these websites are legit and work under the existing laws of the US and their host countries. If you’re in doubt, I suggest that you read their terms of use and privacy policy, as well as FAQs to clear any doubts. There’re also online reviews of most of these websites that you could read.

At the same time, beware of some apps and websites that appear genuine but, instead, are phishing traps. Here, you could fall prey to phishing and identity theft. Always check online reviews about the website and its payment policies. If you have any doubts, I suggest that you don’t register on that website.

Never divulge personal details such as bank account, credit card numbers, phone number, address and location, workplace, real identity and age or other stuff that could be useful for tracing you.

Income by Selling Friendship

There’re vague estimates available on how much money you could earn by selling Friendship on such websites. Some websites reportedly pay between $60 and $350 per week, depending on the total length of all your chats and calls. This is counted in terms of minutes you spent chatting or calling online with the customer.

The customer or person buying your online Friendship pays more than what you get. The website charges its usage fees from the customer. However, you might have to bear expenses such as cash transfer fees on PayPal or to your bank account or debit card account. Some websites, such as, usually charge a percentage of your earnings as their commissions. They charge between five per cent and 20 per cent of your income, which is debited.

In Conclusion

For students, stay-at-home moms, single moms, and men with free time, getting paid to be a friend is an ideal way to earn money on the sidelines of your job. However, you wouldn’t really be able to make a living by working for these websites.

Sugar babies, on the other hand, might be able to earn a decent living and even pay college fees with their income. Steamy chatters might find themselves in and out of demand suddenly. Join one of these websites for a trial and continue if you like what you’re doing.

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