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remote jobs no experience no degree

Remote jobs are quite common nowadays. You can find myriad remote jobs on any job board or LinkedIn or even Facebook Marketplace and company websites. Depending on the time you wish to work, it’s possible to take a full-time remote job or part-time one. Obviously, this would also be decided by the amount of money that you wish to earn from any remote job.

Usually, most jobs require some degree or experience. However, there are countless remote jobs that neither need a degree nor experience. Furthermore, such remote jobs are available easily.

If this sounds interesting and you would like to do a remote job without degree or experience, continue reading. In this article, I will guide you about such remote jobs and their benefits. Let’s start by knowing some of the advantages or benefits that come with a remote job.

Benefits of a Remote Job

The greatest benefit of a remote job is that you can work from home or any other location. All you would need is a computer, a reliable and high-speed Internet connection and, a cellphone for various uses. That means, you can work online and remotely by spending a few hours daily, even if you’re on vacation to some exotic place or visiting somewhere for any purpose.

Remote jobs also make it possible for you to work for more than one employer. Obviously, this depends on the time and skills you possess as well as the demand for your nature of work in the job market.

There’re countless remote workers that work for more than one employer or even multiple employers. In simple terms, this translates as higher income, though it also means exerting extra effort. Yet, the returns aptly justify the efforts.

Finally, lots of remote jobs provide flexible work hours. That means you can work anytime during the day, according to own convenience. This allows enough time for personal and household tasks. Such an arrangement suits women with kids that need to juggle their time between work and domestic tasks.

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Tweaks to do Remote Jobs

As you can see, there are several benefits that remote jobs offer. It eliminates the stress of daily commutes and in some cases, the need to adhere to strict schedules or even groom oneself to attend office.

However, doing a remote job isn’t as easy as you might wrongly assume. Instead, it does take a lot of effort, especially if you don’t have any degree or experience in any stated field.

Therefore, here are some tweaks that could help you do a remote job without any degrees or experience.

  • Leverage your skills and hobbies in the absence of degrees and experience. Often, skills replace experience and degrees. You could also use your hobbies to perform remote jobs.
  • Take an online course to fine-tune your skills while working on remote jobs. Learning newer skills and upgrading existing ones could ensure that you don’t get redundant in the fiercely competitive job market that exists nowadays.
  • Find what others who are doing the same kind of remote jobs are offering to employers. The degree or experience doesn’t matter as long as you can provide a similar or better deal to any employer. Knowing about skills can help you apply for the right remote jobs.
  • Know the prevailing pay scales for your remote job. This is important because you’re not doing a remote job as a charity. You could learn a lot about pay scales for remote jobs by reading salary reviews or offers on job boards and LinkedIn, and
  • Highlight only the skills you’re adept. Never fudge your application or Resume because that could cause you to lose a job if the employer runs a background check. Never offer a particular skill if you don’t possess it or are unsure it’s sufficient for the job.
  • Check the website of the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to find out the scope and demand for the type of remote job you’re considering. That could give a better picture of what to do to secure your future work in any specific field or diversify to another if needed.

The above points make it amply clear that you’ll require a lot of preparations before venturing to find a remote job without a degree or experience. However, such preparations are vital if you wish to succeed at remote jobs despite lacking experience or a strong educational degree.

Best Remote Jobs without Degree & Experience

Now let’s look at some of the best remote jobs without degree and experience. Before proceeding, here’s something you should bear in mind. The competition to get such remote jobs without degree and experience is intense and fierce.

At the same time, the best part of remote work is that you could do two different types of jobs during the day with each one from a different field. That helps you diversify your skill offerings and boost income too.

1. Content Writer

remote jobs no experience content writing

A content writer can earn a lot of money by either working freelance, on hourly pay basis or for an employer. This job is usually remote unless some large corporation hires you for work from office.

Content writing is a skill that doesn’t depend on any degree or experience. It’s all about churning out well-researched, engaging, interesting and actionable content, usually for online usage. You have to research on topics, arrange relevant stuff and write content according to the client’s specs.

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2. Culinary Trainer

remote jobs no experience culinary training

If you’re adept at a specific cuisine such as Indian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, South American or any other, offer your skills to teach cooking such food to others. You could do this online by conducting classes over software such as Zoom or Google Meet or even create your own course with videos and text.

This task doesn’t require degrees or experience though your skills matter a lot. After all, nobody wants to cook horrible-tasting food. If you’re from any specific ethnic community and would like to teach people how to cook food from native cuisine, this is your opportunity to get rich fast.

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3. Transcriptionist

remote jobs no experience transcriptionist

Transcriptions are tasks that involve going through large amounts of audio or visual or even printed data and creating short summaries for digital storage and easy recall. There are several types of transcriptions, the most common being medical, legal, entertainment, financial, educational and business, among others.

These tasks require no degrees or experience. You simply have to find relevant points from raw data and create transcripts.

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4. Phone Sex Operator

remote job no experience phone operator

Don’t baulk at this job of a Phone Sex Operator or PSO. This is a remote job that needs no degree or experience. And you can earn as much as $500 or more by working eight hours. That works to a whopping $15,000 per month.

That’s because clients generally pay around $1 to $5 for a minute of chat if you’re really good at giving a steamy talk to callers. You’ll have to enrol with a company that provides intimate chatting services to clients. Your name and location as well as photos and other details remain secret.

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5. Rental Friend

remote job no experience rental friend

America is suffering from a loneliness pandemic with as high as 60 per cent to a staggering 89 per cent of the population having no friends or anyone to talk with and destress. This is where rental friends come in.

These people will pay to chat or have audio or video calls with you like a friend. The pay differs according to the website that you join for such remote work without a degree or qualifications. Age also doesn’t matter as long as you’re able to empathize with the lonely client.

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6. Customer Care Executive

remote jobs no experience customer service

Companies such as Amazon hire several customer care executives to attend to queries from shoppers. Generally, customer care executives have two tasks: attending to complaints while pacifying aggrieved customers or, answering questions on products and services.

This job requires no degrees or experience. It needs only a pleasant voice and telephone or online chat etiquette. There are two types of customer care executives, one that provides support through online chats and others, on the telephone. This is a superb and easy remote job for you.

7. Virtual Assistant

remote jobs no experience customer service

A Virtual Assistant or VA as they’re known, perform secretarial tasks for their employer. This can depend on each employer. Some need your services only to update their own social media pages while others could hand you admin tasks such as filing, fixing appointments and keeping tabs on income and outflows, to name a few.

Basically, VA jobs involve everything that a real-life office assistant and secretary would do. Your employers would normally be high-net-worth individuals who wish to maintain some secrecy over their business dealings and other stuff.

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8. Data Entry Clerks

remote jobs no experience data entry clerk

Data entry clerks are required in large numbers in the US and also elsewhere. This is a hectic job but one that doesn’t need degrees or experience. The task is simple: you’ll be gleaning the necessary data from sources such as paper forms and files or audio and video sources, among others.

The gleaned data is then to be entered in a proper format on templates provided by the employer. Generally, employers set daily targets for data entry clerks. This means, you might have to fill a hundred or more templates with data you get from the provided sources. Usually, the targets are realistic and set according to the time you would work.

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Graphics Designer

remote jobs no experience graphic designer

Generally, graphic designers are art school graduates. They combine creativity and the skills acquired at art schools to create amazing designs and graphics, according to specs of any client. However, it’s easy for you to work as a graphic designer if you’re highly creative but don’t have a degree or experience.

That’s because there’re several Artificial Intelligence based designing tools that you could use to provide graphic designs. These AI tools work on your word prompts. Meaning, you describe a design you want and the AI tool creates one accordingly. You can give countless prompts till you have a design that meets your customer’s needs.

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Remote Security Personnel

remote jobs no experience security personnel

Did you know there’s a high demand in the US for remote security personnel? Yes, women and men can both work as remote security personnel for a security company.

The task involves monitoring live feeds from cameras installed at homes or offices or even industrial installations, among other places. Should you detect some unusual activity, it’s your duty to respond by alerting the response crew or law enforcers or others that can tackle the emergency.

Though this job doesn’t require degrees and experiences and you would get some training from an employer, this is a high-stress type of work. You could earn $4,500 per month or more.

Wrap Up

These are some of the best remote jobs that you could take without degree or experience. These jobs depend solely on your skills and the number of hours you’re willing to exert daily. Look for such jobs that require no degree or experience on job boards and other online forums including classifieds websites.

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