Tutor Jobs – How to Become a Home Tutor

More & more people are understanding the need for private home tutor rather than sending their child to group tuition classes. Some year back neither there was good demand for home tutor nor the home tutor were paid so well.

But time has changed now. There is a very big demand for private home tutors and good tutors are paid very well. Depending on your experience, you can get paid anywhere between $100 to $500 per month for 1 hr per day class.

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Who can become a home tutor?

Most of the people think its a job of teachers and they are not qualified to become a tutor. Its completely a misconception as most of the tutors are full timers in this industry. They don’t do anything other than taking private tuitions.

So if you are an educated unemployed, a housewife or any part time job seeker than you can very well become a home tutor.

How to become a home tutor

You need to first check what you can teach as a tutor. Which is your favorite subject you can teach easily. Think of mastering only one subject and try to avoid teaching more subject as if you are not able to answer for some of the question, parents can doubt your effectiveness.

And yes, if you have never taught anyone in the past, try to get more knowledge in a specific subject. E.g. if you are comfortable to teach math up to 10th standard than you can refer math books before applying for a tutor job.

Where to apply for a private home tutor job?

There are number of agencies like Tutor.com who hire tutors and send them to their clients. You can search in Google if you are looking for some local agencies. But you get paid very less if you go through an agency.

Its always a best idea of taking home tuition directly on your own. So you need to put a little bit efforts in order to get a home tuition directly.

You can start using your contacts and ask them if there is any need for any tutor in your subject. You can even ask to circulate your message to their friends. In this way, you can become a known person in your 2 level contacts for taking home tuition.

You can visit nearby schools and meet the teachers and principle because they better know which of their student need a private tuition. They can help you and fix meeting with needy parents.

You can even advertise about you in local newspapers, through brochures, stick the road banners. You can promote online through free classifieds, yellow pages or even Google place. If you need, you can design a blog or website to take this to next level.

Some important points for a good tutor-

  1. Teach only those subject you are expert in.
  2. Try to avoid agencies or middleman as big part of the tuition fee goes to their pocket.
  3. Try to get more than 1 student in 1 class to maximize your profit. You can meet parents and check if there is any requirement for any nearby students.
  4. Fix the tuition fee & payment date in the beginning and clear all the terms.
  5. If you are looking for 1 more home tuition than look something near to your existing tuition place or near to your home.


  1. I start home tutor job n i have 2 years experience in academic n good in maths, chemistry,english

  2. I am a teacher for Islamic studies I have been teach the Holy Quran’s lesson for last 10 years I am graduate in Islamic studies & Education , I have been teach the students at home and in a private schools too.so I want to be a online teacher in my favorite subjects

  3. I have a great experience in teaching maths and want to start home tution so i can utilise my knowledge and skills by educating students. Just answer me how could i start with your kind help

  4. hi all looking for private tutions at home for primary section.if any body is interested piease let me know

  5. I am a Educator, and trust me it is a blooming business and also you help children of the new era to grow and flourish, I believe knowledge if shared will increase … Thank You

  6. Very informative post. The tips at the end are really useful. I will try for home tuition in maths. Thanks a lot.

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