Best 10 Side Hustles with No Experience

Ashwin Honawar

Best 10 Side Hustles with No Experience in 2024

Ongoing armed conflicts around the world are triggering a growing sense of despondency in the US and around the world. There are alarming projections of the gargantuan US economy running into the doldrums and the effects cascading globally. These fears aren’t frivolous by any etalon.

Instead, they’re based on various facts such as soaring fuel prices, slump in consumer confidence levels and other factors.

In the face of such a contingent scenario, any prudent woman or man would be highly inclined to create a bulwark against any financial exigencies that any economic turmoil typically ushers.  

Hence, any prescient action such as finding a side hustle, could serve as a hedge against potential vicissitudes of the economic landscape, ensuring a continued solvency of your financial position.

Should you be one of those fearing joblessness or need some extra cash for some expense, I would encourage you to take a superb side hustle. And there’s no need to worry about inexperience in any field. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of side hustles that you can take without any experience.

Additionally, side hustles could also provide you with myriad intrinsic and extrinsic benefits. What are these benefits? Let’s explore.

Benefits of Side Hustles

Firstly, the pursuit of financial security is an ineluctable feature of every human: a primordial drive intricately woven into the fabric of our existence. You can fulfil this existential yearning to attain financial security and stability by taking a side hustle, regardless of having little or no experience in any specific field.

Secondly, we’re all allured by consumerism. Unfortunately, the harsh realities of our personal financial exigencies often force us to relinquish our desires.

Savings could feel like a Sisyphean task and the pile of unfulfilled desires could appear unsurmountable. In such scenarios, a lucrative side hustle could help us to fulfil those yearnings and provide a sense of financial empowerment.

And finally, an aptly chosen side hustle, albeit sans experience, could emancipate you from the abyss of poverty to the halcyon state of financial security, leading onwards to financial freedom.

What’re these 10 side hustles? Continue reading.

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10 Best Side Hustles without Experience

Getting down to brass tacks, here are the top 10 side hustles that don’t really require any prior experience. Before enumerating these, here’s something to remember: side hustles work if you work. Persistence and consistency are bywords that could define success at any side hustle.

1. Online Friendship

Online Friendship

America is facing a loneliness pandemic of sorts. While 22 per cent of women and men of all ages feel constantly lonely, about 30 per cent feel they’re lonely on weekends.

Whopping 33 per cent of Americans suffer regularly from a sense of loneliness. Such loneliness has several paradigms ranging from the inability to make friends or being shunned by others, to low self-esteem or even introversion.

Left untreated, loneliness could develop into a serious psychiatric illness requiring long-term therapy. However, this is where you could help. Offer to become a friend online to persons seeking companionship.

You could earn $0.10 per minute or up to $50 per hour. The task involves chatting with your “friend” online or talking over the phone, video calls or mere texting. Sign up with websites that provide such services to become an online friend as a side gig.

2. Language Tutoring

Language Tutoring

This side gig doesn’t actually involve teaching a language. Instead, you would merely have to chat with a person in English or any other language in which you have native-level fluency.

This enables your student to pronounce words in the right way and develop an accent that’s essential to speaking a different tongue. Understandably, you’ll have to point out recurring errors that could cause some levels of frustration.

However, language tutoring doesn’t require any experience. It pays you about $60 per hour depending on the platform you enrol for sharing the skills. and are two fabulous resources to find customers for your language tutoring.

The other advantage is that you get to work flexible hours from the comfort of your home. The only requirement is that you should possess native fluency in that language.

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3. Hosting with Airbnb

Hosting With Airbnb

Do you have a spare room to let out? Register as a host on Airbnb and start accepting guests on your premises. This is a side hustle that can fetch you lots of money, depending on the location of your house and season.

It doesn’t require any experience or skills. As a matter of fact, millions of people around the world are earning tens of thousands of dollars by playing host on Airbnb.

Register on Airbnb as a host and display superb snapshots of the room or apartment or any other residential premises you’ll provide on short-term leases to guests. Write a fabulous, attractive description of your property and mention the amenities that guests could avail.

Airbnb provides lots of support to its hosts including insurance against damages and accidents to the guests and your property or belongings.

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4. Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex

As the name suggests, Amazon Flex comes from Amazon. It’s a program that allows you to deliver orders to customers on behalf of Amazon. To register, simply download the Amazon Flex app, complete and submit their online form.

To become an Amazon Flex partner, you should own a vehicle and a valid driving license with a clean road safety record. Also, Amazon runs an employee background check before onboarding you for the program.

One they onboard, you can select time slots for delivering stuff to customers. This can range from anything such as toys and stationery to liquor and gourmet food or even fresh produce and meat.

Amazon pays $25 per hour for its Flex members. Additionally, you can get tips from happy customers. Each delivery slot is for four hours only and you can select those suited for your time.

5. DoorDash


Delivering for DoorDash requires no experience. You’ll be delivering food parcels, groceries and medicines to customers from designated restaurants, supermarkets, delicatessens, liquor stores and pharmacies.

You can join DoorDash by downloading and applying through their eponymous app or website. Once they accept you as a fleet member, their app will alert you about any upcoming deliveries in your vicinity.

DoorDash pays $18 per hour or depending on your location and the distance between a customer and the store where they place an order. At some locations, you could earn as much as $30 per hour.

Sometimes, you might bag a tip from some happy customer, which is yours to keep. You can decide the timings or schedule when you wish to do deliveries for DoorDash, according to your convenience.

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6. Woof & Rover

Woof & Rover

If you love pets, notably dogs, sign up on Woof or Rover. These are two apps that operate across America and provide side hustles as pet sitters and pet walkers.

Generally, they will provide these jobs in the vicinity of your residence or at a location of your choice. Most pet walkers take more than one canine for a round. This helps them multiply their income. They also do more than one round.

However, this job requires astute dog-handling skills. That’s because dogs are prone to being excited when they see their feral cousins and could break away from the leash to chase them or for play.

Also, you’ll have to observe all community guidelines such as picking up after the pets and other such tasks. This is a superb side hustle that could earn you lots of money if you’re comfortable with pets.

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7. Intimate Calls

Intimate Calls

Women who can speak steamy stuff and keep callers engaged might find the side hustle of handling intimate calls very rewarding. In fact, some such call handlers make as much as $500 per day.

This side gig is also known as Phone Sex Operators, in unembellished terms. And that’s exactly what you’ll be doing. However, the bright side of this side hustle is the company you work with keeps your identity and location a closely guarded secret.

Unless you disclose your identity or location and your video or photo, nobody will learn you’re a PSO.

There’re companies that enroll PSOs after stringent testing. Primarily, they look for women who can get creative during steamy conversations with men and keep them hooked to prolong the call.

That’s because the duration of the call decides your pay. You can get anything between $0.60 and $5 per minute per call. Some PSOs have a dedicated following, meaning, the same clients will request to speak with you and pay more for the talk.

8. Handyperson


There are apps such as Task Rabbit that you can download and register to work as a handyperson. Usually, Task Rabbit provides short, handyperson jobs that require almost no skills and zero experience.

These tasks would range from help in moving house or doing odd tasks around the house or office, including janitorial work.

Once your registration on Task Rabbit is successful, keep the location services on your cellphone switched on. That way, the app displays handyperson jobs nearby, that you could take.

When anyone needs help for odd jobs, they post their requirements on Task Rabbit. If you wish to take the task, click and accept it on the app. You’ll get detailed directions to reach the place of the customer.

Once there, you’ve to complete the tasks requested by the customer. In return, the customer pays the app directly. A customer can also add tips, if they wish. Task Rabbit pays you the full amount of money- for labor and tips. You can ask a payout on Wednesday or Saturday.

9. Multilevel Marketing

Multilevel Marketing, also known as MLM or network marketing doesn’t need any experience. Instead, you’ll require a large social circle. That’s because MLM companies sell their products to and through your social network.

This means, that the more you socialize, the better your prospects of striking it rich. There’re countless companies that provide MLM opportunities. These include companies such as Herbalife which makes herbal nutritional supplements to Avon, is reputed for cosmetics and Tupperware for kitchenware, among others.

There are also financial companies that operate through MLM but we are careful about these because some are sheer scams.

The first step towards taking MLM as a side hustle involves registering on their website. Research on MLM companies operating in the US and submit a completed application form. These companies hold online and offline training sessions for their aspiring associates.

You might get a few dollars for attending these sessions, depending on the company. Upon onboarding, you’ll have to promote the company’s products to your social network and grow it to find more leads and clients.

MLM companies usually sell their products at a suggested price. You will get a special price as the associate and you have to sell at a price that’s near the suggested one, to make profits.

 Online Surveys, Games and Ads

Online Surveys, Games And Ads

There are dozens of websites that pay you some money to complete online surveys, play games or watch ads. These include Swagbucks, InboxDollars and Nielsen Computer Panel, to name a few.

To become a member of their paid online survey community, register on their websites. Once you’re registered, they’ll send you emails alerting you about any new online surveys available for your area and based on your interests. Once you complete a survey successfully, the website will reward you with points that are worth cash.

You can add more points to your account by playing video games or watching ads and doing other motley tasks such as responding to questions from users and the community.

Generally, you can seek a payout when there are points worth $5 on the account. While some online survey websites pay cash through PayPal, wire transfers or checks, others reward you with shopping vouchers for stores such as Walmart, Target, Kohl’s or Amazon, to name a few.

Remember, online surveys won’t make you rich. They will only help you to marginally reduce some household expenses.

Wrap Up

You could use one or more of these side hustles and create a buffer against inflation, unemployment or even economic downturns that could obliterate any savings.

Most people have at least two side hustles- one online and the other, offline, to augment their incomes. Therefore, select according to your needs.

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