5 Best Ways to Make Money Crocheting? Best Crochet Items to Sell

Stay-at-home moms and single moms as well as lots of senior women often ask me this question: How to make money crocheting? And, are these any best crochet items to sell?

My answer to both is questions is yes, there’s lot of money to be made from crocheting and there’re plenty of best crochet items to sell.

But it’s not only moms and senior women that’re now taking up crocheting business. Lots of teenagers and men are also finding this craft very useful for different purposes. Let’s explore why crocheting is useful and later move on to finding how to make money crocheting.

Make Money Crocheting

Popularity of Crocheting

Crocheting is something that we would usually associated with grandmas, expectant moms and women that had no other form of entertainment. To some extent, this was true. However, the 1990s and 2000s brought about a sea change in the world of crocheting.

As more and more people began experiencing evil effects of work and domestic stress, psychiatrists and mental health counselors began exploring benefits of creative and relaxing activities.

Crocheting ranks among the topmost relaxing and stress busting activity since it involves making creative designs and complex weaving of wool, cotton, nylon and other fibers of different colors.

With crocheting material becoming readily available from online stores and lessons from YouTube and other resources, the hobby is now becoming immensely popular among people that want to bust stress as well as women and men looking at making a decent income from home.

How to Make Money Crocheting

This brings us back to the main question: how to make money crocheting? Actually it isn’t all that difficult. I’ll discuss five different ways that may help you make money crocheting.

1. Sell Crochet Items

The simplest way to make money crocheting is by selling crochet items. There’re several ways to sell crochet items. One of them is online. Amazon as a feature known as Amazon Handmade.

This is a special service for any craftsperson that wishes to sell handmade stuff online. Then we have online marketplaces such as Etsy and Shopify where you can open own online store. And of course, we have Facebook Marketplace too.

There’re ways to sell crochet items offline too. The first way is to sell through your social network. A lot of people look for excellent crochet items that’re useful as dress accessories, home décor, table adornments and gifts.

You can also sell crochet items at community gatherings and other social events. Or open a shop at your home to sell crochet items.

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2. Teach Crocheting

As I mention earlier, crocheting is an excellent stress buster that many mental health counselors recommend. Therefore, you’ll find a ready market for crocheting courses, if you’re willing to teach this fine skill.

You’ll definitely find that it’s not only women but also lots of working men that are willing to learn crocheting. This is one superb way to make money from crocheting.

Again, you’ve two options: online courses and offline courses. If you opt for offline courses, it’s possible to host a class at your home or garden. Or you can visit the places of your students to hold classes.

And if you wish to teach online, create a wonderful course to sell on Udemy and other platforms, where people look for developing all sorts of skills. Another online option is to hold live classes and demos by video conferencing and webinars.

3. Open a Crocheting Blog

Maye you’re unaware that there’s a lot of money to be made by blogging. Since you have some knowledge of crocheting, open a wonderful blog on this topic. Write your personal experiences, different kinds of materials and designs and almost everything you know about crocheting.

Nowadays, opening a professional blog doesn’t really cost much. Depending upon the type of domain name and hosting, you can open a wonderful blog for just $99 per year.

You can also do affiliate marketing for various companies and online stores that offer crocheting material to earn a side income from your blog. And sell crochet items through your blogsite too.

Read a good tutorial on how to start a blog and find out what’re the resources you’ll require to become a successful blogger. Google AdSense allow you to make money from your blog.

4. Open Crocheting YouTube Channel

Similar to blogging, you can also start vlogging about crocheting by opening own YouTube channel. All you require is a camera for creating the videos. In fact, the camera on your mobile phone can also be enough to make superb, interesting videos that can engage your audience.

Basic video editing tools are available free or for a small monthly fee online. You can make these videos yourself or seek someone’s help to shoot them with your camera.

Making money from a YouTube channel about crocheting is also possible, thanks to Google AdSense. In fact, most celebrity YouTubers are millionaires because they teach people something or the other.

If you can teach people a lot of interesting things about crocheting, the YouTube channel can actually make you a celebrity YouTuber, if you exert extra efforts in the right direction.

5. Make Crocheting Decals

If you’re already crocheting, you’ll surely know how important is decals and patterns for any veteran or fresher to this skill. These decals and patterns help them create amazing crochet items and provides inspiration to create own designs.

And these decals and patterns sell like hot cakes at offline and online stores that sell crocheting goods.

To make crocheting decals and patterns, you’ll need excellent drawing and illustration skills. You can print these decals at home or enlist the help of a professional printer, depending on where you’ll be selling them.

For example, you may need professional printers if you wish to sell these decals on Amazon and eBay for example. However, home prints would suffice if you’re selling them locally, as long as you use excellent paper.

More Ways to Make Money Crocheting

While the above five ways to make money crocheting are fairly simple, these aren’t the only ones. There’re couple of more ways too, which I will discuss rather briefly.

  • Start Crocheting Club: A crocheting club can be fun where people with a similar interest gather frequently to socialize and discuss various things about the crochet hobby. You can charge membership fee for joining the club.
  • Crocheting Magazines: There’re two ways to make money from online crocheting magazines. One is by opening own online or print magazine that carries excellent articles from others and you. The second is contributing articles to crocheting magazines.

There’s no shortage of ways to make money crocheting, as you can see. Now let’s see what crochet items you can sell to make money.

Best Crochet Items that Sell

Here’s a small list of best crochet items to sell. Some of them already feature above but I’ll repeat them here along with some others.

  1. Crochet tablemats
  2. Crochet scarves
  3. Crochet bottle covers
  4. Crochet box covers
  5. Crochet curtains
  6. Crochet mittens for babies
  7. Crochet bracelets
  8. Crochet mail holders
  9. Crochet newspaper and magazine holders
  10. Crochet handle covers for doors and closets
  11. Crochet decals and patterns
  12. Crochet mufflers

In fact there’s no shortage of crochet items you can sell online and offline. Only your creativity matters. In fact, most crochet sellers on Amazon Handmade take orders and create customized crochet items for discerning customers. Since these are made-to-order crochet items, they make lots of money.

In Conclusion

As you can see, crocheting has two excellent benefits for everyone. Firstly they help relieve your stress by engaging in a creative activity that requires work of hands and some concentration. And secondly, crocheting can help you make a lot of money too. It’s also possible to make money crocheting fulltime or part-time from home, depending upon your needs and time you can invest.

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