Tips on How to Write A Business Letter

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A business letter is a official means of communication between persons or corporations regarding any type of business matter.

The distinction between business and personal letters is that business letters follow strict outlines and are always of a official character and are normally type-written unless otherwise requested.

While personal letters can be written in any way that you prefer and may be handwritten.

The point of a business letter is to tell readers regarding something or to convince them to do something.

Many individuals are scared by business letters however, as long as you know the format in which one ought to be written you will be fine.

There are various formats which can be used when writing a business letter. However, here we will discuss the full block format in which all lines start to the left.

business letter writing tips

As such here is what you will require:

Required Tools

  1. A Computer
  2. A Printer
  3. Pen

Required Materials

  1. Envelopes
  2. Letterhead or Printer Paper
  3. Postage Stamps


A business letter essentially possesses 5 sections, a heading, the date, the opening, the body and the closing. The heading ought to include your name, title and address and be 4-6 lines from the top of the page.

As such you can enter these in on a computer or if you possess a official letterhead which already has this information you can bypass this step.

Type the date 3 lines under the letterhead on the left or right side. The date can be really critical for legal and filing purposes so be sure to include it.

Skip 1 line after typing in the date and move on to your opening; put in the recipients name, title and address.

Skip 2-4 more lines and type in a greeting and the individuals official name followed by a colon such as, Dear Mrs. Smith: for instance. You ought to introduce yourself in the first paragraph if you are writing to someone who does not know you.

In the body of the letter state the aim of the letter – whether to make a complaint, request information, respond to something or to give information about products and services, while being as plain and to the point as you possibly can.

Make any demands you have and include contact information if your letter requires further contact or communication.

A business letter ought to be 1 page or under so do not worry over filling up the complete page. As long as the information is written in an effectual, simple to understand way your objective has been fulfilled.

Skip 2 lines and go on to your closing; here you should thank the reader for his/her time and list what actions – if any will come after the letter.

Finish the letter with Sincerely, Thank you, Best wishes, or some other like ending and bypass about 4 lines and type in the senders (your) name.

Print as many copies of the letter as you require on your letterhead or normal letter-size printer paper if you do not possess a letterhead.

Use a pen to write your signature in the space above the senders name. Fold the letter and place it inside an envelope and write the name and address of the recipient on the outside of the envelope.

If you are writing to a person inside your own company you can hand deliver the letter, if you are mailing it outside the company you will need to place the appropriate amount of postage stamps on the envelope before you can mail the letter.


Ensure that your punctuation, spelling and grammar are faultless in the letter. Read and reread the letter and use a spell-checking program to pick up any errors you might have overlooked. If possible ask a second person to proofread the letter when you are finished with it.

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