How to Sell Handmade Items?

I have always loved making stuff such as crocheting, quilting, glass painting, box making, paper mache, etc. They make great gifts, but sometimes crafts can be made only so quickly because they take up space.

Not only do they take up space, but they cost money and time. A great way to make money, pay for crafts, and make good use of time is to sell those handmade crafts.

Selling crafts is a popular pastime, but it can be tricky. There needs to be demand and a market for those crafts and they need to be priced just right so that people will want to buy them so that the seller can make a profit.

One of the hardest things about selling crafts is getting people to buy. This is because craft projects are often so unique, just the right seller needs to come along. Depending on how obscure your crafts are, you could do great or have trouble.

Yes, it’s possible to make money selling crafts. People do it all the time. The trick is finding something you enjoy doing, make it with amazing and unique quality, and finding the right buyer. Then all you have to do is rinse and repeat or keep selling your bestselling product.

Selling crafts can be a hobby business or it can be a career. It almost always starts out as a hobby before it becomes a career, if it ever does get that big. It’s okay if it never becomes a business or career, as long as you enjoy it and continue to make enough to make it worthwhile.

sell handmade items

Crafts to Make and Sell

Jewelry is probably one of the most popular types of crafts to sell. You can make necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, anklets, hair jewelry, etc. There are also many different styles of jewelry-making including metal art, wood pieces, pendants, beads,etc. If you love jewelry, develop your own style, design pieces, and make them beautiful.

Clothing is another popular craft, although it is more garment than craft. You have to be a good stylist to design clothes people will actually want to buy and wear. Or, at least, you need to be good enough to make them believe they want to buy it and wear it. All crafts take talent and creativity, clothing is just a certain kind of talent and creativity.

Other crafts to sell include scarves, hats, mugs, pictures, pot holders, brooches, greeting cards, napkin holders, dolls, furniture, stuffed animals, needlepoint, woodwork, painting etc. It’s impossible to list every type of craft that can be made and sold. In fact, you might come up with a new craft that will sell well due mostly to its unique creative new style and idea.

Where to Sell Crafts

Crafts have been sold at craft fairs, shows and shops for years. At a craft fair or flea market, you only need to purchase a table to be able to sell your wares.

Look for consignment shops nearby. They will often let crafters sell their products in their shop for a piece of the commission. If you’re really committed and you’ve already successfully sold crafts, you can open your own shop. A craft shop is a hard sell, but it works better in a larger city where more traffic goes through.

The internet has opened up new possibilities for crafters selling their merchandise. You can sell anything you want on, but the best place for those trying to sell crafts is, CraftsVilla, Amazon etc. It is designed specifically for people selling handmade items.

You can set up your own storefront and sell whatever you like. Build a name for yourself and promote your shop at forums and through blogs. Start your own blog to showcase your work and give potential customers another avenue to find your work.


Pricing is entirely relative. To find a price, take into consideration the cost of materials, time spent making it, and demand for the product. You can also look at what other people are asking for similar products, but ultimately you have to think about demand. Don’t under-price your items just because someone else is asking for less if your products are higher quality and have a higher demand. If someone really wants what you make, they’ll pay for it.

With handmade crafts you are not only selling the items, you’re selling your skill and talent. If some values it enough to pay more, it’s worth more.

Handmade items can almost always ask for more money. They are higher quality, unique, and cherished. How often do you hear an item being described with pride as ‘handmade’. People know that ‘handmade’ means ‘better in every way’ whether it really is or not.

Business Expansion and Success

Has your business taken off? Don’t fight it, run with it. Once you find that product line and style that people love, get everything you can from it. If you want to emphasize the limited nature of your product, design only a few of each product and sell them at a premium. “Only for a limited time” gets people to whip out their wallets.

Expand into other territory. If you have great success with necklaces, add earrings. If everyone loves your crocheted afghans, start crocheting scarves and hats. Find a way to expand your business while keeping the heart of what has made you successful.


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