Top 7 Work from Home Jobs

Work from home jobs are the best option if you are looking for ideas to make money in your part time. Although internet is full of scam jobs like online data entry, typing jobs etc. but here we talk about the most genuine work from home jobs where people are working & making real money.

If you are looking for something which is simple & can give you the immediate income then I would advise you to read this article but if you are a practical person & wants to earn by doing some hard work then check out these top 7 work from home jobs. I hope you will start working on at least 1 option from today itself.

work from home jobs

Top 7 Work from Home Jobs

Read everything carefully about these work from home options & decide what & how you want to start. Although you can work on more than one option simultaneously but I would advise you to focus on one option at one time.

Freelancing jobs

Freelancing means a person who is self employed & works for different clients on temporary basis. There are unlimited opportunities to a freelancer. You can find millions of people around the world who can buy your freelancing services.freelancing

You don’t need a degree to start a freelancing job. But yes, if you are working for a client, you must have some skills that you can offer to your client. I mean to say, you must be an expert in some area which people are looking for.

You can work as a freelancer if you are a writer, consultant, legal advisor, web designer, online marketing expert, translator, photographer, programmer, speaker, singer or even anything that you think people will be interested in.

This is one of the best work from home job & majority of the people choose this option. So if you want to start a freelancing job, then there are hundreds of sites where you can signup as a freelancer. Here are top 10 freelancing sites, you can work on. Apart from these freelancing sites, you can also register & add your skills on Fiverr which is again a famous place. You can make full time income from Fiverr alone.

Just follow Freelance Switch a dedicate blog for freelancers where you can find very informative articles on Freelancing.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping again is one of the best work from home option where you work as a mystery shopper for many of the companies in India or other countries (wherever you live).mystery shopping

Here you get paid for shopping as an undercover customer on behalf of many small or big companies. Companies want to know what their customers think while they experience the shopping for their products or services.

You can earn anything between $10 to $100 a day depending on your assignment. You can get paid to try a pizza, shop in a retailer shop in a mall, watch a movie in a multiplex, stay in a hotel, eat in a restaurant etc.

You can apply on a number of mystery shopping sites if you want to work as a mystery shopper. Try sites like,, if you are from India.

You can signup at if you are from USA & if you are from UK.

Home Tuition

Its one of the cool home job if you love teaching. Start teaching to kids below 10th std because its really easy to take tuition between 1st to 9th std student. You can even consider startinghome tuition playgroup as they are becoming very famous & it’s become a norm for parents to admit their  child to play group.

To begin with, you can inform your friends, neighbors & other people in your society that you have opened a home tuitions & you are giving the discount for first few people. Then once people start noticing your home tuitions, you can promote this by giving local ads.

You can advertise in your local cable network, through pamphlet distribution in newspaper, sticking small banner in your colony etc.

You can even hire other home tutors on salary or even on partnership who keep the similar interest like you.


I love it & so millions of people like me. This is my full time business. You can work absolutely from home & earn 4 figure, 5 figure or even 6 figure income through blogging.blogging

A blog is nothing but a website where you write on regular basis. Now what you write depends on you but I will suggest you to write something you are passionate about. Its because of 2 reasons. First is, you won’t get bored in writing about your favorite topic & second you can always find what to write next.

Many people start blogging with great enthusiasm. But because of the 2 problems cited above, people leave blogging. So write what your heart says.

Now the main question is how to earn from blogging? There are multiple ways of earnings through your blog. Once your blog becomes popular, you will receive decent number of visitors & subscribers to your blog.

Now, you can place ads from number of different ad networks like Google AdSense, infolinks, Buy-Sell-Ads etc. You can also earn by selling affiliate products on Amazon, Clickbank etc. You can even create an eBook or sell something else directly to your visitors.

Don’t take blogging lightly. Its becoming very famous in India. Just check the earnings of these top bloggers in India. So if you think, you want to start blogging, just read this blogging guide.

Lunch Delivery Services

This one looks odd with other work from home jobs mentioned here but it has equal potential oflunch delivery service earning good income.

It will be in your favor if you are living in a busy place close to many commercial offices & buildings. Because of the hectic lifestyle, working couples & even bachelors do not prefer to cook at home. Many of the them don’t like to eat at their office canteen because they like the food cooked at home.

If you have some spare time in the morning, you can start lunch delivery service. To advertise this, you can design small handbills & ask someone to deliver these to the people working in the offices. You can even drop these handbills in the letter boxes of the flats nearby you.

I am sure you will get a good response and you can even charge more if people like the taste of your lunch.

Simple Online Jobs

There are number of online jobs to work from home. Some are simple & some are hard but you need to understand each of them before you start earning from them. Although I have written lots of article to explain about different types of simple online jobs but it takes time toonline jobs  understand them.

Most of the people think, they can understand everything today itself & want to see their earning from tomorrow only. If that was so, then why you need 20 years of education even before you get an average job. Take everything that seriously & you will find success everywhere.

So even if these online jobs are simple, take your time to understand everything about them. Visit our website on regular basis & read our updated articles on our blog.

So if you are ready, then check this simple types of online jobs

  1. Get paid to complete simple task on Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk). Although MTurk is very strict for new signups but you can try your luck. Read here about MTurk.
  2. MTurk is nothing but a crowd-sourcing job. There are so many crowd-sourcing sites like MTurk. You have good chance to earn from these sites. Just check these top 10 alternative sites.
  3. Earn money by clicking on ads & receiving SMS. Although its low paying job, but still a good option to work from home if you are sitting idle.
  4. Get paid to complete online surveys. Find here 20 survey sites where you can signup & earn money.

Financial Advisor

This is one of the best idea to start a work from home job. Financial means related to money & advisor means to give guidance to others. So before you start giving guidance, you should have Happy young couple at meeting with a financial plannerknowledge about this.

You can work as an insurance advisor where you need to pass the exam for becoming an insurance agent. You can become an advisor for share market & mutual fund or even for Forex trading. You can become a loan advisor which helps people to take the best loan with easy EMI facilities.

So you can choose which one is better for you & get the knowledge accordingly. Read this article to understand more about financial advisor.

I hope you understood all the work from home jobs explained above. In case, we are missing something or you have some query, you can anytime ask through comments.

And if you liked this article, then just share this so that other can know about these work from home jobs.



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