25 Best Websites for Online Tutoring Jobs (Earn $50/Hour)

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Online Tutor Job

Do you possess any special skills in languages, cracking tough exams, maths and other subjects? Or do you work in some specialized profession and would like to make more money? If you do, it is very easy to make good money from home, by taking online tutoring jobs.

American schools and colleges, as well as corporations, are looking for online tutors in various fields. The Internet now makes it possible for Americans possessing the right skills to tutor online to the students, immigrants, specialized workers or almost anyone.

If this sounds interesting, read on how to become an online tutor. I will list various skills that are in demand in the US and average income. But first, let us understand what is online tutoring.

Online Tutoring Jobs

Online Tutoring Explained

Online tutoring can broadly be defined as imparting one or more skills to learners of all age groups over the Internet.

  • The biggest market for online tutoring is K-12 or Kindergarten to Grade-12.
  • A tutor can be located anywhere in the US or even any part of the world. They use the Internet to give lessons to students who log-in on a specific website.
  • Online tutoring classes range between 25 minutes to 45 minutes duration, depending upon the subject and age of students.
  • Subjects in demand include English, Mandarin Chinese, Maths, Biology and lessons to crack Scholastic Aptitude Test and American College Test.
  • In 2016, the American market for online tutoring stood at $63.57 billion.
  • The market for online tutoring will grow by 12.75 percent per year up to 2021.

Online tutoring market in the US is expected to cross the $120.67 billion mark by 2021, says a study conducted by Technovia– a London based technology market research firm.

Online Tutoring Jobs

Jobs for online tutoring are available in four categories:

  • Students aged 14 and above can take online tutoring jobs under American labour laws.
  • Full-time jobs with online tutoring companies, schools and colleges.
  • Part-time work for online tutoring classes, schools and colleges.
  • Freelance jobs for short duration for specific courses.

There is also another segment of online tutoring jobs for foreign nationals who can tutor students in the US. The scope of this job currently remains limited to learning languages only- mainly Mandarin Chinese (Putonghua) and Japanese.

Best Online Tutoring Websites

Nowadays, it is very easy to find online tutoring jobs. You can register on any good recruitment portal including Glassdoor and Indeed, to name a couple of them.

Additionally, there are several specialized websites that register online tutors and help you find the best online tutoring jobs. We have listed 25 such top websites where you may find online tutoring jobs.

1. Chegg

Chegg ranks among the topmost websites where you can find online tutoring job. In fact, you can find work 24/7 at Chegg. Other than working as a mere tutor, you can also make money by helping students complete their homework and other assignments.

2. Tutor.com

Tutor.com offers one-to-one learning solutions for students and professionals, says its website. Their lessons are live, on demand and online. It has delivered some 14 million one-on-one sessions, their website claims. There are 5 steps to become a tutor on Tutor.com. You can find almost all subjects that you can teach on Tutor.com

3. Brainfuse

Brainfuse hires online tutors. They have some unique online tutor services. Their Adult Learning Center allows adults taking various courses to connect with tutors for learning more on a particular subject as well as assistance in homework and assignments. They also have a special community for US war veterans and their families.

4. Skooli

Skooli is all about family. It has a special feature for parents. At Skooli, parents can select the time for online tutoring for their children. Parents also get an opportunity to chat live with online tutors regarding problems in studies their children face.

5. RevolutionPrep

This is not merely an online tutoring website. It also operates an online finishing school. Called A+ Habits Coaching Program, tutors help students identify their good and bad habits. They train them on ridding bad habits while further developing desirable ones.

6. Landi English

This website primarily teaches English to students in China. As a tutor, you can get the distinct advantage of teaching only a small, selected batch of students. Landi English maintains smaller batches to ensure students get personal attention while tutors are not encumbered by several learners.

7. TutorMe

This is not an ordinary online tutoring website for school students. Instead, they offer a vast range of very complex tutorials such as military science, religious studies, East Asian History and Nuclear Engineering to name a few. It is all about advanced and specialized subjects.

8. TutorVista.com

Is all about science and mathematics. As a tutor, you will have to help students overcome any difficulties they face in learning physics, chemistry, biology and maths. Additionally, they also recruit English language tutors.

9. Pearson

Pearson is all about higher education. If you are professional in fields like psychology, nutrition, anatomy and physiology, statistics, religion and other specialized subjects and can be a good tutor then Sign up with Pearson. They offer professional and vocational development courses.

10. Yup

Proficient in Mathematics, Geometry and Algebra? Sign up and become a tutor with Yup.com. They specialize in tutoring on these complex yet important subjects.

11. Qkids

Sign up on Qkids if you have skills to teach primary students. Qkids pays between $16 to $20 per hour. Each lesson is 30 minutes only. You can set your own work schedule.


Join VIPKID if you can provide American education on a one-on-one basis to school students in China. You can make $14-22 per hour if you perform well in demo lesson. You get paid on 10th or 15th of each payment.

13. First Future

Also specializes in teaching Chinese students. First Future provides fulltime work only. It welcomes American online tutors.

14. Academy Tutors

This is an American company that provides online tutoring to primary and high school students.

15. SuperPROF

This firm has extensive operations in several countries. You can teach almost any skill from the American education system. SuperPROF also welcomes online tutors from other countries. This company provides online tutoring to crack entrance exams, music and various other subjects.

16. Transparent Language

As their brand implies, Transparent Language is all about teaching different languages. The company boasts of training US government officials in foreign tongues too.

17. MagicEars

MagicEars provides fun, interactive and efficient online English learning experiences to children in China aged between four and 12 years. They hire online tutors from USA and Canada holding Bachelor degree or above.

18. Rosetta Stone

Perhaps you are aware, Rosetta Stone is a reputed online language training portal. They hire online tutors that can create lessons in various languages and take one-on-one classes.

19. Compass Education Group

If you can train students how to crack ACT, SAT and other tough competitive exams then become a tutor for these competitive exams at Compass Education Group. They always require online tutors.

20. Edmentum

Anyone with skills in speciality subjects including family and consumer sciences, music appreciation and technology education, among others, can register at Edmentum.com to become an online tutor. Since these are very specialized subjects, you can expect really excellent pay for part-time online work.

21. Wyzant

Wyzant allows its online tutors to select students according to location. You can also opt for one-on-one tutoring or online. As an online tutor on Wyzant, you can also meet the student if they live in your area. Wyzant allows online tutors to fix their own price.

22. Transtutors

You can make $5,000 or more per month as an online tutor with Transtutors. This website enrols online tutors for very specialized courses only. Humanities, writing, sciences, management and economics are some of these specialized courses that online tutors can offer through Transtutors. You will have to pass an online test before becoming a tutor on this website.

23. The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review is all about tutoring students online to crack tough competitive exams such as MSAT, LSAT, GRE and GMAT among others to get admissions to some of the best universities in the US. It also trains its online tutors. This helps you deliver courses with confidence. Additionally, you can make more money by proctoring students- or monitoring time they take to complete a mock entrance exam.

24. TutorEye

TutorEye is for women and men that have previous teaching experience at schools, colleges and other educational institutions. This website verifies your credentials as a tutor before offering you an online tutoring job. TutorEye is ideal for single moms and stay-at-home mothers that have some experience as teachers.

25. Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors calls itself a live learning platform that has over 18,000 registered online tutors. This website helps connect students with online tutors. As a member of Varsity Tutors, you become an independent contractor.  This means you have to create own syllabus and study material. They do not hire online tutors. But their dashboard allows registered users to select students and quote a price for online tutoring. Upon registering, you can download their online tutoring mobile app. This app helps you to tutor students even while on the move.

Online Tutor: Median Income

How much money you can make by working as an online tutor depends upon your educational qualifications and skills.

  • Generally, English language online tutoring jobs fetch between $16 and $20. The fee goes up to $30 if you provide one-on-one lessons to students in a foreign country.
  • Online teachers in the Chinese language make between $20 and $30 per hour. However, you need expert-level fluency and teaching skills in Putonghua for this job.
  • Tutoring online for cracking tough entrance exams fetches you anything from $15 to $30 per hour. This can be a seasonal online tutor job in some locations.
  • Average Base Pay for online tutors in the US on a monthly basis is $24,104 per year. This package does not include perks that can go up to $4,308 per year.
  • Freelance online tutoring jobs pay much higher- about $36,000 per year. However, they are available only for highly specific tutoring for a limited time.

Stepping Up Own Pay

If you are working somewhere and have skills necessary for a career and profession, it is possible to step up your own pay. There are several websites that exclusively offer professional tutoring on very specialized subjects.

These subjects include graphic designing, psychology, nutrition, healthcare, banking processes, data analysis and others. You can register as an online tutor for a school or college subject on one website and make money.

And you can step up own pay by registering as an online tutor for professional courses at another. Indeed, spending a couple of hours on online tutoring jobs daily can help you become rich quickly.

Increase Your Offerings

There are other other ways to make more money as an online tutor. You can create your own lessons and textbooks related to the subject. Online tutoring websites and students are willing to pay more money to the tutors who create own syllabus and textbooks.

Additionally, offer hands-on or practical tutorials online. You can charge extra to cover the cost of materials and extra time you spend on the online classroom.

Personalized or one-on-one coaching usually earns more money than tutoring a classroom of virtual students.

Flipsides: Online Tutoring Jobs

Hourly wages and salaries we mention above should be tempting enough to find online tutor jobs. Before you jump the bandwagon to work as an online tutor, here are some flipsides to consider.

  • Since online tutoring is a booming business, several scammers have also found their way into the market.
  • You may have to stay up at odd hours if you take online tutoring job that involves teaching students in foreign countries.
  • Some online tutoring companies can ask you to create study material without paying extra.
  • If you are planning on working from home, some investing in a good computer, reliable, high-speed Internet connection and software may become inevitable.

Tax Benefits

Inland Revenue Service offers certain tax benefits to online tutors. These depend upon your location and whether you work fulltime, part-time or freelance. Generally, IRS will consider online tutor as self-employed unless you sign a contract with a company.

Look for these tax benefits available for self-employed persons when you file returns. If you are working as a part-time online tutor, you might not get some of these benefits.

For freelancers doing online tutoring jobs, there is a different bracket for taxation, under current IRA rules.

Remember, even students working as online tutors may have to pay taxes. If in doubt, consult the nearest IRS office or enquire with a tax professional.

Who Should Work?

As we mentioned earlier, online tutoring is a very vast field. Almost anyone with the necessary skills can find online tutor jobs. Understandably, there are specialized fields too. But you can try finding an online tutor job from any of the websites we listed above. Online tutoring jobs are best suited for:

  • College Students who wish to make extra money.
  • Housewives that have spare time and can teach a subject.
  • Retirees wanting to make side income in free time.
  • Former primary and secondary teachers.
  • Immigrants that can teach a foreign language.
  • Educators and other professionals.

There is enough money to be made from online tutor jobs. You can definitely find takers for your specific skills.

Other Online Tutoring Jobs

There are several other fields too, where you can work as an online tutor. Some of these skills are in high demand.

  • Online Tutors for Cooking
  • Yoga and Fitness Tutors
  • Online Tutoring for Technical Jobs
  • Tutoring Online for Hearing & Speech Impaired Persons
  • Online Tutoring for Medical and Para Medical Courses
  • Orientation for Foreign Workers in the USA

Online Tutor Qualifications

If you plan to work with a reputed online tutoring company, it is necessary to have a good college degree. Experience in teaching is something that all employers will look for before offering an online tutor job.

Additionally, online tutoring jobs also require you to have long patience and knack to relate with foreign students. This skill is very handy if you will be taking one-on-one lessons.

Difference between American culture and foreign ones can be rather difficult to understand at times. It is good to have some knowledge about a foreign culture if you will be teaching students in that country or from their community.

Ability to prepare study material is an added advantage. Reputed online tutorial companies will pay you extra for this effort. When looking for online tutor jobs, find if the company already has set study material or you need to create them.

Your teaching skills will be tested when applying for online tutor jobs. Therefore, it is best to prepare a lesson that is entertaining for students while delivering the right knowledge.

Wrap Up

Finding online tutoring jobs is very easy, provided you know where to look. Additionally, you can also inquire with a local school, college or university if they need online tutors. There are several reputed academies that offer online tutor jobs.

The reason is simple: there is a huge market demand and every organization wants to get the largest slice of this proverbial pie.

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