Top 6 Sites To Earn Money From Mobile By Receiving SMS

One of the newest category in the online job is earning money from mobile phone. We have registered and reviewed all the sites who claim to pay by receiving SMS and found that half of the sites either don’t have enough advertisers or don’t pay for our work. We are providing you details of top 6 sites that are trusted and pay you for receiving SMS as well as the sites you should avoid to join.

Although you are not going to make big money by receiving SMS but still this will add some amount in your monthly income without spending time on these sites. As you will earn by receiving SMS, you don’t have to devote time in this work. Just receive SMS as per your convenient time, check the SMS and the ads and delete this. That’s it.

Yes, many companies provide so many great offers through such SMS which are not available in the market so if you like some offers, you can go ahead to buy and that will be anearn-money-from-mobile-sites added advantage for you. If you don’t like, simply delete the ad. You will earn from each and  every SMS that you receive in your mobile.

Multiply Earning By Inviting People

Not only you earn by sending and receiving SMS, you can also boost your earning by referring people to join on these sites. For each and every person you refer to these websites, you will get paid either some fixed amount or some share for life time from the earning of that person. Don’t worry; your commission will not be deducted from your referral’s income but this is the extra commission. There is no limit on how many people you can refer and so there is no limit how much you can earn from mobile.

Top 3 Sites to Earn Money From Mobile

1. mGinger

This is one of the best sites to earn money from mobile. They have good history of paying to their members with many positive feedbacks they have received. At the time of joining, you can specify how many SMS you want daily and your convenient time slot when you want to receive the SMS.

You can refer people and earn INR 2 for each and every person who joins mGinger through your link. Inviting people through mGinger is very easy. You can invite through Yahoo Messenger or GTalk, You can invite through your email or your friends on social media sites or even by sending SMS, all from with in the mGinger sites itself. Just click the ‘invite’ link after login and you will know how easy is that. So what are you waiting for, just join mGinger by clicking the link below-

Join mGinger Here

2. PaisaLive

PaisaLive is one of the best site with lots of big brand advertisers with them. PaisaLive will pay you for every unique login to your account in 24 hrs time. You get paid INR 99/- instantly on signup. They also send promotional emails of their advertisers. So you you will earn INR 0.25 to INR 5.00 for each paid email. You can also make INR 2 for each referral.

I have written one of the article on PaisaLive Scam on my blog. Although I have got paid twice from the company without any problem but the amount they pay are very less. If you want to make good money from PaisaLive then you need to work regularly & refer more people.

Join PaisaLive Here

3. ViewBestAds

Again one of the best and simple but interesting concept. You will see the advertisement of your own interest, you can see the positive news, predict the Nifty & play the quiz everyday and get paid. Rs. 200 is paid instantly on joining ViewBestAds. Earn INR 50/- for each person you invite and when he joins. One of the good video to understand the concept and earning calculation is explained on the FAQ page. In fact check the FAQs of all the 5 websites so that you will get the complete idea of these companies and their concept.

Check Update – ViewBestAds Scam | Join ViewBestAds Here

4. YouMint

YouMint is a new venture created by the same guys who started the mobile shortcode revolution in India! (58888). YouMint is backed by international investors and the executive team has worked with over 400 mobile network operators globally. You can send Free SMS, earn for growing your network, earn for receiving promos, earn through the YouMint Cash Offers.

Here’s what YOU get each time a Promo SMS is delivered to or a YouMint Cash Email is opened by:
– YOU – INR 0.20
– Your Referral – INR 0.10
– Your Referrals’ Referral – INR 0.05

One of the cool calculations given at the YouMint site for your earning is like this. Suppose you join and invite 20 friends and all of this 20 friends also invite 20 friends each then if all of them receive only 1 promo a day then your monthly earnings from this will be Rs. 660/-. Just imagine, if the number of promos per day and your referral will increase, how much earnings you can make here. And yes this calculation is applicable to the mGarlic as well as they have same earning structure.

Join YouMint Here

You can join other 2 sites below but Not Recommended

5. mGarlic

This is again one of the good site to get paid for SMS with less advertisers then mGinger. As you can see the similarity in the names as both indicates some ‘mobile spice’. You can receive up to 10 SMS every day and you can earn 0.20 INR for each SMS.

Here when you refer someone and join, you don’t get fixed income but the lifetime commission of 0.10 INR from each and every SMS your referral receive. And not only that, you get paid 0.05 INR from each and every SMS, when referral of your referral receives. And that’s make it a big earning.

Update – Company does not have advertisers and no paid SMS after you signup. Just AVOID.

6. RupeeMail

RupeeMail email is a message in an electronic envelope delivered in an email. Recipients get paid instantly when they open RupeeMail. You can refer people and earn INR 2 for each and every person who joins RupeeMail through you.

So join all the top 4 sites mentioned above and refer as many people as you can and see how your earnings will be increased day after day. This is a new trend to earn from mobile and with right approach; this can give you big earnings.

Tips – All the above earn money from mobile sites are absolutely free to join. So if you are joining these 6 sites then join all these sites with only one email ID and keep same password for all the sites. Its better to use Gmail ID. And it will be convenient for you if you save the remember me settings while login to your account.

Sites, You Should Avoid To Earn Money From Mobile

Here are some of the sites you should avoid joining as these are less popular, not paying to their members or don’t have enough advertisers. Some of the sites even send you spam offers to join here and there and don’t pay you for doing such work.

  1. 1RupeeSMS

We have not received any good feedback from any of the members and not even someone received money after joining these sites. If you have received money from any of these 3 sites or other sites not mentioned here, you can send your feedback through the comment section below so that we can add more sites here.

Are you earning by receiving SMS on your mobile? What is your opinion on this online job and how good you find to earn money from mobile? Send your comments below.


  1. says

    I do not work with any of the 3 sites mentioned above, but, am already working with all of the 6 sites mentioned. However, I would like to draw you attention to one more site i.e. – though I have been working with them for some time now and have about Rs.1400/00 to my credit, and requested for payout Rs.500/- being the payout, there is no news from them inspite of sending them emails.
    I have now recently registered with TextCashNetwork for work on mobile (link above), their launch will be on 12/12/2011. Many from India too have registered.

  2. ClarkeKent says

    I have reviewed all the sites listed above and it leaves me with one question. Can someone register from a country other than India? I have tired registering with each one but there are no options for my country Trinidad to be selected. They provided me with a list which seems to be India related only. Can you Please get back to me with this, as I will like to participate in the above programs. Thank you in advance.

    • Part Time Jobs says

      Hi ClarkeKent,
      All the sites mentioned above is for India only. There are other online jobs which you can do from any part of the world. Just signup and get all the jobs by email.

      • sowjanya says

        can u pls send me those sites id’s.boc i want to do the work .but i am not getting the sites.noe i am working only on .

        • krishna says

          hi sowjanya,
          you r working with paisa na r u getting money with that site or not
          have you did any withdrawn the amount or not.

          please reply me anybody of you

        • ashok says

          if u want to part online pay per clicking you can contact ashok 9160571750 there will be a registration fees of 200

  3. says

    From the all above mentioned sites, paisa is the best for which I am working,
    you can earn reasonable amount very easily from this site,


  4. Sreenivas Maganty says

    I have been always looking for sites like these, which add to my monthly income. I will try out some of these and then share my experience.

    • ashok says

      if u want to part online pay per clicking you can contact ashok 9160571750 there will be a registration fees of 200 only

  5. Sreenivas.k.n. says

    Hello, my name is sreenivas, i am 52 years old. I have worked as a medical transcriptionist for 2 years. Now i am not doing this job. I have internet connection and computer at home and looking forward for an internet based job where in i can earn substantial amount every month. Kindly provide me with a job

    • says

      You may want to have a look at this internet business. It is not a get-rich quick business. It can surely fetch you steady residual income, if you show patience and determination to succeed. I highly recommend this.

      • SURAKSHA says

        can u tell me which type pf internet business are u taking about.i am a housewife & finding net work from last 2 years.can u help me sharmila

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  7. sukumar das says

    I’m looking for hydrographic survey job as a surveryor/party chief/client representative.

    Thanks & regards,

  8. k.n.shesha says

    I am 55 plus years age with good knowledge of computers specially internet based looking for spare job to earn money i am graduate with post graduate diploma in material management having worked in different companies and taken off from the job and adequate knowledge of English my mobile 9448378959

  9. shrivimala says

    as per recvd mail with the website detail, i got into the link but when i clicked on the paisalive, ginger was unable to get into there site to register, was getting the default home page to sing up for online home jobs. please guide me

  10. Harsha says

    Nice information for every one to make money from home without any skills.Even a kid can earn.And thanks for information.

  11. avan says

    hai amulyam is a good site and reliable since i have recharged 50 rs till now since 2 months only by clicking adds

  12. kajal says

    hey sir.,

    i m registering on this site today,and i wanna get parttime job….while my account is activating today,so give me my online work throughh my id..
    i m very greatfull to u..
    i hardly need these jobs…….

  13. Deep says

    hey..i got a job offer from svs jobs…saying that if i pay 2500 initially and complete the projects in time i’ll be payed 12000…i’ve talked to the agent but i still feel uncomfortable. i really want to know your opinion.

  14. Rakesh says

    paisalive is fraud site. Its not send me my payment… I give u gud site join and earn

  15. priya says

    dear sir, i am registering on this site today.while my account is activated give me my online work through my id. i m very greatfull to u..

  16. Danish Khan says

    If you don’t remeber you have already wrote negative comments about view best ads, so how can you promote them again when you already know they are scam.

    • Part Time Online Jobs says

      Hi Danish,
      Please read the article and you will find I have already updated with the link of scam before link of joining.

  17. priyanka says


    i got registered with this site but when do i get the info regarding how to get started thru mail,please help me when can i start doing work..i really need these jobs ..


    • Part Time Online Jobs says

      Hello Priyanka,
      Just login to these account and start working.You need to work on regular basis. There are other online jobs sites as well which you will receive by email where you can join and work.

  18. bskulkarni says

    I had registered at m ginger
    But neither got any sms es nor site is opening with my password,
    On clicking on ” Forgot password “, Iget message” We have sent your login information to your email”
    And not received any message yet

  19. Mahesh says

    1.some people did bad comments like paisa live,mGinger are fraud sites they don”t pay money.what can u say about this

    2.and how can i get money to my account?

    • says

      i joined sms income and paid 1325rs but they have very bad withdraw terms

      you need to give one referral to get 500rs everytime

      read terms carefully i get fooled by this cmpny

      dont join fake company fraud company

  20. uday goud says

    Hi sir
    is is a genuine site,as they are asking 850/rs to join it,iam confused what to do…pls guide me,i wil do as you rly atleast via mail iam waiting..happy diwali

  21. Safder says

    Im also confused with falconnetmarketing as they are paying huge amount of money for simple work, pls suggest me whether this company is scam or genuine and they are saying that they are BBB attested and 100% legitimate and scamfree eventhough im confused with this company whether to invest money, so pls suggest me whether this company is fully scam or not

  22. carolyne says

    Dear friends, am looking out for a good and genuine site for doing work from home, can any one suggest me a good site please. am in need of money for celebrating my baby first christmas.

  23. says

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  24. ASIM KULKARNI says

    I am very happy to join in falconnet Sms sending job and information are practical. Sms sending job is fast cash for me. I use to earn monthly 20,000 + just 8 hrs daily. I am thanks to falcon team for giving me such an opportunity, after 2 months I started Sms sending job, I am experiencing financial growth.

  25. ARAVIND says

    I THINK this is truth , while in these no proof has been given, how many days money can be transfer,
    its kit work ya give proof properly.

    • Pritam nagrale says

      Yes, that is for Indian. You can join other programs mentioned on our websites & they will be available worldwide

  26. says


    I have joined you mint and ginger some 10 days ago .. till now I haven’t received any promotional sms or email. Have they stopped their program ?

    Also , I have joined and receiving promotional emails ranging from Rs 0.50 to Rs 5 per email. Is this site legitimate ?

    Please help,


    • Rakesh says

      Hi, Saakshi,
      I am new to all this. Please tell me how you are earning through also tell about other sources of income through online.

  27. says

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  28. G.Hari shiva rama krishna says

    If u want to earn real money. U can join on I joined in this site and started earning. If u want join this u can contact to my mobile number 9640337353. But dare to invest 9556 rupees. But you can earn back this money within no time. U can get advance educational package with 65 computer courses and 185 utility tips with ISO 9001 2008 certificate with 6 cd’s. U can earn maximum of 24 lakhs within one year. If u have any doubts u can contact my number or else see the website and still if u have the doubts u can see the proofs on galleries and download on website.
    More earning with little effort………..there are no targets in this job. u can do it in ur spare time.

    • christopher Gwaze says

      Hi,am from Nigeria in west Africa,the problem with all this indian website of earning money is that they don’t recomend other countries.example when I wanted to sign up to A web site for a earning money from sending and receiving sms.the addresses only based only for indians,things like city,state, pincode etc.please can you help me out?i want to earn some money for receiving sms.thanks.

  29. Harikrishnan A N says

    I like to do sms sending jobs for companies. I used to send 100 sms daily from way2sms and I got my payment from a company. But then they started to refer people to get my payment. So please provide some sms sending work providing websites without registration fees.

  30. nireesha says

    how would i join in this job? there is no black horizontal bar at the bottom.plz provide complete details.i want this sms receiving job.

  31. says

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  32. pooja sonvani says

    i am a B.E. student of fst year ,and i need job for extra investment for study so plesz gide me to do online job to earn money


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