10 Best Ways to Find Discounts & Deals on Amazon

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Ways to Find Discounts & Deals on Amazon

Amazon offers you discounts and deals on daily basis that no other e-commerce site can match. There are so many deals and new offers every day.

If you shop regularly on Amazon then you cannot afford to waste money just because you are unaware of some of the great deals that Amazon has to offer daily.

You save a lot of money if you are serious about Amazon’s discounts and deals.

Although there are so many deals on Amazon that you can write a book on but here we give you 10 best deals and ways to find them.

amazon deals

1. Amazon Discount Codes

Amazon discount codes for vouchers are not readily available. It is bit difficult to get one because there are too many people eyeing for them.

The best way to get discount codes is through signing up to all the Amazon emails.

You can create a separate email account where you are going to manage all the activities related to it.

Students could get at least get 5% to 10% discount on various clothing items.

You can also visit websites like VoucherBox, Groupon, Coupons.com to find new Amazon promo codes.

2. Amazon Warehouse Deals

Amazon Warehouse deals are really great because you get items with almost 50% discount. Amazon Warehouse Deals

Amazon warehouse is where you buy products which have been returned by the customers during the shipment.

The reason why customers returned the products is either because of broken boxes or they didn’t like the product at all.

The best part is you can buy products which are very expensive for just half of their original price.

You can always find warehouse deals when you are on the product web page and checking the prices.

3. Amazon Black Friday & Amazon Cyber Monday

I think you do not need any introduction to black Friday. Amazon has beaten all the records of sales when it comes to this particular day in the year. amazon cyber monday deals

Amazon cyber Monday is extension of Black Friday.

If you missed the black Friday deals then you can make best use of Cyber Monday.

Black Friday deals starts from Monday to Sunday and then it is immediately replaced with another week of deals also known as Cyber Monday.

You can wait for the Thanksgiving Day and go for the shopping spree once the day arrives.

4. Amazon Students and Moms/Family

There are two demographics students and moms who can avail discounts at Amazon if they are smart enough.

However for this you need an .edu email your enrolment status to verify that you are a genuine customer. You can go to Fiverr, search “.edu email” there & buy it for $5.

For example in UK you have National Union of Students or NUS card that allows you to apply for NUS extra student discount code.

Once you create your account Amazon may give you two discount codes one for clothing with 15% off and other one for books with 5% off.

However this facility is available for students in USA and UK only.

For moms and families Amazon offers you with 20% discount on nappies and diapers.

You can sign up to Amazon Family 30 Day Trial Period.

5. Amazon Freebies

Have you ever thought of freebies from Amazon?

Well the thing about freebies is that you don’t get any physical products but you do get to download movies, music, apps and eBooks.

You also get free streaming video credits. The most common is free streaming videos, you can watch them without paying any money.

In order to get Amazon freebies you have to keep an eye on Deals section daily and look out for items that come with built in freebies.

6. Bargaining Opportunities

Bargaining on Amazon is very under estimated. amazon bargaining

If you know how to bargain for products on Amazon then you are able to buy products that are discounted above 70%.

Usually people fail to realize the power of bargaining on Amazon because of it is too geeky and technical to work around.

You have to work around the Amazon web address to get the lists of knock down prices.

However you can avoid that and use certain tools which are available. You also have to talk to Amazon through email messages to bargain.

You can go to Google and Find Amazon Hidden Discount Finder Tools.

8. Deal of the Day and Lightning Deals

Deal of the day brings you new deals every day. Amazon has a great number of new deals that are listed on their website. Amazon Lightning Deals

They are very easy to find out as they are next to Amazon Logo. You can click on to Today’s Deals and find new deals daily.

Similarly there are lightening deals where prime members get 30 minute early access on these deals every day.

You can find lightening deals by clicking on the tab there.

9. Adding Items to Your Cart Without Check Out

This is a trick that every online shopper must know.

With this trick you will be coercing Amazon to give you a discount code for the products you would like to get. add to cart

It is a simple trick. Once you are done with your shopping, collect the items in your cart and just leave them there.

You don’t have to buy them and leave it for few days.

After few days Amazon will send you an email asking you to complete the checkout. What is interesting is they also send you with a promotion code so that you buy products instantly.

So this is a great and very simple trick.

10. Amazon Tools for Discounts

Here we give you certain tools that will make things easier for finding new deals.

Camel Camel Camel – Here you enter the keyword in the search engine and they present you with the price history of the product. You can analyze the price from all angles to get the best deals.

Tracktor.com – Similarly this website allows you to track all the latest deals and price of the products at one place.

So these were few tips to find best deals on Amazon for your daily shopping.

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