How To Make Money Fast As A Woman?

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how to make money fast as a woman

Women in the US find it hard to earn as much money as men due to the problem of the gender wage gap. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, qualified and skilled women earn a median of $0.84 for every $1 earned by men.

This means, that despite having the same education, experience and skills, women earn about 14 per cent less than men.

There are various reasons for this gender wage gap. One of them is the myth that women aren’t as efficient as men in certain roles. Though top women executives heading multinationals are busting this myth, the gender wage gap continues.

It is commonly believed that women have more household tasks and hence can’t contribute in a manner such as men, to their employer.

Furthermore, the gender wage gap affects women from the African-American and Latino-American communities more, in some cases, due to their lower education. In stark comparison, White-American and Asian-American women earn much higher incomes due to superior education.

Sadly, the plight of single moms in the US is worse than other women.

The plight of Single Moms in the US

Generally, single moms in the US suffer more from gender pay inequality. In some cases, single moms earn as much as 20 per cent to 25 per cent less than other women.

In some cases, the lower pay is a result of lesser education, experience and skills among single moms. In others, with the same education and skills, women get less because they are denied top positions that carry better pay.

The reason: Employers believe that single moms have lots of household tasks to perform and hence, could be too stressed to perform to their maximum.

Incidentally, single moms have more expenses compared to other women. While working, they have to pay exorbitant fees for childcare, education of their kids and other necessities. This means, their smaller income is barely sufficient to cover all these costs.

Add to that medical bills and the ever-growing inflation. Single moms also do not have access to various societal support systems that a two-partner family enjoys.

To add to their woes, single moms are generally employed at jobs or in industries where pay scales are traditionally lower. Additionally, some are forced to take temporary jobs to meet household expenses. Few have adequate savings to tide over a long period of unemployment and many have to depend on food banks to feed their families and themselves.

Reasons to Make Fast Money as a Woman

The above details point to one glaring fact: that women need to make extra money and that too make money fast if they wish to live a proper life or even gain financial freedom. Thankfully in the US, several such opportunities are available for both, underqualified, qualified and skilled women as well as single moms to make money fast.

While making money fast isn’t easy by any means and would require some effort, in most cases, the returns would be worthwhile. Though it’s grossly unfair that women should work extra to meet the income levels of men, in some cases, there can be no other options, such as for single moms. Hence, there’s a pressing need to make fast money for women.

If you’re among those women or a single mom who wishes to earn extra income during your spare time, continue reading. In this article, I will be discussing several ways to make fast money as a woman. All these ways are legit, time-tested and proven. Therefore, you could use them safely.

Before I continue, it’s worth remembering that all extra income you earn is also taxable by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Therefore, declare all your income. However, you can take benefit from certain clauses and concessions for this extra income, under IRS rules.

How To Make Money Fast As A Woman?

These ways to earn quick money for women will depend on various factors. One of them is your educational qualifications and skills, computer and Internet literacy, age, location and the time you can afford daily for this extra income.

Therefore, I am providing a list of tasks and jobs that you could consider and select the ones that suit your needs the best, in every way. You can use one or more of these ways, depending on time and skills.

1. PSG or PSO


The abbreviations PSG and PSO stand for Phone Sex Girl and Phone Sex Operator respectively. Now before you balk at this job and reject it, here are some facts to know. With some experience, a PSG or PSO can earn up to $64,000 per year by just working a few hours extra from home. The job doesn’t involve you to meet anyone or have any physical intimacy.

PSGs and PSOs are hired by companies that provide adult chatting services to women and men in the US and elsewhere. This job requires no specific educational qualifications or skills. All you need is a sultry and seductive voice and some vivid imagination for steamy talks with callers. Normally, the company that hires you will provide some basic training.

Your identity, location, contact details and other personal data are never available to callers. Instead, you would be using a fake name or assumed name. The caller will contact you over IP phones, provided by the employer. All you have to do is engage the caller in some steamy and intimate talk. The longer they talk with you, the greater the pay.

2. Sugar Baby

Sugar Baby

The work of a sugar baby is generally for younger women who wish to make fast money. Usually, college and university students work as sugar babies. They earn a huge income that pays for their college and other needs and helps them live an extraordinary lifestyle of luxury.

Basically, sugar babies are young women who sell their companionship only to men of all ages. At times, you might find a rich sugar daddy that’s younger than you but in most cases, they are older men.

A sugar baby does not usually engage in physical intimacy with their sugar daddy or sugar mama. Instead, they simply accompany their sugar daddy to shopping sprees, operas and movies, dine at some of the topmost restaurants, stay together at upmarket hotels and keep them companionship while they’re in town. In return, sugar babies get cash and expensive gifts from their sugar daddies and sugar mamas.

This way to make money fast as a woman is very popular among college students in the US. According to a sugaring website,, there are an estimated 3.25 million American women and men working as sugar babies.

The largest percentage- about 87 per cent of this figure are millennial women. Becoming a sugar baby in the US is very easy. Join any sugaring website and start. On average, a sugar baby earns $84,000 per year in cash and more in terms of expensive gifts and other perks.

3. Sell Dirty Panties

This is one surest way to make fast money as a woman. You don’t need any specific educational skills or qualifications or anything. You will just need a small investment to buy several panties of different kinds. There are several websites in the US on which you can actually sell your dirty panties and make money fast.

You can also sell such stockings, bras and other lingerie, depending on the demand. Some women claim they make $500 to $650 every week selling their dirty panties, bras and stockings. However, I am unable to independently confirm or deny these claims.

So, what are dirty panties? They’re nothing very special actually. These are simply the panties that you would use during the day and take off. Instead of laundering them, you have to wrap these carefully with foil to seal in your body odours and scents and sell them. There are several websites where you can sell your dirty panties and other lingerie items.

If you’re wondering who buys your dirty panties, here’s the answer. Countless men in the US buy these panties because they have something known as a ‘Panty Fetish’. That means they love the smell of panties that have been used and taken off by any woman.

All you need to do is wear panties, take a picture with them but without showing your face or other features and list them for sale by mentioning a price.

While these three are the highest income earners for women who wish to make money fast, I will also discuss other ways that could earn you some amount of income. Generally, these are freelance jobs and you could take one that best suits your skills, time and location, among others.

Other Ways to Make Money Fast as Women

Here are some more ways to make fast money as a woman. However, most of these ways will require some professional qualifications and skills. At the same time, the majority of these tasks will offer the comfort of working from home on flexible hours. You will require a computer and reliable high-speed Internet connection for these jobs.

4. Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is one of the best ways to make fast money for women. However, these jobs are available to women who hold a university degree and have some experience in teaching school students. There are websites such as VIPKIDS, and where you can register.

Generally, aspiring online tutors have to pass a test conducted by these companies. If you clear the test successfully, they will onboard you as an online tutor for the subjects of your choice. Several online tutors have become millionaires because they get thousands of students due to their teaching styles that students love.

5. Blogging


There was a time when blogging was considered as a hobby through which individuals could share their opinions and experiences on a wide range of issues.

However, things have changed over the decades. Blogging is now a very profitable business or profession, whichever way you wish to look at it. Secondly, you can become a full-time or a part-time blogger, depending on the time you wish to spend on this activity.

You will require excellent writing skills and superb knowledge or passion about something to create blog posts that’s interesting, engaging and relevant to a large audience. Buy a good domain name, hosting and other essentials, write superb blog posts and upload.

Blogging can give you a good income through Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing and sponsored posts. You can also train people on blogging to earn an extra income from this work.

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6. Content Writing

Content Writing

Another excellent way to make fast money for women is through freelance content writing. This profession is recession-proof and pandemic-proof. That’s because superb content is always in demand, your skills will remain relevant even if there is an economic recession or a pandemic like COVID-19, which ravaged the world in 2020 and 2021.

In those years, the demand for content rose by 28 per cent even while other jobs were witnessing a decline. To become a content writer, you will need superb writing skills, knowledge about a few subjects, the ability to create prompts on ChatGPT or Bard and other AI resources for research and some general knowledge.

Register on freelancer platforms such as, or among others and create a portfolio to show to prospective clients. You will have to bid for a contract that’s displayed on these websites. On average, freelance content writers earn $50 per hour or even more depending on experience and skills.

7. Handcrafted Goods

Handcrafted Goods

If you’re good at preparing anything from jams to spice mixtures, homemade skincare and cosmetic products or handicrafts and brocade items, start your own marketplace on Etsy to make money.

Etsy is a wonderful platform where people go shopping to various marketplaces to buy stuff that’s unique and hence, not available on online stores such as Amazon. However, everything you sell on Etsy has to be your own creation and exclusive.

To create handcrafted goods, regardless of whether they’re food products or handicrafts, you should possess the necessary skills. The advantage here is that you don’t have to prepare these handicrafts or other products and keep an inventory. In most cases, you have to create these things only upon getting a confirmed order.

This means, your only expense when launching the business is the subscription fees for an Etsy marketplace, the samples you create for photos to display and setting up your own payment system such as PayPal or others.

8. Pet Walking

Pet Walking

Pet walking or dog walking jobs are easily available in your area through apps such as Rover and Woof. Register on these apps and bid for walking dogs during morning and evening hours. You can agree to the standard rate that these apps pay or increase or decrease the prices of your services, depending on your needs. Usually, women living in large cities will find this job attractive since it is easy to find.

Generally, most pet walkers take more than one dog on their rounds. That means, you can get paid for walking several dogs in an hour and work more to earn extra. Though this job requires no specific educational qualifications, you would have to be a pet lover and have some experience in handling dogs, especially of various breeds and in a group.

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These are some of the best ways for women to make money fast and overcome any financial issues they’re facing. All these jobs are legit and can be found across the US easily. If you’re interested, learn some skills such as graphic designing or medical transcriptions and take part-time jobs in these fields to make money as fast as a woman.

The Internet makes it easy for everyone to find side-gigs and part-time work quickly, as long as you have the skills that sell in the market. As I mention earlier, a lot of these ways to make money fast as a woman are legit and you can use more than one way to increase your income.

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