21 Things to Do to Become a Full Time Professional Blogger

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Become a professional blogger

My dear friends and wanna-be bloggers,

Choosing Full time Blogging as your new career is not going to be a cakewalk.

As a matter of fact, every 9 out of 10 bloggers fail and if you don’t take it seriously then it is likely that you are going to fail too.

I started blogging 5 years back & during my 5 years of journey in blogging, I learnt a lot of things about this profession.

Although I make a great full-time income even CEOs of many companies don’t earn but still I think, I am learning.

And as per my experience, I am writing 21 tips that everyone should follow before he/she thinks of becoming a full-time professional blogger.

Blogging is not at all easy and you need to prepare yourself before you take a plunge.

I hope the following 21 tips are going to change your mind and you might evolve into a professional blogger.

So here are 21 things that you need to do if you want to be a full-time professional blogger.

Become a  professional blogger

21 Tips To Become a Professional Blogger

1. Developing a Blogger’s Psychology

To become a full-time blogger you have to develop a blogger’s psychology.  In fact when you are shifting gears into something new then you always got to develop psychology.

Whether it is Day Trading or full-time blogging you need to develop psychology.

For developing a psychology you need to start hanging around other bloggers.

If you can’t find them in person then use the comment section on popular blogs, and blogosphere, go to the chat room, forums, Indiblogger etc and engage with them.

Always pay a visit to a seminar or conference and try your best to meet other bloggers.

2. Investing Full Time into Blogging, not Part Time

Investing Full Time

You must have at least 8-10 hours daily if you are thinking of becoming a full time blogger. Otherwise blogging is not for you.

If you are into a 9-5 job & want to become a full time blogger in future, you need to spend at least 4 hours daily.

Do not imagine just a couple of hours is enough to become a full time professional blogger. Time is the most important investment that you are going to make.

3. Make up Your Mind that You are Not Going to Make Anything for the Next 1 Year

After taking out the time you also need to make up your mind that you are not going to make any money for at least 1 year.

In the worst-case scenario, it could go up to 2 to 3 years. Yes! You have to prepare your mind that blogging is not a jackpot that you are going to be rich in just a few weeks.

On your way to a blogging career, you are going to learn many things from diverse backgrounds, only then you can expect some money to start flowing.

Checking your AdSense or Analytics accounts daily will make you demotivated so try to avoid checking daily.

4. Alternate Source of Income Until Blogging Starts Paying You

As I said earlier blogging is going to be a long overhaul and you can’t afford to lose your other job.

If you are working a full time 9 to 5 job and that is your only source of income then don’t quit. You are not going to make any money with blogging for the next 2 years.

So always have an alternate source of earning before you become a professional blogger.

It is well & good if you are financially stable or just college pass out because you can have enough time to set your career in blogging.

Browse the Internet

As a newcomer you will find surfing on the Internet is all about watching YouTube videos and opening Facebook.

Well, browsing is a lot more than that. If you want to be a professional blogger then you got to learn popular & useful websites that are present on the internet.

You need to have good knowledge of the internet. Moreover, you have to learn tricks and tips that can make your surfing fast.

6. Brush Up Your English Grammar

English Grammar

Initially blogging would be writing simple articles but as you gain experience it will be about making it interesting to read.

And to do that you need to have basic knowledge of English grammar. Even if you can’t write a great article that gets eyeball but at least it must be free from any grammar mistakes.

So before you think of becoming a professional blogger, brush up on your English grammar.

7. Developing Writing Skills and Vocabulary

Writing Skills

Blogging is all about writing good content as frequently as you can. Today blogging is all about quality and not quantity.

So it is about how good you can write as opposed to how much you can write. To write well you have to use powerful words.

Earlier bloggers used to create a lot of content and that can be of no use. Those days are gone so you have to develop good writing skills and vocabulary because the quality of content is the king of blogging.

8. Transforming Yourself from Dude to Geek

This point is the same as the first point. To become a full time blogger you need to change your personality.

You got to be a geek rather than a dude. I mean to say you must be ready to spend at least 8 hours a day in front of your computer.

Obviously, this can’t be done by a dude. You are going to learn a lot of technical things on your way.

9. Developing a Reading Habit of 3 to 4 Hours Daily


As I said in the last paragraph geek has to read at least 3 to 4 hours on daily basis.

But what are you going to read? Well! You got to research about top bloggers and read their material every day. How they write, how often they write, and what they write you got to learn everything. And you can do this only by reading a lot of stuff.

10. Creating a Niche and Narrative

Before you take a plunge into blogging you need to decide your niche. You must decide the niche of your blog very early on.

You must be clear in your mind regarding the niche. It is because you have to build a strong narrative around this niche.

To be successful in blogging your niche and developing it is everything.

11. Playing with Google

Google is the gateway for all kinds of knowledge. If you have to do basic research work then you need to know how you are going to use the Google search engine.

You need to play around with keywords in order to extract information. So you have to spend some time with Google familiarizing it.

Your future of blogging career will depend on Google.

12. Basic as well as Advanced Knowledge of SEO


Playing with Google got to mature now. You have to learn search engines more technically now.

Google is the only search engine that can make or break your blogging career.

SEO is the most important thing in your professional blogging. Don’t repeat the same boring tricks of SEO like directory or article submission, commenting etc.

Check quality SEO tools from Brian Dean & keep on checking blogs like Moz for updated SEO information.

Google will be the gateway for all the traffic that you are going to receive on your blog. So learn SEO now.

13. How to Use Twitter and Facebook

In short, you can say social media. If you want to get traffic or spread the word about your new blog then you got to learn Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter is all about micro-blogging. You need to get followers but your tweet must have a human touch, it must not be robotic.

Similarly, it applies to Facebook where you engage with a wider audience. Check these 10 blogs on Social Media Examiner for regular tips on getting traffic from social sites.

14. Handling Your Email Inbox Daily

A professional blogger subscribes to hundreds of newsletters and other blogs. You receive hundreds of emails daily.

You will receive all kinds of emails and you have to read them so that you prepare better blog posts enabling your visitors to enjoy while they read.

Reading all the Emails in your inbox will be very time-consuming. So take out time for handling emails.

15. Making Videos in Which You Speak to the Public

Blogging is evolving very rapidly and you got to think outside of the box. You can’t stick to one formula as you have to keep doing something new.

As you evolve into a mature blogger you got to learn to make videos and present yourself to the audience online. You must feel confident while you are on camera.

So you better start preparing from now on.

16. How to Work with Google Products like WMT, Analytics & Adsense

Apart from learning the Google Search engine for SEO you also need to know other products especially Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and Adsense.

WMP & Google analytics is very important if you want to check the health of your website or blog.

Similarly, Google Adsense is for generating revenue. You need to know everything about Google Adsense so that you can increase your revenue.

Learn both of them.

17. Mastering Marketing and Branding Skills

Only writing and SEO would not save your day. As a professional full time blogger you have to put in extra effort.

You also need to know about marketing and especially branding. Competition is very tough as there are thousands of other bloggers competing for the same space that you are.

So branding your blog will be very important.

18. Learn the Art of Outsourcing

There are many things either you can’t do or you don’t want to do because of the time constraint.

So it's always a better idea to outsource many of the tasks to other freelancers or virtual assistants.

But if you don’t know the tricks of outsourcing, either you will pay high rates or get poor work.

So getting quality work & still paying less is an art & that you will learn from your experience.

Sites like Fiverr, Elance, and Freelancer.com can help you to find quality people for outsourcing.

19. A Lot of Technical Knowledge from Diverse Background

We have already talked about writing skills, SEO, marketing, branding, freelancing etc. But these are not enough.

You need to also learn about web hosting and working with different platforms like WordPress.

So you need to have a mind that is ready to learn everything from diverse backgrounds.

20. There is No Holiday in Blogging

Yep! A blogger is never off duty. There is no holiday because you might have to work every day.

However, after some experience, you can take a leave. But initially, you have to work very hard.

21. You Need Family and Friends Support

The last thing that you always need is the support of your family and friends. If nothing is going your way then you must need someone to cheer you up.

So the support of your family members is very important.

Finally, I will conclude by saying after reading these 21 points you still find it difficult to be a professional full time blogger then you can quit blogging.

There is always another option.


What are professional bloggers?

Professional bloggers are individuals who earn a living through writing and publishing blog content on various topics, reaching a large audience and monetizing it through advertising, sponsorships, and other means. They have expertise in SEO, social media, and content creation, and are considered thought leaders in their niche.

How much do professional bloggers make?

Professional bloggers can earn a significant amount of money, ranging from a few thousand to several hundred thousand dollars per year. The exact amount depends on factors such as niche, readership, advertisers, and time dedication. Bloggers can make money through sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, selling products and services, advertising, and paid subscriptions. While success is not guaranteed, blogging can be a lucrative and rewarding career for those who are dedicated and put in the effort.

What are the 3 types of blogs?

There are 3 main types of blogs: personal blogs which are written by individuals to express personal opinions and experiences, niche blogs which are focused on a specific topic and written by experts, and business blogs which are used by companies to promote products and services and build brand awareness. Each type of blog serves a different purpose and is written for a different audience.

What type of bloggers makes the most money?

The type of bloggers that make the most money are those who have a large and engaged following and offer valuable content in a profitable niche, such as lifestyle bloggers, personal finance bloggers, technology bloggers, health and wellness bloggers, and business and entrepreneurship bloggers. They earn money through advertising, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and brand partnerships. The key to success is offering valuable content, building a strong audience, and having multiple streams of income.

What type of blogs makes the most money?

The type of blogs that make the most money typically focus on personal finance, travel, health and wellness, food and cooking, and lifestyle and fashion. These blogs offer valuable advice, tips, and inspiration in these niches and often partner with related businesses for monetization. Successful blogs have high-quality content, engage with their audience, and have a strong social media presence. Monetization strategies such as affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and advertising also help to increase earnings.

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