How to Get Free Food on DoorDash in 2024

Emily Morgan

How To Get Free Food On Doordash

The majority of Americans know that DoorDash is the largest food delivery company in the country. As a matter of fact, DoorDash delivers about 50 per cent of all food orders in the US. They charge a delivery fee ranging between $1.99 to $5.99 per food delivery and, sometimes, more depending on the order value, your location and other details.

Now, DoorDash by itself doesn’t sell food. They only deliver orders you place at restaurants to your location. Therefore, let’s make this clear: There is no free food to be found on DoorDash.

However, there are a few ways to get free food delivery on DoorDash. This means you don’t have to pay for the delivery service and only have to bear the costs of the food you order.

Here are some ways to get free food deliveries on DoorDash

How To Get Free Food Delivery On Doordash

1. Offers and Special Promos

Very often, DoorDash or some restaurant launches a promo or special offer for doorstep deliveries of food. In such cases, you can order something from that restaurant and get free delivery. In rare cases, you might find DoorDash offering free food, such as a sandwich from some new restaurant that wants to spread the word. In these cases, you’ll pay only for the delivery.

2. DoorDash Pass

If you’re a frequent user of the service, go for DoorDash Pass. This helps you to get lower than usual rates for food delivery. In addition, some of their passes come with a couple of free deliveries. DoorDash offers these free deliveries to promote loyalty to its service.

3. Seasonal Offers

DoorDash also has seasonal offers. These are generally available during off-peak seasons, such as months when takeaway or doorstep delivery food orders are relatively fewer at a specific location.

In such cases, DoorDash gives free deliveries and charges the restaurant. Or, you might come across combos. This means you get food and DoorDash deliveries at a special rate that might work out to be almost free.

4. DoorDash Coupons

If you’re lucky, you might find DoorDash coupons for free delivery on some or other couponing websites or even restaurant websites and apps. Use these coupons or coupon codes to get free DoorDash food delivery. On these coupon websites, you can also find some free food offers such as buy-one-get-one-free.

5. Signup for DoorDash

When you sign up for DoorDash, they offer some welcome gifts, such as free and discounted delivery. Depending on your area, you might find some sample food that DoorDash will deliver free so that you can try their service. Free food offers are fairly rare, but there are quite a few cases where you might be fortunate enough to find one.

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Other Ways to Get Free Meal on DoorDash

This is one of the systems that I’ve tried, and it worked fairly well. Download apps of various restaurants in your area and check their daily offers. Usually, these apps have special offers daily.

Once you start ordering from these restaurant apps and websites, you earn loyalty points. Such loyalty points are redeemable for free DoorDash deliveries and free food, too.

The second way that works is to order from restaurants that DoorDash is promoting. In many cases, they provide special offers where you could save either on food or delivery.

Understanding DoorDash

Now that you know the five ways to get free food deliveries through DoorDash, it’s important that you also know something about the company. The holdings company of DoorDash is based in San Francisco, CA.

According to the latest information, DoorDash accounts for over 56 per cent of all food deliveries in the US. The company has also diversified into delivering groceries and medicines alongside its food delivery service.


Finding free food delivery on DoorDash can be quite a hassle. It exists, but in most cases, the free food offer can be for a specific region or a very pricey restaurant and so on. There are no sure-shot ways to get free food or food deliveries on DoorDash.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Look around online, and someday soon, you’ll get lucky. However, in such free food and delivery offers, read the fine print too. You shouldn’t end up paying a hefty amount of money to order a special offer.

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