Pritam Nagrale


8 Weird Ways to Make Money

Pritam Nagrale

Human being has been money minded since ages. But as the time rolled on, the urge for money grew several ...

Network Marketing Companies in India

Top 10 Latest Network Marketing Companies in India

Pritam Nagrale

One of the questions I often get is whether Multi-Level Marketing or MLM remains relevant in India during this era ...


5 Things That All Billionaires Have in Common

Pritam Nagrale

According to the Forbes magazine in May 2005, there were 691 billionaires in the world. Also number of people turning millionaires every day is 1400. You must have dreamt about becoming a millionaire. But, once you are successful in becoming millionaire, the next step will be to become a billionaire. Every Individual having traits of entrepreneur wishes to have [....]

how to become a business women

How Can a Housewife Become a Women Entrepreneur

Pritam Nagrale

This blogpost could help you to transform from a housewife into a successful women entrepreneur. If you are a woman staying at home filled with ambition to become financially independent then there is an opportunity. The world has changed and women have proven that they are no less than men in any field. You can see at workplace where [....]


15 Different Types Of Credit Card Fraud

Pritam Nagrale

I have been using credit card since my college days and I remember the risk involved in using a credit card. A number of times I have been cheated, from credit card robbery to skimming. I lost thousands of rupees because of credit card theft or fraud. Hence, I decided to pen down an article using my experience to aware people who are using credit cards. I thought it's my [....]


How to Spend One Million Dollars in 30 Days

Pritam Nagrale

In this time of recession when its difficult to make sufficient money, who the hell in this world want to spend 1 million dollar in 30 days. Its just an imagination & the idea was taken from a 1988 movie “Maalamaal”. In the movie “A slum dweller discovers that his grandfather has left a property of 330 billion rupees for him, but he can own it only if he is able [....]

Things money can't buy

10 Things Money Can’t Buy

Pritam Nagrale

Money is honey, money is power & money is everything. Many people think, there is nothing in this world, money can’t buy. They spend day & nights making money, money & money with the hope of buying everything. But when they make money, I mean lots of money, they realize, there are many things in their life, they can’t buy. There are at least 10 [....]

How to Make Money on Fiverr?

Pritam Nagrale

Now everyone talks about making money on Fiverr. Thousands of people are making good income on Fiverr & many of the people are making their fortune from Fiverr. So what exactly this Fiverr is and how do you earn money on Fiverr. As we have already discussed some brief history of Fiverr, its a market place where you can use your skill & [....]

Earn From Mobile. Earn Money By Sending and Receiving SMS

Pritam Nagrale

Earn from Mobile phone or you can say earn money by sending and receiving SMS is not very new concept. Yes, your mobile phone has the power to make you earn few thousands bucks every month by sending and receiving SMS. And this is absolutely free and without investment. Now you must be thinking I got crazy, how can someone make money [....]

How to Save Money – Top 17 Ways & Best Tips to Save Money

Pritam Nagrale

There is no second opinion in the proverb that “money saved is money earned”. There are number of ways to save money that you can use without even realizing its effect on your lifestyle & day to day life but in the end you can see a lot of money in your hand. Yes, that is the important factor I have kept in mind while writing this article. You don’t have to compromise [....]

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