8 Weird Ways to Make Money

Pritam Nagrale

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Human being has been money minded since ages. But as the time rolled on, the urge for money grew several hundred times more than before. Earning money by any means has become the ultimate goal of majority population all around the globe. So, here are some weird ways to increase the size of our pockets.

1. SELLING ANTIQUITIES – If you have a keen eye for valuable and antique pieces, then selling those antique pieces could really earn a handsome amount of money for you. The market selling these antiques is rising day by day without any fall.

Weird  Ways to Make Money

2. MAKING USE OF YOUR VOICE – This way is basically recommended for females who could make use of their voice for becoming phone sex operators. Though it sounds awkward, but as a matter of fact, this method of generating money has become quite popular among masses especially single mothers.

3. OLD COIN COLLECTION – Collecting old coins are generally a hobby for many of us, but these old coins can also buy us a handful of cents. The coins used in the olden times which are not used today find a great value in the market. So, if you have the collection of such old stuff, then you can sell it in the market for some money.

4. SELLING YOUR KIDNEY – Our body can function well even with one kidney. So, if you are healthy enough and you are in need of some money, then selling your one kidney is not a bad idea at all. Apart from money, this could also earn blessings of someone who could be in a need of that kidney.

5. SELLING BLOOD – Donating blood has always been considered a noble deed, but apart from that noble cause, if money is the question you could even charge for the blood our donate. This could earn you handsome amount of money as well as it could help someone who is in need of that donated blood.

6. SELLING YOUR HAIR – God has really gifted some of us with beautiful hair, but not everyone. But in thus fashionable world, nothing is impossible. People make use of hair sold by some people to decorate them with a natural look. Again, when money is the question and you are in need of it, selling your hair is another good option for you.

7. MAKING USE OF CREATIVITY – Creativity has no bounds. A creative person can make use of creativity to earn some money to his/her credit. For instance, lets’ talk about creativity in creating various types of accessories. This creativity can be used to make money with least investment and superb results.

8. MAKING USE OF OLD CLOTHES – Fashion industry always welcomes something new. We can make use of our old tops, jeans and other clothes buy altering them, decorating them with beads, stitching some other cloth pieces etc. can for sure make an attractive stuff ready to steal the attention of the market and of course, money for your pocket.

Money is not difficult to earn when you have ideas in your brain, confidence in your heart and determination in your thoughts. So, go ahead and explore all the crazy ideas to earn some money for you.

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