There are At Least 10 Things Money Can’t Buy

Money is honey, money is power & money is everything. Many people think, there is nothing in this world, money can’t buy. They spend day & nights making money, money & money with the hope of buying everything.

But when they make money, I mean lots of money, they realize, there are many things in their life, they can’t buy.

things money cant buy

There are at least 10 big things you can’t buy even if you spend all your money. It does not matter you’re a millionaire or billionaire. If you don’t have following 10 things in your life then you’re actually a poor.

10 Things money can’t buy

Check the list of those things & tell me if you can really buy these things with all your money & if not then stop making more money & try to bring true happiness in your life.

1. Happiness, Joy, True Love, Care, Compassion

Money could never buy happiness and joy in your life. Happiness could come from anything not necessarily money and things like car or a million dollar home. But small things like family and friends.

True-love, in other words unconditional love is something that can’t be bought by money. There’re people who’ve lot of money but they failed to find a true-love in their life.

Similarly, care and compassion are feelings that money can’t give you. It really doesn’t matter how rich you’re if you don’t have happiness, joy, true love, care and compassion in your life then you’re a poor.

2. Character of a Man

It’s a quite popular saying that if character is lost then everything is lost. And it’s so true in our life. If you’re not a man of a strong character then you can’t earn respect.

It really doesn’t matter how big your car or home is. People mightn’t say anything in front of you but they do complain at your back if you’re a loose character.

Money can’t buy character it is something that you get by hard work through your life.

Usually, character is associated with a woman but it has to do more with men.

3. The Lost Time

Do you remember the song “wo kagaz ki kashti wo barish ka pani…..” by Jagjeet Singh.

Time and tide waits for nobody. Money can’t buy the time that is lost. If you wasted your time then money can’t get it back. How much you’ve?

If you’re a student then don’t kill your time, utilize it in a positive manner. Like going to library and reading books or learn something creative. But don’t sit idle.

The time that you’re killing will never come back. Once it’s gone, it’s really gone. How much money you’ve it really doesn’t matter.

Realizing the importance of time is very important because time is your money.

4. An “Idea” that Can Change the World

Einstein’s theory of relativity changed the entire notion and understanding of the universe. That was an idea that really changed the entire world.

Money could never get you an idea like that. It is said time has come for an idea. If you don’t have an idea then you can’t make a change.

In fact, money comes if you have a great idea. Just one idea could change your life. Not the money.

5. A Good Health & A Long Life

Health is wealth. A good health has nothing to do with money. Even a mediocre man can possess a good health. If you work and eat properly with daily dose of exercise then you’ll always remain in a good shape.

Just because you’ve money and you can hire some expensive doctor and he’s going to keep you in a good shape is totally wrong. You can’t have a good health by hiring expensive doctor or going in posh gym.

You must work hard and ready to step out of your comfort zone.

It’s not necessary that wealthy people live more than the people who’ve less money.

6. Family and Friends

As I said earlier, happiness is the first thing that money can’t buy. And one is most happy when he or she is with mom and dad. You’re blessed if you get that unconditional love from your mom and dad.

Many people on this planet have hell lot of money but they didn’t get the love, affection and care from their parents. Money is not going to get it for them.

Similarly, all your friends. You might’ve many friends but to have one true friend is really being lucky. You can’t buy one with millions or billions of dollars.

7. A Goodnight Sleep

You might’ve seen advertisements of pills and drugs for a sound sleep. People especially who’re rich suffer from insomnia, i.e. lack of sleep.

You’re not going to get a sound sleep just because you’ve money or you’re rich. You’ll keep rolling one side to another whole night even if you’ve taken thousand dollar pills daily before sleeping.

All you need for a great sleep is all-day hard work, not drugs.

8. A Loving Spouse

Money is not going to buy your true love. You can never find a spouse of your dreams with the help of money.

Off course, money could help in elevating your social status but it can’t find your life partner.

I’ve seen people who’re rich but they’re unmarried because not being able to find a perfect match.

To get a spouse that is caring and compassionate you need a lot of luck, not just money.

9. Home Cooked Food, Childhood Memories, School Days

On a lighter note, home cooked food especially prepared by your mom is something that you can’t get anywhere. How much you’re ready to pay?

These are small things that money could never buy for you in your life. It’s actually little pleasures that count rather a billion dollar cash in your bank account.

Similarly, there’re other things like your childhood, school and college days that money is never going to get you.

10. Off Course! Peace of Mind and Contentment

The final and most obvious thing is peace of mind. If your life is going through up and down and you’re disturbed then money can’t help you.

Contentment or satisfaction is the only thing that gives peace of mind. If you’re not content what you get or earn then you’ll not be happy.

I’ve personally known people who make a lot of money and they’re millionaire but still not satisfied what they’re getting.

Feeling of discontentment is never going to make one happy in their lives.

Perhaps money could buy many things but it can never buy feeling of contentment.

In conclusion, money could only fulfill your materialistic needs but it can never buy above mentioned 10 things.

To live a happy life, find these 10 things in your life rather running after money and fame.

Do you know any other things that money can’t buy then share with us & others.


  1. Dear Priya,
    Its wonderful, but if you dont mind over all these 10 things I would like to add up the LOVE OF GOD.

  2. Sorry Priya,
    But I am not agree with you. If you were right than why our politician,corrupted officers make money at any cost

  3. DEAR PRIYA,thanks i appericiate yr opinion towards the life.this is right money is not everything in life.but in our straightful life it is must.thanks rajnikant.

    • Hi,
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      Thanks and regards,


  4. i agree that none of these things can b bought by money but the things mentioned not much of the people have also and that is why maybe they run after money.even if people cannot have these things but atleast they can work and earn money and live comfortably,that is what people maybe thinking and hence the run after money.
    people forget that they are getting warmth from the sun,air to breathe and live(most essential),water from rain-
    TOTALLY FREE……what more do we want? we have to be grateful,thats all!!!!!!!!!! anyway good article.thanks.

  5. Dear Madam,
    I agree with you. We need at least little money to live in the world. But the Big money will eat us.
    I can live without money if I have no family.

    There are two types of happiness. One is outward and the other is inward. The outward happiness kills a person slowly but the inward happiness gives a person moral strength slowly.

    If we discuss the [any] matter, there is no end …………………………..

  6. You are very right that all these things nobody can buy with money. But these are very difficult also to get all these things .

  7. Dear Priya,

    I fully agree with you. Peace of my kind cannot buy by throwing money like water. A man should not be greedy. A man needs loving wife, blessed children, some name and fame and ample bank balance.

  8. its right that money is one of the most important part of our life. But if you are making enough money to take care of your family & if you can fulfill all your needs, you need to think if you have to make compromises to make more money.

    • I have tried several sites for online homejobs but all seems to be of useless. I lost the trust on this online job assignment. can you suggest a reliable site to get myself engazed for sometime to earn something to improve the economic condition of my family.

  9. Its really true Priya. I have gone thru all these in my life. When I was middleclass I had a loving wife and kids. When I started earning more and more, it kept me away from my family. Now when I have money I have no loved ones with me.

    • I am really sorry Jullius for this. But that is the truth & we should know the limit of everything.

  10. Everything is fine but depends on output. Thanks you Madem for providing such type of information. Your job is really commendable.


  11. Hey Priya,

    I completely agree with your above mail, but depending upon our situations, we’ve have to move forward sacrificing above mentioned things, Money can’t really fulfill us internally, but it does externally, if a person goes behind above mentioned things, he may get all that with a Perfect Soul mate, but to survive he has to work to get fulfill his basic needs, likely for Shelter, Food and lastly Clothes. Even a better Organization doesn’t give the above mentioned things except the Salary for which we are appointed, but though we are working, why? just to survive. What if a person is alone and has no one behind him, do you thing he’ll go searching of above mentioned things, i don’t think so, First thing he’ll do is search for a suitable job and earn some bucks to pour something in his Stomach,,,,,,,,, Money really matters if we don’t have anyone behind and have someone beside….. [email protected]

    • I am 100% agreed with your words Sahil. Money is one of the most important part of our life. But if you are making enough money to take care of your family & if you can fulfill all your needs, you need to think if you have to make compromises to make more money.


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