5 Things That All Billionaires Have in Common

Pritam Nagrale

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According to the Forbes magazine in May 2005, there were 691 billionaires in the world. Also number of people turning millionaires every day is 1400. You must have dreamt about becoming a millionaire.

But, once you are successful in becoming millionaire, the next step will be to become a billionaire. Every Individual having traits of entrepreneur wishes to have full power of running own business. You will get a great satisfaction level if you get the business reaches to a certain position where it runs by own.

The millionaire with internet as its medium of earning does not have making money as his ultimate goal. Freedom is the wonderful motto for many people across the world. Now, if you observe each Billionaire closely with their characteristics, you will find some common elements in them.


Common elements in all Billionaires

They don’t blame

You will not usually see a billionaire to blame anybody. May he or she is his friend, colleges or politician. A successful billionaire does not have a habit to blame others. They understand really well that, making excuses for bad outcomes is loss of time and money. Instead of passing the responsibility to someone else, it is quite preferable to learn from own mistakes.

Trust over own intuition

Every Billionaire trusts their intuition. If their friends and relatives do not go with their decision, even then they listen to their intuition.

They trust their instinct more than anything else in life. Even if a deal is going to be really risky, if their instinct says this will be beneficial in future, they are always ready to take the risk.

They are decisive

The difference between a common man and a billionaire is the fact that the former thinks several times to take a decision and even then they are not sure about the decision. But, all Billionaires are very good decision makers.

Since they have a sharp vision, they are really efficient to take a decision and that too very effective. Since they are action oriented, all their decision are based upon their goal.

Focus on core business

You may find many small and medium businessmen diverting their mind in many activities. But, every billionaire is quite focused about their goal. They know about their core business from where maximum revenue would be coming in.

Also, the successful businessmen will be well inspired by ideas. But, even then they are quite honest to their vision. They focus on the opportunities which are related to the business. Even if there is variety of obstacles, they don’t lose their focus.

Marketing focus

Most of the billionaires are having focus on marketing. As according to them, whole business of an organization is based on the performance of marketing team. They hire people with specialization in marketing and offer them handsome compensation. Motivation for marketing team is also having good focus for them.

Since not a single billionaire is afraid of making mistake, they are exposed to challenges. They are patient whenever there is a downfall of investment or shares.

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