Where to Sell Old Electronics for Cash Near Me?

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best places to sell old electronics for cash near me

We need electronics, don’t we? I mean, how would we ever live without a TV or computer, mobile phones, DVD or music player, speakers and other such gadgets?

Generally, buying a new electronic gadget costs a lot of money, even if it might not be the latest model, make or series. It's no secret that buying the latest gadgets can sometimes cost a small fortune. Selling older ones means we get much lower prices in every way.

Sometimes, it’s better to sell old electronics because leaving them unused at home or the office means wasting precious space. Also, some components of an electronic gadget could get damaged and contaminate the air, water and soil at your home or office.

Reasons Old Electronics Sell Cheap

Unfortunately, the value or price of every electronic gadget depreciates or lowers with time. 

Newer models with higher features push the prices down the prices of older electronics. Add to that the drop in its price due to our use. Also, consider the age of the gadget. Nowadays, most electronics are sold or disposed of by their owner in just three years. 

Millions of people in the US and the world change their smartphones every six months. They either trade in their older phone or sell it to someone. Others just leave it at home and forget that it exists.

A lot of electronics also get spoiled or develop defects due to misuse. This can occur when lots of persons in the household use an electronic gadget. Households with kids that are allowed to operate electronics can experience this problem.

Furthermore, electronics, like all other stuff on Earth, are prone to damage due to climatic conditions such as intense heat or high humidity or even extreme cold weather. Though modern-day electronics are developed to withstand climatic changes, these are not 100 per cent foolproof.

Other things, such as improper storage of old electronics without proper wrappings, insects and rodents as well as fungus, damage such gadgets.  Your old electronics will generally have some market value only when its spares are easily available in the market at affordable prices.

Overall, these factors always contribute to the lower prices of old electronics.

Differences Between Old Electronics and Antiques

Before you try and sell old electronics, here’s something extremely important that you should know. There’s a vast difference between old electronics. Here’re some of the major differences that you should know since it could help you get better prices and good money.

Antique Value

This is the first category of old electronics that you should really know about. Some of these types of electronics could actually be antique and rare pieces and will fetch a very high price in the market. 

For example, some brands have become defunct despite being at the top of the range in the olden days. For example, AEG Telefunken of Germany was extremely famous all over the world for its superior quality radios. They don’t make radios anymore. Another German firm, Grundig, which also made radios, now focuses on home appliances for the European market.

As a result, you can get only antique radio sets from independent radio sellers on eBay or other websites. Some of these radios and other electronics are so rare that only antique dealers will buy them. There are also cases where reputed auction houses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s or others sold old and used electronics at phenomenal prices at auctions. 

Availability of Spares

Millions of people in the USA and abroad will buy old electronics either directly from you, only if their spares are available easily. For example, some companies continue to make vacuum tubes that were extensively used in some of the antique radios. 

Spares such as transistors, ICs and other components of an electronic gadget might no longer be available. If that happens, you might not get anything from selling old electronics. It has no value except maybe a few Cents as scrap.

Discontinued by Manufacturer

There’re several kinds of electronics that’re no longer made by the manufacturer. These would generally fetch some value in the market if they’re in good working condition and can be serviced with ease. That means such electronics are relevant to date and haven’t become junk.

For example, you won’t find many audio cassette players and recorders or video cassette players and recorders (VCR/VCP). Yet, millions of people worldwide and in the USA have audio cassettes of their favourite recordings or music or videos of top movies of yesteryears. These people will buy your cassette players.

As a matter of fact, a lot of these kinds of music and movies have been digitalized. Yet, there’re thousand or even millions of other soundtracks and videos that’re not yet digitalized. Hence, your recorders and players can find customers.

Historic Brands

Do you have electronics from some historic brands? These include Radio Company of America (RCA), Radio Shack and others. Though Radio Shack continues to have stores across the USA, they don’t make electronics nowadays. Westinghouse, an American brand, was very popular some years back till it exited the consumer electronics market.

The same holds true for some international brands such as National (once a Japanese company and part of Panasonic), TDK, once famous for its audio cassettes no longer makes players. Agfa of Germany stopped making cameras and film, despite being the global pioneer in colour photography. Another German photography major, Praktica, was bought over and is fast fading into history.

If you have electronics and gadgets from these brands, you could get a lot of money. That’s because some of these companies are willing to buy back their own products from consumers. There’re also collectors that will pay a large amount of money for such electronics. That’s because at some point, those electronics were in high demand and are rarely seen or found now.

Ham Radio Equipment

If you have ham radio equipment such as High Frequency (HF) and Very High Frequency/ Ultra High Frequency (VHF-UHF) transceivers that are old, consider yourself lucky. These radio sets used by amateur radio operators around the world, fetch a very high price, even in the old electronics market.

There’s a strange reason for such high costs of ham radio equipment. There’re only about three million active ham radio operators worldwide, according to 2021 figures of International Telecommunications Union, Geneva. However, the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) says, this figure could be wrong, and there could be more.

I am quoting these figures because ham radio transceivers and other electronics have very few buyers. Hence, even an old ham radio transceiver can fetch a very high price in the market. Brands such as Yaesu, Kenwood, Icom and Alinco are the only ones that make these transceivers for ham radio operators. Unfortunately, low demand means higher prices.

Steps to Sell Old Electronics

Any other kind of electronics that I don’t mention above can be sold easily and for a small price. 

I repeat, small price because most consumers prefer buying new electronics for their features and above all, the warranty period that stretches between one year and five years. It’s also possible to buy extended warranty means; you don’t have any hassles if that expensive but a new electronic gadget suddenly develops snags.

If you have a lot of old electronics, follow these simple steps to sell them.

1. Know What Sells

You can sell the following electronics and home appliances very easily, though the money you get will depend on various factors.

  • TV sets
  • AM/ FM radio sets
  • Dishwashers
  • Washing Machines
  • CD/ DVD/ Blue Ray and Cassette Players
  • Air Conditioners
  • Home Heaters & Humidifiers
  • Water Heaters
  • Water Purifiers
  • Mobile Phones
  • Outdated Computers and Laptops
  • Computer Printers and Scanners
  • Home Photocopiers
  • Universal Remote-Control Units
  • All Kinds of Ham Radio Equipment
  • Security Alarms
  • CCTV Surveillance Sets
  • Home Lighting Controllers
  • Inverters and Power Supplies
  • Cameras

Please note this is just a random list. There surely will be many more electronics that you could sell in the market. Therefore, check online for the kinds of used electronics that you wish to sell. Used blood pressure and sugar level meters for home testing also qualify for sale as electronics.

2. Clean and Polish

Always remember, a customer will buy any old or used electronic gadget only if it looks clean and polished. In fact, most buyers of used electronics prefer buying stuff that “looks as good as new.” It’s some sort of psychological need because the buyer feels better.

Therefore, take some time to clean and, where necessary, polish the exteriors of the used electronic gadgets that you wish to sell. Get rid of paint or any other stains on the gadget. You could also use some scratch removal liquids to make the electronics you’re selling appeal to a buyer.

3. Do a Test Run

Always do a test run of the electronics you’re planning to sell. That will give you a clear picture of what needs repairs and the defects, if any, in that gadget. You will definitely have to name these snags if you’re going to sell them on an ‘as is’ basis, without repairs.  

By telling the prospective buyer of these snags, you’re being honest. This means the buyer can’t return the used electronics and ask for a refund or sue for damages or even file a criminal case of cheating.

4. Do Necessary Repairs

As I mentioned earlier, any electronic gadget that doesn’t work is worth scrap only. It would be foolish to expect someone to buy electronics that can’t be repaired and used. Therefore, do the necessary repairs and test run the gadget again to see if any snags remain?

Also, find the cost of these repairs. In most cases, the buyer will ask how much it costs to repair or service the used electronics they’re buying from you. Keep the receipts of all repairs ready for the buyer to verify.

5. Find Original Invoices, Documents

If you’re the first user of these electronics, surely, you would have the invoice issued by the seller, warranty cards and other such documents. Keep them ready and make copies. Any buyer would want to know who used these electronics before buying from you. If you’ve bought these also as preowned stuff, mention that clearly.

An invoice and other documents show that the electronics you’re selling carry all the necessary details. These will include the make and model number, unique identification number, if any, date and year of purchase, cost of the new electronic gadget that you paid and other such details. This helps you find customers faster.

6. Find the Best Prices

This is very easy. Finding the best prices that you can get for your used electronics is as simple as visiting certain websites where such stuff is listed for sale. And you can also ask dealers of that brand and electronics how much you could expect.

Then we also have specialized curators who will give you a quick estimate of the money you could get from selling used electronics. Once you have these rates, calculate shipping and other costs, if necessary. That way, you won’t lose anything because you’re forced to pay for the shipping too.

Where to Sell Used Electronics for Cash Near Me?

Since you’re now aware of the various features of selling used and old electronics, let’s find places where you can get quick buyers for the stuff. 

One thing to bear in mind: never expect customers to buy old electronics without testing them fully. This means you can expect some prospective buyers to visit your home or office or any other location and get a first-hand feel of the gadgets you’re selling.

Secondly, be ready to get a lot of queries from agents and scrap buyers that look for old and used electronics. Usually, they will buy cheap, refurbish and sell.

And finally, make sure that you give accurate information about the old electronics to the buyer. Honesty has its own charm and attracts customers. It can help you avoid a lot of headaches after selling a used electronic gadget.

Here’re the best places to sell used electronics near you for the best possible price.

1. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

The best place to sell used electronics is Facebook Marketplace. That’s because it’s free to use for all Facebook users. Your posts on Facebook Marketplace can be seen within 100 miles of your location. This means you can find buyers for your old and used electronics that’re near your place.

This makes it easier for them to visit and check as well as take away what they buy. Take superb photos, write an honest description and upload them on Facebook Marketplace. Don’t forget to mention your price and shipping terms and conditions.

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2. Craigslist


The grandpa of all classified ads in the USA is Craigslist. In fact, Craigslist has a wonderful section where you can list all the old electronics that you wish to sell. However, posting classifieds on Craigslist comes with one major flipside: you will also get calls from scrap dealers and agents that look for used electronics to refurbish and resell.

They will offer you much lesser than the expected price in most cases. If you’re in a hurry to sell old electronics and get cash urgently, Craigslist could be a good choice.

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3. Garage Sale

Garage Sale

The cheapest way, and perhaps the quickest, too, for selling used electronics is to have your own garage sale. Fix a good date for your garage sale, such as public holidays, festivals and weekends. Let everyone in your neighborhood know about this event. You could also do some word-of-mouth publicity for your garage sale through your social circles.

Post an ad on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and where possible, post a small ad at your nearest church or community center, to attract as many persons as possible. Read online on how to organize and conduct a successful garage sale.

4. Paymore.com


Paymore.com operates through its website and has several stores for brick-and-mortar buying and selling used electronics. Check www.paymore.com for their locations. If you’re unable to find a nearby Paymore store, contact them online using their form or email.

They will get in touch with you regarding the sales of your old and used electronics. Keep all documents and details ready before contacting this company.

5. IWM


IWM or It’s Worth More, is a company that’s got superb ratings from CNET and other websites as well as news magazines. They serve locations across the USA. The first step is to read how IWM works for you to sell used electronics. You can get a free quote to find the amount of money you could get for your used electronics.

They have various options for shipping the goods. IWM buys from you, refurbishes these electronics and resells. You can get cash instantly for your sale. If you want, it’s also possible to buy refurbished electronics from IWM in place of cash.

6. Decluttr.com


Decluttr.com is a favourite website among those who sell used and old stuff, ranging from old mobile phones to furniture and also clothing. They operate all across the US. All you need to do is contact them online with a list of stuff you wish to sell.

The other option is to create a seller’s account on www.decluttr.com and start uploading photos, descriptions, prices and terms and conditions for selling your used electronics. Read the rules of using Decluttr.com to sell your used electronics before selling.

7. Swappa.com


Swappa.com is for selling mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other such stuff from reputed brands. They also buy certain other kinds of used electronics. Swappa.com works like a marketplace for used electronics such as tech products. There’re no middlemen or others involved.

What you sell is bought directly by the user. You have to decide on your terms and conditions as well as the price for your used electronics. Read the terms of service before signing up on www.swappa.com so that you can get some estimates about the various fees.

8. eBay


eBay can be a wonderful place to sell old and used electronics. In fact, you can get superb prices for these old electronics if you refurbish and sell them as a sort of antique or even working items. Check various listings on eBay for different kinds of electronics so that you can get some idea of the prevailing prices.

The first thing to do is open a seller’s account on eBay. Here, I suggest that you read their terms and conditions carefully because selling on eBay attracts some fees. However, these fees are to be paid only after you sell.

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9. Amazon Warehouse

Amazon Warehouse

For those who don’t know: Amazon, the single largest online seller in the world, has a fabulous service for you to sell old and used electronics and other stuff. It’s known as Amazon Warehouse. However, Amazon Warehouse has some strict terms and conditions for selling used and old electronics because its for genuine sellers and buyers.

This means, what you claim in your post to sell used electronics, should be 100 per cent accurate. You will also have to agree to Amazon Warehouse's terms and conditions to use that service.

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10. Buy Back World

Buy Back World

Selling used electronics such as computers and laptops, as well as accessories, used phones and music players, is easy at BuyBack World. The flipside: you can’t sell used TV sets and other used electronic appliances on BuyBack World. The best thing to do is check the listings on www.buybackworld.com to get a fair idea of how much your stuff would be worth. This place is good only for phones and related tech gadgets and not for other household electronics. They also buy used drones if you have one.

You can also sell some of your old electronics to The Salvation Army or organizations that help people living below the poverty line, low-income households, single moms and others.

Wrap Up

As I mentioned earlier, selling old electronics isn’t an easy process. It takes some time and effort if you are serious about getting good money. Some buyers of used electronics might ask for documents that prove you’re not selling stolen stuff. Therefore, follow all the steps that I mention above. That would help you to sell old and used electronics without much hassles.

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