The Pros & Cons of Paid Online Survey Jobs

We all know that the economy is uncertain and so cannot be predicted and many times it gets even worse. That is the cause why most of the people are hugging the culture of working from comfort of home.

Even professionals take up online jobs in order to pay the bills and save amount of money. There are many online jobs which you can do. You can become a graphics artist, programmer, website developer, freelancer writer or survey taker for paid online surveys.

The chances can be limitless if you have the good skill and attitude to make it a grand success as a work at home professional. Paid online surveys are quite common in the online job marketplace. online survey jobs

Most of the companies use them as part of their market studies and lots of individuals earn from such paid surveys.

Now the question arises as why most of the people like to do paid online surveys? The answer to this question is very simple. It is due to lots of pros in doing paid surveys.

The Pros of Online Survey Jobs

1. Online survey jobs do not require any educational background or skills to answer them. What you need to do is comprehension of basic conversational English and simple rules.

2. Online survey jobs do not demand much time. You can do a survey in just five minutes. You will be able to earn as much as your routine job’s salary in just less than eight hours daily. It depends on your willingness and availability to answer survey forms.

3. Online survey jobs do not require contracts when you sign up for such a survey website. What you need to do is to simply fill up the form of registration, pay a certain amount of money if there is a membership fee and then you can initiate taking surveys.

4· They allow you to take multi-task. You can get your regular job at the office and answer surveys when you are at home. Apart from this, you can also do several other things while taking a survey. You get flexible hours when it is a matter of survey taking. It is an ideal for stay-at-home moms and people who are interested to earn more.

5· You are your own boss with paid surveys. You take decision about the number of surveys in order to answer and the time, which you spend answering them. Remember that being a good survey taker provides you much freedom.

6· You can join them free. One of the best things about surveys is that you can join up and try them just for free. It means that there is no involvement of risk in this job.

7· You do not have any obligations or set working time. By joining up such survey site, you do not have any obligation like minimum number of surveys or working time to complete per month. You are absolutely free to do whatever you like. If you really want to earn money, then you must do it. If you are least bothered about it, then you should not. It all depends on you.

8· Even with such pros, there are stills cons of online survey taking. This is the cause why most of the people are dubious about the effectiveness of such online paid surveys.

The Cons of Online Survey Jobs

1· Online survey jobs are prone to scamming. The scamming is either executed by the survey taker which will hurt the interest of the contracting companies or the survey website which scams registration fees from members without providing them any survey invites and the opportunity to earn or get their money back.

2· You receive other modes of payment rather than cash. Some of the companies provide free gifts cards or products in exchange of your taking part in their surveys. Although they may not be bad at all, but you would still like cash if your ambition is to earn money.

3· Some of the surveys have location restrictions. Many times, they only give employment to the survey takers from Australia, Canada, UK and US which are native English speaking countries. Some of the companies would also require a group of people living in a certain city to answer their surveys.

4· You will not become affluent. Unluckily, there are lots of scammers who will claim to make you very rich in less than a week. You should abstain yourself from such gimmicks. Always remember that such online surveys will not make you extremely rich. They are simply a means to earn an additional amount of money. If your desire is to become an internet millionaire, then it is almost impossible.

5· Online survey jobs are not very interesting. It makes your sluggish and dull when you get up from your computer set. Sitting in front of computer for a long time is also harmful for your health. Your eyesight may become weak.

6· By signing up for such online survey sites, you are bound to receive some spam mail. If you join lots of surveys, you will get lots of messages every day. Nevertheless, there is an easy solution. You simply need to create another email address for being registered with such online sites.

Hence, these were some pros and cons of online survey jobs. We all know that nothing is perfect in this world. Whatever has pros has cons also.

So, online survey jobs are no such exceptions. Such online jobs can be pursued in order to earn extra amount. One cannot depend on it wholly.


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