20 Ways to Make Money Without Doing Anything?

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making money without anything

When we think about making money, the word “work” comes to our minds. That’s because most of us believe that working is compulsory to make money. Indeed, it is. But are you aware that there’re ways to make money without doing anything?

Making Money Without Doing Anything?

Yes, that’s right. However, it’s not exactly correct to say that you’ll have to do nothing, and money would rain from the skies or the ceiling of your home. Unfortunately, such miracles never really occur.

Instead, you’ll have to exert some effort, though minimal, to make money. And that’s what this article is all about. How to make money without working or having a full-time or part-time job.

Surely, you would love to learn more about making money without doing anything. Right? So here we go.

Making Money Without Doing Anything

All these ways of making money without doing anything are perfectly legit. And some of these ways are on how to get rich without working. But over and above, these ways to make money doing nothing are suitable for people like us who require an extra income to make ends meet or even to stash away money for the future.

Continue reading as now I’ll describe some of the topmost ways on how to make money without working.

1. Sell Your Hair

 Sell Your Hair

If you’re a woman and have lovely hair, you can sell some of it to make money without doing anything. There are women who claim to make anything between $200 to $4,000 from selling their hair. The amount of money you get depends upon the quality of your hair. For example, “virgin” hair or one that’s lush and never dyed and maintained well fetches the highest price.

There’re several websites in America that will buy your hair. The first thing to do is contact these companies, which will request a sample. Once your hair passes their quality test, they’ll send directions on how to have your hair cut. You’ve to send the cut hair to these companies and get the money.

The hair you sell is used by companies that make wigs and other accessories for women and men that poor hair growth or are bald for any reason.

It’s also possible to sell your pubic hair. Now, this might sound like going a bit too far, but it’s not. There are countless women who can’t have their own pubic hair due to some hormonal deficiency or genetic disorder. These women go for pubic hair transplants with the ones you sell.

2. Sell Your Poop

Sounds simply yuck, doesn’t it? Well, it’s also possible to sell your poop and make money. Understandably, that sounds gross. Who’s going to buy your poop, among all other things, on this planet?

The answer is really simple. Your poop is rich in bacteria that line the human intestines and helps in the digestion and assimilation of nutrients from the food that you eat. And then there are people that don’t have such bacteria in their intestines due to some medical condition or chemotherapy that’s given to victims of cancer.

In such cases, surgeons do a medical procedure known as Fecal Microbial Transplantation. They do so by small volumes of your poop on the intestines of the patient to enable the growth of such beneficial bacteria, amoeba, and fungi.

In fact, there’re medical companies that will buy your poop if it meets their quality standards.

So, the next time you poop, remember you could be flushing down some money even before earning it.

3. Sell Your Pee

sell your pee

This one is also for women. Selling your pee can also help you make some money. Understandably, this sounds laughable because who on Earth is going to pay for that body fluid containing waste? Actually, medical companies buy pee from women. And more so from pregnant women. However, finding buyers for your pee can prove a bit difficult. I’ll explain why.

The pee of women contains a hormone known as Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin or HCG. The volume of HCG is higher among pregnant women and those who are recovering from menstrual cycles.

Medical companies collect your pee in sterile containers and extract HCG. This hormone is made into injections to help women with reproductive problems to ovulate and conceive.

4. Sell Your Virginity

Going even further than selling your hair or poop or pee is actually selling your virginity. And surprisingly, selling virginity is legal, too. The last recorded virginity auction fetched the young woman a whopping $3.2 million.

Therefore, if you’re a young woman and a virgin, getting someone to pay you to pop that cherry could actually make you a millionaire instantly.

There are agencies in the US and Europe that auction your virginity online. And the highest bidder gets to spend the night (or day) with you in a hotel bedroom. You can also expect a lovely and expensive dinner with exquisite wine and some precious gifts from the buyer of your virginity.

The common myth is that older people buy virginity. That’s a myth. Even millionaires as young as 30 often bid at virginity auctions.

5. Sell Your Placenta

Sell Your Placenta

The placenta is a body fluid that develops in pregnant women. One of the functions of the Placenta is to provide a sort of cushion to the fetus. And when the woman delivers, her placenta sac breaks to release some of it.

However, lots of placenta does remain in your body when you deliver. And you can sell this placenta and make money without doing anything.

Generally, you can make about $5 per ounce of your placenta. Who uses it? Actually, cosmetic companies that make exclusive skincare products use human placenta in their formulas. In some cases, artists use placenta for paintings because such art fetches a lot of money.

Then there are medical companies that use the human placenta for various kinds of pharmaceutical preparations, too. The amount of money you make also depends upon the quality and volume of your placenta.

6. Sell Your Plasma

 Sell Your Plasma

Plasma is very useful in treating life-threatening medical conditions. To become a plasma donor, you’ve to register with any collection lab in your locality. If they find you’re in good health and can donate plasma. Most plasma donors or sellers make between $20 and $50 per week.

To sell your plasma is legit under current Federal laws. The lab will first draw your blood as they do for blood donors. And they’ll extract plasma from your blood. The remaining portion of the blood will be transfused back into your body within an hour or so.

Plasma collection centres usually issue you a prepaid debit card. And each time you donate plasma, they’ll credit your money on that debit card. This is usually done within an hour or two of selling your plasma.

7. Sell Your Friendship

sell your Friendship

Did you know it’s actually possible to sell your friendship? There are tens of thousands of lonely people in America who’re willing to pay you to become your pal.

It’s not necessarily an amorous relationship. The only thing that buyers of friendship want is for your company or you to call and message them every day. Some of these “friends” might also visit you and spend some time.

This system originated in Japan which has a large population of singles and lonely persons. Now, the same system has spread worldwide, including in America. You might be able to get buyers of your friendship through websites that offer the service.

8. Become a Sugar Baby

 Become a Sugar Baby

Sugar babies are legit in America, though a lot of controversy goes behind this way of making money without practically doing anything. This is an ideal way for women to make money and get some expensive gifts and superb entertainment from their clients.

Again, a sugar baby doesn’t offer sexual pleasures, and that’s the reason it’s allowed in America.

If you’re a fresher, here’s a bit about sugar babies. They’re generally attractive young women. Most of them are college or university students who are looking for a side gig to make money. Their customers are usually older men.

As sugar baby, all you’ve got to do is accompany the man to classy restaurants, entertainment shows and shopping sprees. You get to stay at the swankiest hotels in town in your own room and receive really expensive gifts from the man, who’s known as a sugar daddy.

Usually, sugar daddies also pay your college fees in return for your company. That’s because only the wealthy can afford to have one or more sugar babies.

9. Rent Your Clothes & Accessories

Rent Your Clothes & Accessories

If you have an amazing collection of clothes and accessories, you can make money by simply renting them out for a few days. That includes your pretty wedding gown, too, if you’re married and have one in that wardrobe. There are countless women and men who would rent clothes from you for special occasions and parties.

There are some websites where you can register to rent out your clothes and accessories. Once you create an account successfully, upload pictures of your garments with proper descriptions, sizes and other details, as well as the rate you’re charging on an hourly or daily basis.

You can also rent out accessories such as jewellery and trinkets by taking some money as a security deposit for these pricey items. Some women claim they’re earning a neat $5,000 per month or more simply by renting out their clothes and accessories.

10. Elderly Sitter

Elderly Sitter

Elderly sitters are somewhat like babysitters. Instead of babies, elderly sitters provide companionship to senior citizens. Basically, these retirees would be women and men that’re living alone. Hence, they need someone to care for them during the day.

You don’t have to do much except remind them and make sure they take meals and medications, if any, on time.

Generally, an elderly sitter can expect up to $25 per hour. This is the perfect way to make money doing nothing because you’ll also be having meals with the seniors and chatting with them, telling them stories, and having a fun time together. Often, these seniors will treat you like a family member and welcome you to their homes.

11. Product Testing

Product Testing

Product testing is another superb way to make money doing nothing. All that you’ll have to do to become a product tester is sign up on specific websites. When your application is accepted, the market research company will send you their products that’re either available on the market or are yet to be launched.

You’ve to simply use these products, such as skincare creams, toothpaste, washing detergents, energy drinks and other stuff and write a small review. These companies will actually pay you for using their products.

As a product tester, you will not only save money on buying useful household stuff but also make some money on the side without doing anything.

12. Selling Useless Stuff

Selling Useless Stuff

Look around the house, especially the basement. Surely, you’ll find a lot of useless stuff or things that you’re not using anymore. Selling these can fetch you a good amount of money. However, be careful about what you sell because sometimes, there could be precious and antique objects lying around the house or basement.

You can advertise such stuff for sale on Craigslist and other similar free classifieds ads. You needn’t repay the stuff if they’re furniture or electronic items. Instead, simply sell them on an “as is” basis because that would save you some effort and help you to make money without doing anything. In fact, you’ll be amazed by the number of people that want your useless stuff.

13. Sell Your Gift Cards & Coupons

Sell Your Gift Cards & Coupons

All of us get gift cards and coupons during a celebration or when we win something. These gift cards are often from top sellers such as Amazon and Walmart. However, their face values might not be significant enough or we might not be needing these gift cards and coupons to buy something.

Instead of using these gift cards and gift coupons, sell them online. There’re several companies that buy such gift cards and sell them at a lower price. This of course, means that you might not get money worth the face value of the gift card or gift coupon.

Maybe you’ll get around five percent to 10 percent less. But yet, this is one more way to make money without doing anything.

14. Trade-off Loyalty Points

Trade-off Loyalty Points

The loyalty points you have from airlines, credit cards, debit cards, and other memberships generally go to waste. Unless of course, you redeem them for an air ticket or an upgrade or some freebie.

Many of us don’t even realize or know that we’re members of some loyalty program, and these points expire after a few months. This means we can’t exchange them anymore for freebies or air tickets and upgrades.

If you know some frequent flyers or people who regularly stay at hotels or require something, you can trade off money for your loyalty points. I’ve done this once when a friend needed three air tickets for a short journey.

I bought these air tickets using my frequent flyer miles but took cash worth the value from this friend. This is a perfectly legit system of trading off your loyalty points. In fact, some loyalty programs also allow you to transfer your loyalty points to another account.

15. Toss Vegetable Seeds

Toss Vegetable Seeds

Yes. Toss a few seeds of vegetables in the soil of your backyard or plant them carefully. And when these vegetables grow, invite neighbours to pick and buy them. This is an ideal way to make money without doing anything. You don’t need to specifically water these vegetable seeds too- they’ll get automatically irrigated when you water your garden.

There’s a huge demand for homegrown vegetables. If you wish to exert some effort, sow these vegetable seeds carefully in your backyard and pick the vegetables yourself.

Cauliflowers, cabbage and lots of such vegetables will readily grow in the soil in your backyard and net you a good amount of money regularly.

16. Watch and Rate TV Shows

Watch and Rate TV Shows

This way of making money without doing anything much actually pays you very well. There are market research companies that are on the payroll of entertainment firms. They want viewers to watch their shows and ads and give them feedback. And they’ll pay you for such feedback.

They will send you a feedback form or an online form. All you need to do is watch those shows and ads and tick mark wherever it’s needed according to your opinion. They pay as much as $15 per feedback.

With some practice, you can become a full-fledged reviewer and make a lot of money doing nothing but watching TV.

17. Become a Mascot

Become a Mascot

A mascot usually stands outside a store or restaurant to attract and welcome customers. You don’t really need to work on anything to become a mascot. All that’s to be done is wearing that mascot costume and standing outside the store or restaurant to attract people.

Some kids might pose with you for a picture, too. As a mascot, you could get up to $ 12 per hour and possibly a free meal if it’s some restaurant for whom you pose as a mascot. Generally, this is fun, and you’re not doing anything but welcoming people.

18. Slidejoy

Slidejoy is an app that you can download on your smartphone. Upon activation, it will display ads on your phone. All you need to do is slide the ad when you wish to make or receive a phone call. Every time you slide the ad, Slidejoy will credit some points to your account. And these points are worth hard cash.

As a Slidejoy community member, you can seek a payout when your account has at least $10 worth of points to your credit. They send you the money by PayPal or give you Google Play points to buy premium and paid apps.

19. Start Own Fundraiser

Start Own Fundraiser

Begging is illegal in some parts of the world and also shameful despite the fact that some beggars have amassed huge wealth mainly by begging for small amounts of money. Instead of begging, you can launch your own fundraiser. However, you’ll need a strong enough reason to launch a fundraiser.

You can make some money doing nothing but promoting the fundraiser on your Facebook page or passing a kitty around during religious services at shrines. However, as I mentioned earlier, you’ll need a solid reason to collect funds for yourself because people won’t part with their money so easily.

20. Sell Your Panties

sell your panties

And finally, and also for women: sell your panties. Here, we’re not talking about your old and discarded panties or the ones that are fresh out of the washing tub. I’m speaking about new panties that you’ll wear, remove and sell without washing.

Or, in simple words, dirty panties. Selling such panties is an industry in its own right. There are several websites that provide you with an online platform to sell your dirty panties. Generally, men looking for that intimate female scent will buy your dirty panties. You can earn up to $500 or even more for simply wearing panties.

In Conclusion

These are the 20 best ways to make money without doing anything. I mean, without doing any serious work. That’s because getting money in any of the above ways does require some effort on your part. Also, people who would pay the money earn it with their work or business.

Hence, they will never part with the money so easily and without a strong reason. You can use any of these 20 ways to make money doing nothing only as a source of side income because you won’t be able to earn your livelihood in this manner.

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