10 Excellent Ways To Make Money on Twitter?

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By the first quarter of 2023, Twitter had some 206 monetizable daily users worldwide, according to the European statistics portal Statista.

However, there are over 322.4 million Twitter users worldwide, according to Statista. This makes it one of the most popular social networking platforms in the world.

In fact, almost every top personality in the world- from billionaires to business captains, politicians to large corporations use Twitter to get their messages through to their followers.

Now, these figures make Twitter a very interesting social media platform for anyone who wants to make money tweeting. If you’re among such persons who would love to monetize your Twitter account, there are 10 amazing ways to do so.

But firstly, you need to do three things. I will explain these in detail.

Steps to Follow Before Monetizing Your Twitter Account

These four things are rather simple, and you can easily do them yourself. Without these three, it might not be possible to make money on Twitter. Therefore, follow these steps carefully.

1. Create a Twitter Account

Create a Twitter Account

If you don’t have a Twitter account already, create one right away. And even if you have one, it’s advisable in some cases to create a second one, mainly for monetizing.

That way, you could use your Twitter account for personal purposes and another one to make money tweeting.

To create a second Twitter account, all that you need is another email ID. Anyone using Twitter will testify that it’s very easy to make a Twitter account.

2. Make a Fabulous Twitter Profile

Make a Fabulous Twitter Profile

The second step to making money on Twitter is to create a fabulous Twitter profile. This is very important since people will offer you money-making opportunities only if your profile is impressive.

Therefore, take some time to think about what you should post on your profile. Also, select the cover picture of your Twitter profile that suits your profile. And use your own photo as the display picture (DP) to ensure that people know you by face.

Here I would recommend you to look at the Twitter profiles of some leading personalities. That would give you some idea on how to make a fabulous Twitter profile for yourself.

3. Get Hundreds of Followers

Get Hundreds of Followers

This is the most important part of Twitter when it comes to making money. You will require hundreds, if not thousands, of followers for your Twitter account.

Now, this is something that could take some time. Therefore, start Tweeting things that’re of public interest and Retweet interesting content. Also, respond to Tweets by famous personalities.

There are various software that allow you to get some following. However, I favour generic or original followers instead of artificially boosted ones. Therefore, make sure that your Tweets are interesting and engaging to the widest possible audience.

One of the tricks here is to make your Tweets global. A lot of people Tweet only about local issues. Instead, aim for an international audience.

4. Tweet Several Times a Day

Tweet Several Times a Day

One of the best ways to attract attention is by Tweeting several times a day. It’s not necessary that you create your own Tweets all the time. Instead, you could Retweet other’s Tweets and respond too.

The more you Tweet and Retweet, the greater your chances of drawing the attention of people that could help you monetize your Twitter account.

However, you need to be very selective about the types of Retweets and persons whom you’ll follow as well as your own Tweets.

Preferably, your Tweets should pertain to some niche. That way, you stand a better chance of attracting followers and stakeholders in that particular niche. These, in turn, could help you make money on Twitter.

10 Ways to Make Money on Twitter

There are several amazing ways to make money on Twitter. Here, I’ll discuss 10 of these. However, bear the above four points in mind and work on them before using any of these ideas. Else, you might not get the desired results in making money.

1. Sponsored Tweets

Sponsored Tweets

Once you’ve hundreds or even thousands of followers on Twitter, you can accept sponsored Tweets. Generally, businesses, famous personalities and other organizations will pay you money to Tweet on their behalf.

That means, you’ll be Tweeting content that they provide but pass it on as though it’s from you.

Generally, political parties, large organizations and smaller businesses that wish to advertise their products through Twitter will offer some money if you Tweet on their behalf.

This is done purely for the purpose of advertising and to generate some independent publicity. Sponsored Tweets will go in your name, with the main party remaining unknown.

Since you have lots of followers, organizations will consider you as an influencer or micro-influencer.

2. Sell Email List

Sell Email List

Your Twitter account enables you to build an active email user list. And countless businesses, persons and organizations are willing to pay you a lot of money for your email list.

They need this email list to mail promotions and other information to what can be prospective customers or even voters if the buyer is a political entity.

According to a report by WPForms, email marketing can increase engagement with a website by as much as 300 percent. And that’s why the email list from your Twitter account becomes a valuable resource to all sorts of organizations and individuals.

Generally, Twitter works on email or phone numbers for signing up. Therefore, you can capture the email of your followers quickly when they subscribe to your Tweets.

There are various software available for capturing the email IDs of your followers from a Twitter account.

3. Do Affiliate Marketing

If you think that a website or blog is necessary for affiliate marketing, think again. Actually, affiliate marketing can be done over Twitter, too. You can sign up with any good online store or ecommerce company that offers affiliate programs to make money.

In fact, Amazon offers a superb affiliate marketing program known as Amazon Associates. About 42 percent of all Amazon sales come from its affiliate marketers.

Amazon offers between two percent and 18 percent of the original cost of the product as affiliate commissions.

There’re superb affiliate marketing programs you can find online. And you can sign up with any online seller and promote affiliate links through your Twitter account.

That way, you can earn money from your Tweets. Whenever anyone clicks on your affiliate link on a Tweet, you get some money when they make a purchase.

4. Sell Your Own Merchandise

Sell Your Own Merchandise

If you’re an influencer or have a large following, you can also sell your own merchandise through Twitter and make money.

Generally, influencers promote their own merchandise. This includes coffee mugs, plaques, T-shirts, shoes and scarves, mobile phone covers and lots of other stuff. You can have these made in a small quantity at the beginning and promote them through your Tweets.

There are two ways to sell your merchandise. One is by offering a link to your online store or blog directly on your Tweet.

Or by directly offering a link on your Tweet. Both these ideas work very well. You can also use both these ways to make money on Twitter by selling your own merchandise.

5. Promote a Giveaway Campaign

Promote a Giveaway Campaign

Generally, giveaway campaigns are conducted by online as well as offline sellers. You can offer these retailers to run a giveaway campaign on your Twitter for your followers. This attracts a lot of crowds and can also increase your following exponentially.

Some of these giveaways include free product samples or merchandise that carries the brand name and logo. However, there’s one small issue when it comes to giveaways.

The seller, retailer, or organization might not be interested in shipping the freebie abroad or to distant locations because it’s not their target market.

However, you can state in your Tweets that your giveaway campaign is available only in a specific area. That you’ll be running other giveaway campaigns for those who’re left out of the present one.

6. Promote Coupons

Promote Coupons

This is one more way to monetize your Twitter account by offering coupons for discounts on stores and online sellers. That also increases your following by hundreds if you’re offering superb coupons.

Everyone looks for discount coupons while shopping for stuff such as household requirements or seasonal needs. And when you provide these coupons, your followers will Retweet them to their friends and relatives.

Therefore, a store or online retailer can witness an increase in sales.

And you can make money from the seller for Tweeting their coupons. And you can also direct people to the website of a store to get these coupons through your Tweets. In any case, you will make some money from Twitter through these ways.

7. Loan Your Twitter Handle

 Loan Your Twitter Handle

This is one more way to make money tweeting when you’ve got a large following. You can loan it out to organizations, individuals, and other interested parties. This means you’re giving them full permission and control over your Twitter account.

However, be careful when you’re doing this because if your Twitter account falls into the wrong hands, you could land in legal trouble.

There are large organizations that want to use your Twitter handle and get the data from it, such as telephone numbers of your followers and the frequency of their Tweets, location and other stuff. Also, they’ll use your Twitter handle to Tweet their promotions or other content.

In such cases, you can expect a lot of money from any reputed organization that rents or loans your Twitter handle.

8. Display Ads on Twitter

Display Ads on Twitter

Other than text messages, Twitter also allows you to post pictures. That way, you can Tweet ads for various companies using your Twitter and make money for the service.

This is yet another legitimate way to make money on Twitter, provided you’re not tweeting any objectionable content.

Twitter ads are very popular since they reach a wide audience within a fraction of a second and can attract almost instant reactions from people.

You’ve to inform the organization that’s posting these ads about the reactions and make more money from the feedback.

9. Twitter Media Studio

Twitter Media Studio

Twitter Media Studio is a free resource from Twitter. You can use this resource to stream videos and ads to your followers and monetize your Twitter account.

To do so, you’ll have to tie up with individuals or organizations that want to Tweet videos or music or ads through your Twitter account.

Using Twitter Media Studio, however, requires some practice. And it’s only possible to Tweet ads and other content through this amazing resource when you’ve got a really large following that would matter to any organization or individual.

However, I read a lot about using Twitter Media Studio to get some idea on deploying it to make money on Twitter.

10. Customer Service

Nowadays, lots of businesses are using Twitter as a social media platform to provide customer service. This is possible because Tweets are almost instant. You could use your Twitter account for any organization that’s interested in customer service, too.

The process of monetizing your Twitter account this way is very simple. You can respond to Tweets from a customer or direct them to the organization with whom you’ve tie-ups.

A lot of businesses use Twitter because it assures customers that their issues will be taken care of immediately.

In fact, government services also use Twitter to inform people about the launch of a new service or how to avail it while responding to grievances if any.

This way, you can make a lot of money through Twitter while keeping customers of that organization happy.

In Conclusion

These are the top 10 ways to make money from Twitter. That’s the reason you’ll have to make a superb Twitter profile and grow your following. This can take time and patience, but the rewards will be worthwhile.

Thousands of people make money on Twitter. You can, too. However, do not forget to take the most important steps in growing your following.

Because with Twitter, numbers do matter a lot. You can pitch your Twitter account for monetization only when you’ve hundreds or thousands of followers, I will emphasize as I conclude.

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