How to Make Money Without a Job?

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how to make money without a job every day and fast

All of us need money to live. I mean, we have to pay for basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter. At the same time, we require a few important things, too, including education, communications, transport and entertainment. Millions of people worldwide also have to pay for their daily medicines because they suffer from a long sickness.

Actually, there are several ways to get money. Let’s look at these different ways to make money that’s common around the world. That would give you a clear picture of how to make money without a job.

Different Ways to Make Money

Almost every person on earth does something or other to get the money they need to live.

The only people that don’t need money include babies, seniors with sufficient retirement funds, tribes that live in places with no connection to the modern world and monks and hermits that live in forests and mountains, in total isolation from civilization.

Therefore, here are some of the things that people do to make money:

  • Begging: Though it’s not dignified, millions of persons are forced to beg for money. Some beggars have skills and could work but choose begging since it’s almost an effortless way to get money.
  • Charity: Persons with physical and mental disabilities and certain categories of people get money from charities because of their situations. These donations are made by religious groups, social service organizations, or even individuals.
  • Job: This is perhaps the most common way to make money. Countless people in the world take a job and sell their skills in exchange for wages or salary.
  • Business: Some women and men provide products and services to individuals or companies to make money.
  • Freelancing: There are about 52 million freelancers in the US. The Department of Labor and Employment categorizes freelancers as independent contractors.
  • Invest: Most millionaires get back money from their investments in businesses, stocks and other assets.
  • Crime: Unfortunately, highly educated persons in top positions also commit crimes for money to amass wealth, while some people that’re poor have no option than money or something else. Some are forced into crime.
  • Entertainment & Sports: A very dignified to make money is from the sports and entertainment industries. Artists and sportspersons practice hard to keep their skills in demand.

If we look at these eight ways, it’s clear there are seven different things that can be done to make money without a job.

Out of these seven ways, I will eliminate three- begging, living off charity and crime.  This leaves us with four different ways to make money without a job. These include business, freelance or independent contracting, entertainment sports and investing.

Now, we will explore various ways to make money without a job using these four different and interesting ways.

How to make money without a job?

There are different ways to make money using the four ways, as I mentioned earlier. These are legit ways and in fact, some of these would surely be interesting because they don’t really need educational degrees or qualifications.

Here are some of the ways that I would suggest if you wish to make money without a job.

1. Sports Coach

sports coach

Anyone, including seniors, can make money by training others how to play a sport or even an indoor game such as poker or chess. If you’re good at a sport or game, coach others who wish to learn the skill.

2. Modelling


Everyone can work as a model, provided you’ve photogenic features or can act well. Lots of local businesses require models that are ordinary people because they can’t really afford the stiff charges of hiring a professional model. You can find this job on certain websites.

3. Rental Income

Rent house or vehicle

Have extra space in your home or a car you don't always use? You can turn these into money-makers by renting them out. You can list your home for short-term rentals on Airbnb and your car on Turo for others to rent.

Keeping your home or car in top shape is key to drawing in and keeping renters. Yes, you'll need to put in some work to manage your property and guests, but the regular income you can get from this is a big plus.

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4. Digital Products

If you're creative with writing, music, or design, selling digital products like eBooks, online courses, or stock photos could be very profitable. Sites like Amazon Kindle and Shutterstock make selling easy.

The great thing about digital products is you create them once and sell them many times. Just make sure your products stand out and offer real value.

5. Blogger


If you’re passionate about something- regardless of whether it’s your hobby or skills and can write well, open a blog to make money without a job. There are different ways to make money with a blog, such as monetizing it with Google AdSense or accepting paid posts.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide. You can also become an affiliate marketer by joining a good program for free. Create affiliate links and post them on your blog, YouTube videos or social media. When someone clicks and buys from your links, you get money.

7. YouTuber


A YouTuber is someone that opens a channel and uploads videos on YouTube. Opening a YouTube channel is free and easy, too. But you have to upload interesting videos that people will love. You can make money from Google AdSense, live Super Chat and affiliate marketing.

8. Licensing Your Ideas

Do you have a unique product idea or invention? You can license it to companies for a fee or royalties. Make sure to protect your idea with a patent first. This way, you can earn money from your idea without managing the product yourself. While it takes some work to get a patent, the financial rewards for a great idea can be huge.

9. Create an App

Create an app

Creating an app yourself or having one made can also help you earn lots of money. However, to make money, such an app has to be useful to a large number of people and attract advertisers. You get money from advertisers to display their ads on your app.

10. Multilevel Marketing

Multilevel Marketing

Multilevel Marketing, or MLM, is also known as network marketing. To become a network marketer, sign up with some good companies and sell their products through your social network. There are lots of superb MLM companies, including Avon and Tupperware that you can join as a network marketer to make money without a job.


11. Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

If you adore pets, consider pet sitting or dog walking. Rover makes it easy to find pet owners who need your help. Being trustworthy and caring for the animals well is important. The best part? You earn money while spending time with pets!

12. Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shoppers are women and men who work freelance for market research companies. You’ll get an assignment from the company where you’re registered. These assignments include shopping at specific places, dining out at restaurants, or merely visiting an office to find the quality of service.

You’ve to observe various things, buy some stuff or dine out at the restaurant and provide a detailed review about various features such as your experience. You can make $300 per task, and you get to keep the shopping while dining out is free.

13. Gig Walker

Download an app called Gigwalk and keep your phone location service switched on. You can get several handyperson tasks in the area where you’re located at any point in time. If you accept, the app provides you with an address and directions to reach the place to complete the task.

They have various handyperson tasks such as moving stuff, minor repairs of various things, assisting people in their work and so on. You can make $30 per hour or more, depending on the task you accept.

14. Bartender

If you have a lot of knowledge about alcoholic drinks and how to create amazing cocktails, work as a bartender at bars, discos, pubs, plush hotels or even parties.

You are free to work when you want. This job requires no specific qualifications. It needs your drink-mixing and cocktail-blending skills and a knack for entertaining people where needed.

15. Financial Consultant

Financial consultants or investment advisers, as they’re often known, don’t work for anyone. They’re independent contractors that people approach when they need the best advice on savings, investing or buying insurance.

They get paid by both- their client and the companies with whom they have tie-ups to promote and sell their savings, investments and insurance products.

16. Investing

Putting your money into stocks, real estate, or cryptocurrencies can help it grow, but don't expect quick riches. It's all about the long-term strategy.

Start with thorough research or get advice from a financial advisor if you're new. Spread your investments to minimize risk—never risk everything on one investment. Always be aware of the risks and only invest money you can afford to lose. With patience, this strategy can pay off.

17. Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex comes from the single-largest online retailer in the world, Amazon. Join Amazon Flex and become one of their delivery agents.

They pay $25 per hour or more, depending on your location and the nature of deliveries. To join, download the Amazon Flex app and fill in the relevant details. Once you’re selected, you can choose the delivery slots when you wish to work.

18. Onboard Courier

Logistics companies often need onboard couriers to carry sensitive company documents, live organs for transplant, or precious stuff.

The company bears the cost of your air ticket, food and stay at the destination. Your task is simply to carry the stuff and deliver it to the person or business personally. Other than covering your costs, logistics companies also pay about 65 per hour.

19. Entertainer

Entertainers can earn as much as $100 per hour if they have the skills. Generally, hotels and event management companies look for various kinds of entertainers, such as dancers and musicians.

There are agents that scout for new talent, and if they like your dance or music, they could enlist you as a freelancer. If you’re part of any band, that too can help make money without a job.

20. Mystic or Medium

Mystics and mediums are in great demand everywhere in the US. That’s because thousands of women and men go to them to see supernatural answers for down-to-the-earth problems.

Some mystics and mediums claim to possess powers to speak with spirits or ghosts and foretell your future. They also conduct séances to invite ghosts to speak with their clients.

Other Ways to Make Money Without a Job

These are the 20 genius ways to make money without a job. Additionally, there are some other things like getting into the dropshipping business or opening a store on Etsy or Shopify. However, these require some money as investments.

Wrap Up

Additionally, you can write a book and sell it online through Amazon or do home sitter or babysitter tasks. There’s no shortage of stuff you can do to make money, regardless of whether you have a job or don’t even want one. Millions of people make money using these 20 ways I have written about.

Before I conclude, here’s a word of caution. Making money without a job can be fun and interesting. However, there are usually no guarantees of a fixed income, such as wages or salary, at the end of the day or month.

All these ways to make money without job, depend entirely on your skills. Also, you might have to pay taxes on the money you make from such ways. Check with the local Internal Revenue Service (IRS) about taxation rules before you start.

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