How to Make Money Reviewing Amazon Products?

Sanket Patil

how to make money reviewing amazon products

Amazon is the single-largest online marketplace in the world. During 2022, Amazon recorded sales worth a whopping $356 billion. This figure represents some 37.8 per cent of all online sales in the US.

One of the biggest advantages of shopping online, other than prices and free delivery, is the ability to return the stuff and get refunds. This means that, in most cases, you can return your purchases within a reasonable time and get refunds or replacements if the stuff is defective or doesn’t match the specs you want.

However, the average return rate for Amazon ranges between only five per cent and 15 per cent. That’s because most customers are happy with their purchases. The highest number of returns happen because of physical damage or missing parts.

So, why does Amazon have such a low rate of shoppers returning their purchases? The answer lies in customers reading reviews online before buying something.

Trend of Reading Online Reviews

You might be surprised: about 99 per cent of all online shoppers read independent reviews about a product or service before placing orders, according to various sources. Statista claims that about 60 per cent of online shoppers read between one and nine product reviews before making a final decision to buy.

This simply points to one fact. Consumers nowadays wish to know beforehand what they’re paying for and expect to get value for their money. They read independent blogs and watch YouTube videos with reviews of the stuff they wish to buy. They’re no longer influenced by catchy ads from companies and businesses.

The same holds true for Amazon. You can find a large customer review section along with almost every product. And you can also find honest, independent reviews on various blogs and news websites. These reviews form an integral part of marketing for Amazon.


How to Make Money Reviewing Amazon Products?

Obviously, nobody is going to write a review for nothing. If we check reviews on Amazon, they’re usually written by happy or unhappy customers. At the same time, there’s an entire army of independent reviewers who make a lot of money by reviewing products on Amazon.

If you’re interested in making some money by reviewing products on Amazon, here are some of the known and legitimate ways. In the US, there are laws that don’t permit paid reviews. However, the methods I will describe allow you to make money by reviewing products on Amazon legally.

1. Start a YouTube Channel

Start A YouTube Channel

You can open a YouTube channel for free and start reviewing products that are available on Amazon. However, to do so, you should be a genuine customer and user of that product. Or, you can interview somebody who’s bought and used the stuff and post the videos on your YouTube channel.

Amazon doesn’t pay for such reviews, but you can make money from Google AdSense when you get a certain number of subscribers for the channel and meet other requirements.

2. Amazon Vine

Amazon Vine

Amazon Vine is an amazing program from the company. However, this is an “invitation only” program. This means you can join only if Amazon invites you to become a member of the Amazon Vine’s Voice community.

Usually, Amazon invites only select shoppers who’ve consistently written superb and honest reviews about their purchases. If you’re lucky enough to become a Voice for Amazon Vine, you can order products for free and write reviews for Amazon.


3. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is Amazon's affiliate marketing program. It has about a million members in the US, and the number keeps growing every month. Amazon affiliates usually market products over blogs and social media or even email marketing.

They earn commissions whenever anyone buys something using their affiliate link. You, too, can enrol on Amazon Associates to become an affiliate marketer and earn money reviewing products on your blog or social media platforms.

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4. Blogging


Open a blog and start reviewing products available on Amazon. The first thing you could do is identify the niche of products that you will review. Buy the products or get tester packs where possible and write honest reviews.

You can also add affiliate links by joining the Amazon Associate program. Or, you can simply make money from Google AdSense by monetizing the blog. Accept sponsored content for the blog from companies that make the stuff as advertising. You can also accept ads from manufacturers and make money.

5. Sampling Websites

Sampling Websites

There are a few websites where you can register and get free samples of everything from washing soaps to diapers and food. Become part of their tester community and start getting these samples.

Once you have tried these free samples, you’re expected to provide an honest review to the marketing company and manufacturer. This also qualifies you to write reviews about the same stuff on Amazon. Though this method doesn’t really earn you money, you could save a lot by using free stuff.

Other Ways on How to Earn Money Reviewing Amazon Products?

There are a couple of more ways to make money by reviewing products sold on Amazon. One of these is to join a paid online survey community. Very often, they have paid surveys about something that you could have used and is available on Amazon.

You won’t make lots of money with this because paid online surveys give you reward points that can be redeemed for shopping coupons or cash.

Then, we have some websites that actually pay you to write reviews. However, I can’t comment on whether these websites are legitimate or whether offering paid reviews is legal in some US states. However, you can explore the possibilities of joining these websites and making some money from reviews.

In some countries, sellers on Amazon include a card with their contact details. The buyer has to write a positive review on Amazon itself and send the link or screenshot to the seller. In return, the buyer gets some gift or cashback from the seller. I am not certain if this system is legit in the US.

Wrap Up

Try any of these ways to earn money by reviewing stuff for Amazon. As Amazon’s market share continues to grow, the demand for honest reviews will also rise. You can make some money from this booming industry, too.

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