Scrap Yard Near Me: How to Find the Best Yards (that Pay Big Money!)

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Selling scrap won’t make you rich, unless you’ve tons of metal and other items or, are a scrap dealer or recycler. However, selling scrap lying in and around the house can definitely fatten your purse or wallet or boost your bank account with a few Dollars.

Most of us tend to ignore scrap. It lies rusting or rotting in various places around the house, such as the basement or garage and, often, in our rooms. 

Sometimes, we “inherit” scrap from the previous homeowner, that left it behind for some reason. And, we don’t dispose of such “inherited” scrap because we believe the past homeowner might someday come to fetch it. Trust me, that never happens.

Therefore, what should we do with scrap? The answer is simple: Sell it to the nearest scrapyard that offers the best price. 

Reasons to Sell Scrap

Actually, there are several good reasons to sell scrap. 

The first reason, of course, is that you can get some money from the sale. Often, it’s not something very considerable. I mean, at best, you can earn a few hundred Dollars. However, I assure you that this money can be useful.

Secondly, selling scrap helps save the planet. That’s because scrapyards often send materials for recycling. This process saves natural resources and reduces waste. Nowadays, there’s a lot of stuff that can be recycled, including metal, plastics, paper and board, glass, cloth and even oil.

Thirdly, leaving scrap lying around the house can be hazardous to the family’s health and yours too. That’s because certain types of scrap tend to contaminate the air, soil and water in your house if you keep or leave it in the wrong places. There are cases where scrap has caused Lead or Mercury poisoning through contaminated food and water.

And finally, clearing and selling scrap helps free up precious space at home and gives it a neat and clean appearance. In fact, a tidy and well-organized home boosts our spirits while untidy and cluttered places tend to lower them, according to psychologists.

So, how do we get about knowing what scrap can be sold? Read further. I will list some of the common items you could sell as scrap.

Stuff that Sells as Scrap

Here are some of the common items you can find lying in or around your home that would qualify for sale as scrap. Here’s something worth knowing: Not all scrapyards buy all kinds of material. Therefore, you might have to look for different scrapyards and recyclers.

Here’s a broad list of things you can sell as scrap:

Actually, the list of things that can be sold as scrap is fairly long. Briefly, anything that recyclers can use qualifies for sale as scrap and has some value.

Finding the Value of Scrap

The toughest part of selling scrap is knowing exactly how much money you would get. That’s because each scrap material has its own value and some fetch nothing at all. Additionally, scrapyards will buy only if you’ve some sizeable quantity.

Though some scrap might not sell, it’s still worth giving away free to recyclers: you’re helping Planet Earth and its environment while cleaning your home of unwanted stuff. 

Steps To Sell Scrap

Furthermore, selling or giving away scrap isn’t an easy job either. You have to actually prepare for the sale. I will describe briefly, some of the steps you could take to start selling scrap.

Gather All Scrap

Regardless of the material, gather all scrap at a single location, such as your garage, basement, or backyard. By doing this, you get more time to look for scrap in and around the house and clear up the place. Make sure that you protect the scrap from damage due to weather, including dew.

Sort the Scrap

The second step is obviously to sort the scrap. Remember, metal scrap sells for big money while paper, board and plastic might get you only a few Cents. Glass scrap might not sell at all, and you’d most likely have to simply give it away.

Find Scrapyards & Recyclers

The final step is to find scrapyards and recyclers who would be willing to take the stuff from you. Generally, most scrapyards will accept metal items, including discarded vehicles, motorbikes, bicycles and exercise gear, metal fittings and cooking vessels, among others. This means you will also have to look for other scrapyards that take the other material or recyclers that can put it to better use. 

Therefore, let’s find out where to find scrap yards and recyclers near you.

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How To Find Scrapyards Near Me that Pay Well?

Honestly, there’s nothing known as scrapyards that pay well. It’s all a matter of how you bargain with the scrap dealer and the terms and conditions of the sale. Some scrapyards might want you to transport the stuff to their premises; others might send someone to take it away and pay.

However, to help you sell scrap and get some money, here are some suggested ways.

1. Craigslist

As you know, Craigslist is the topmost website in the USA for selling buying or renting things. It is the leader in free and paid classifieds in America. Therefore, Craigslist is the first place to go.

Make a list of things that you wish to sell. You could list some stuff as scrap and others as old and non-working vehicles, bikes or machines. Make separate listings for different materials and provide a contact number where buyers can call you.

2. Facebook Marketplace

Surprisingly, Facebook Marketplace is one superb option to sell scrap instead of looking for scrapyards. That’s because lots of scrap buyers and recyclers or even hobbyists look for junk for sale or free on Facebook Marketplace. If you have a Facebook account, making posts on Facebook Marketplace is simple. Take pictures of the stuff you’re selling, quote a price and say how you want the payment.

3. Google & Google Maps

Google and Google Maps are your best resources to find scrapyards and recyclers nearby. Simply key in the search words ‘scrapyard near me’, and the website or app will show you several places within a short distance. In most cases, you can also view the distance between their premises and your home. Usually, they would have a phone number under the name, where you can make contact.

4. USA Yellow Pages

USA Yellow Pages helps businesses connect with one another. However, consumers can also use them for free. Using them is simple. Set your location and search for “scrapyards and recyclers near me.” It will display a lot of places. Yellow Pages has more information than Google or Google Maps. It carries brief information about the business and what kind of scrap they buy.


This website is specially made to help you find junkyards, scrapyards and recyclers, as well as sellers of used stuff nearby. Key in your ZIP code, and the website will display a few listings of scrapyards and recyclers nearby.

However, there’s a flipside to this website: it doesn’t display all the scrapyards and recyclers in an area. This means you’ll find only the scrapyards they’ve listed. Yet, it’s a useful resource for finding at least one or two scrapyards.

6. Junk Car Buyers

There’re some places that specialize in buying only junk cars and other such vehicles. If you have a junk vehicle that’s no longer drivable, sell it off to such a buyer. Usually, they value the vehicle in two ways. The first type of valuation is according to the weight of the car and the metals it contains. The second is a per-piece basis means, they offer a fixed amount without weighing.

Selling Scrap for Money

Once you’ve found these scrapyards and recyclers, you’re ready to start selling the stuff. Here’re a few steps to follow. These steps could ensure that you get big money for the scrap, and the other junk also goes away without many problems.

Finding the Value of Your Scrap

Most scrapyards or recyclers won’t give you a quote for the junk over the phone. That’s because they would wish to see the stuff before giving you a price. However, you can always ask them for an approximate price per kilo of metal or other scrap. There’re no fixed rates and hence, you can select the scrapyard or recycler that offers the highest price. They will provide a final price only after seeing and weighing the stuff.

Compare Best Prices

Now, compare the best prices that scrapyards and recyclers offer for junk. That way, you would get a fair idea of how much money you could make from the junk. The price should include the cost of transporting the junk as well. For example, car dealers might offer a free pickup others might provide a discounted rate. Some might ask you to bear the cost of towing the vehicle to their garage. Compare these offers before finalizing where to sell.

Finalize Your Deals

Once you agree to a rate, finalize the details of your deals. This includes things such as transferring the funds to your bank account or cash payments. That’s because there’re lots of factors that come into play.

For example, if you’re selling a junk vehicle, there’s the cost of transferring the ownership of the vehicle to the scrapyard owner. The Department of Motor Vehicles holds you responsible and could charge you for not transferring the title of the vehicle. Insist on immediate cash because you could lose money due to delays. Nobody sells scrap on credit.

Give Away Unsold Scrap

Finally, give away scrap that you can’t sell. The best way to dispose of this scrap is by giving it away to recyclers. You won’t make any money, but at least your place will be neater and cleaner than before.

However, insist that the recycler takes the stuff in their vehicles since it is not fair that you should be the person dropping it on their premises. Giving away scrap for recycling also means you’re helping the environment and saving it from pollution.

Final Thoughts

Selling scrap isn’t an easy thing to do nowadays. That’s because environmental and other rules outlaw some of the materials used in older stuff and could occur in junk. Not everything can be recycled, and smaller quantities usually have no takers. Therefore, be well prepared to sell junk before you contact a scrapyard near you and recyclers to give away any free stuff.

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