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sell scrap metal near me

Have you ever wondered how much scrap metal is lying around your home or office, garage or garden? There could be scrap metal worth a small fortune lying rusting and useless in your basement, if you have one, or, in some parts of the house that you barely visit.

Should this be your case, I suggest that you collect all the scrap metal- regardless of its condition- and sell it immediately to make some good money. By selling scrap metal now, you would also help prevent water and soil pollution while protecting your family and yourself from possible injuries and accidents.

There’re several reasons to sell scrap metal lying around your place, actually. Before I proceed to tell you where you sell scrap metal near you, I will speak about these reasons.

Reasons to Sell Scrap Metal

The US ranks as the third largest exporter of scrap metal. France ranks at No-1, followed by Germany at the No-2 position. In 2021, the US exported $7.8 billion worth of scrap metal of all types. The largest importers of scrap metal from the US and other countries are Turkey, India, Italy and Germany. India alone accounts for importing $ 3.48 billion worth of scrap metal from the US and other places, says the Observatory for Economic Complexity.

By selling scrap metal, you’re actually helping the US trade with other countries to grow.

All metals that we use are actually alloys made by mixing one main metal with small quantities of others. When exposed to elements of nature such as heat, moisture, cold and humidity, these metals tend to oxidize and leak toxins into the soil and water. Such toxins are usually mercury, lead and arsenic, among others.

Food is grown in contaminated soil usually contains traces of these toxins that’re harmful to humans and could cause cancer. Fish from polluted waters contain large doses of mercury, arsenic and lead, which can poison humans.

Metals that you sell as scrap are generally recycled. That’s why countries such as India, Italy and Belgium buy metal scrap from the USA and other places. If enough scrap isn’t available for recycling and reuse in making other useful products, the demand has to be met by mining for minerals containing these metals.

Mining is an industry that’s notorious for polluting air, water and soil while depleting the Earth of its natural resources. On the other hand, recycling drastically cuts down the volume of Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide gases and their release into the air helps in lowering air pollution levels.

Coming back home, scrap metal objects at your home or office pose a threat to your family and you. The reason is simple. Electronics and appliances also contain metal alloys. When they oxidize or rust, they release toxins into the air, soil and water in their area. Secondly, rusted metals can pose a severe injury risk. And thirdly, scrap occupies lots of precious space at your home or office.

When you sell scrap metal, you’re making some money that’s useful for savings or expenses. You’re also helping protect the environment by giving scrap metal for recycling. Because what you sell is always recycled.

Metals that Sell as Scrap

Scrap iron is the most commonly traded metal in the world, according to the Observatory for Economic Complexity (OEC). It ranks as the 77th most widely traded commodity in the world.

However, copper is the most precious scrap metal in the world and fetches a high price in every country. That’s because copper is very versatile, easy to recycle and has many uses such as making electric cables and components, arms and ammunition, utensils and also as an alloy in platinum and gold jewelry.

Other than iron, which is also called ferrous scrap, and copper, you can also sell non-ferrous or non-iron metals, including aluminium, brass, stainless steel, industrial grade silver, and lead, among others.

Mercury and radioactive metals can’t be sold as scrap, and there’re strict laws on their trade, due to their extremely hazardous nature and risks to human life as well as high toxicity.

Finding Scrap Metals at Home and Workplace

Since several metals qualify for sale as scrap, here’re some ways to find them at your home and workplace. You can find them in the form of iron rods and iron bars lying unused in and around the garden or in the basement and garage.

Additionally, you can also sell scrap metals in the form of your refrigerator, air conditioner, stoves, water heaters, microwaves, washers and dryers, dishwashers, farm equipment, lawn mowers, junk vehicles of all types, copper wires, electric and other cables, automobile batteries, old and discarded pots, pans, hobs and cookers, yellow brass, catalytic converters, inverters and generators, insulated wires, radiators, antenna sets, metal furniture, prams and wheelchairs as well as old and discarded metal shutters and railings, to name a few.

Old wall hangings, statues and photo frames, curtain rods and ceiling fans can also sell as scrap if they’re made of metal. Additionally, discarded aluminium cans of food, beer and soft drinks, metal sheets, vehicle wheels and rims, lead, large batteries and other items can also be sold as scrap. Old and rusted iron or metal cupboards, closets, vaults, useless locks and keys also qualify as scrap metal.

Getting Ready to Sell Metal Scrap

As you can see from my above list and descriptions, finding items that contain scrap metal is quite simple and fast. Just look around your house, and you will surely find a lot of scrap metal.

There’re a few steps that are necessary if you wish to get the best possible prices for your metal scrap. This means you have to get ready to sell metal scrap.

Collect All Scrap

The first and simplest step is to collect all the metal scrap that you wish to sell and store it in a single place. This can be very difficult if you have lots of metal scrap. Use your garage or a temporary shelter for such stuff. A place where you can display all metal scrap is important because potential buyers would love to see the condition and other details of the stuff you’re selling.

Sort by Metals

The second step is to sort out the scrap according to the metal. Set aside all scrap of iron on one side and aluminium, copper and other metals on the other. That’s because you will most likely find more scrap iron than any other metal. Copper fetches the highest price, so ensure that you store its safely. The quantity of copper might not be much. Yet, it is best to store it properly because copper oxidizes quite fast and changes color. Removing plastic or rubber coating on copper wires can help you get a better price in the scrap market.

Check Market Rates

There’re several ways to check the prices that you can get for selling various types of metal scrap. The first and best way is to call a nearby scrap dealer or get an online quote. There’re several companies and scrapyards nearby that will be happy to give you the going price for any given day. The price of scrap metal depends on the demand for any particular metal and the supply available in the US. Since the US is one of the largest exporters of metal scrap, international prices decide the prices of what you sell.

15 Best Places to Sell Scrap Metal Near You

Armed with this much information, you’re now ready to sell scrap metal near you and make good money. There’re several ways to sell scrap metal. However, the best way to sell is to avoid taking the scrap to different dealers or a recycler on your own. Instead, look for places that will buy your scrap metal and take it away too. This helps you save a lot of money, time and effort.

1. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

You might imagine that Facebook Marketplace is only for selling used goods or other stuff. That’s right, of course. However, over the years, Facebook Marketplace is becoming a place of choice to sell things such as scrap metal too.

If you have junk vehicles, metal furniture and other such stuff that can be sold as scrap for a good price, create a free post on Facebook Marketplace. This is the best way to sell scrap metal near you.

2. Premier Metal

Premier Metal

Premier Metal is a large recycler in New York state that serves Buffalo and Rochester too. Contact them online for selling scrap metal if you live in that area. They have an elaborate list of metal scraps they buy as well as the stuff they don’t buy. That will give you a clear idea of what to sell and how much money to expect.

3. Maryland Core Inc

Maryland Core Inc

Maryland Core Inc. is located in Baltimore. They’re also exporters of scrap metal from the US. For residents of Baltimore, Silver Spring and other nearby areas, Maryland Core Inc, is a wonderful place to sell scrap metal.

4. Windfield


Located in Atkinson, New Hampshire, Windfield is a company that recycles a lot of material, including scrap metal, computers and construction debris. However, they buy only large volumes of metal scrap. If you wish to sell metal scrap for your business or organization and can do so legally, contact Windfield online.

5. A&R Recycling Co

A&R Recycling Co

A&R Recycling Co is based in Houston, Texas. However, they have services all over the USA. Visit their website and click on the nearest metal recycler in your area that is associated with A&R Recycling Co.

6. Craigslist


If you have a very small quantity of metal scrap or simply a junk vehicle, you can sell it easily over Craigslist. To sell such metal scrap or junk, open a Craigslist account and create a post listing what you have to sell and the expected price.



The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) – this organization represents the scrap recycling industry in the US and provides a directory of members on its website. Check their website to find the nearest recycler in your area.

8. ScrapMonster.com


ScrapMonster.com is an online marketplace for buying and selling scrap materials, including metal, and has a directory of recyclers in the US. ScrapMonster.com also displays the latest prices of all types of metal scrap on its website. This info can help you find how much money you could make by selling scrap metal.

9. Decluttr.com


As the name of this website suggests, Decluttr.com aims to help people to declutter their homes and offices. And they help you by providing an online marketplace where you can sell metal scrap, including wires, cables, metal rods and sheets, as well as junk vehicles.

10. ASM Recycling Group

ASM Recycling Group buys all types of metal scrap and pays well too. They operate from Mobile, Alabama and also serve the Gulf Coast region of the US. Contact them to sell metal scrap if you reside in these areas.

11. Western Metals Recycling

Western Metals Recycling

If you’re a resident of Colorado, Nevada or Utah, contact Western Metals Recycling. They have several locations in these states where you can easily sell scrap metal of all types and get quick cash. They also serve municipalities and government agencies for metal scrap recycling and export scrap too.

12. SIMS Metal

SIMS Metal

SIMS Metal is a very large US-based recycler that has associates in several states of the US. This company also exports metal scrap from the US to foreign countries. However, you can easily sell metal scrap as well as other scraps to SIMS Metal and get a good price.

13. Sullivan’s Scrap Metal

Sullivan’s Scrap Metal

Sullivan’s is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and caters to residents and companies in that region. Contact them online with details of the metal scrap that you wish to sell and the estimated volume. They also arrange to pick up large quantities of metal scrap from your place.

14. Anderson Metal Trading

Anderson Metal Trading

Anderson Metal Trading buys scrap metal and pays a good price. They’re based in Maryville, Tennessee and have four different divisions, including one for scrap vehicles. Find the location nearest to you if you live in Tennessee. You can sell your junk vehicle immediately with this company.

15. USA Yellow Pages

Refer to your local Yellow Pages online. They have a complete list of recyclers and scrap metal buyers in your area. You could contact these recyclers and buyers and choose the one that offers the best price for your metal scrap.

Disadvantages of Not Recycling Metal

I have provided a list of 15 places where you can easily sell scrap metal and make some money. However, these aren’t the only places. You can sell scrap metal fast at any recycler or scrap metal trader in your area.

It is best to sell your scrap metal now before it rusts and becomes useless. There’re several disadvantages too of not recycling metal scrap.

1. Resource depletion: The mining of new metal ores requires significant amounts of energy and resources, and not recycling metal scrap means that these resources are being depleted unnecessarily.

2. Environmental impact: The extraction and processing of metals from ores can have significant environmental impacts, including air and water pollution, deforestation, and habitat destruction. Recycling metal scrap can help reduce these impacts.

3. Energy consumption: The energy required to mine, transport, and process new metal ores is typically much higher than the energy required to recycle metal scrap. Not recycling metal scrap means that more energy is being used than necessary.

4. Landfill space: Metal scrap can take up a significant amount of space in landfills, where it can take hundreds of years to decompose. Recycling metal scrap can help reduce the amount of waste going to landfills.

5. Economic impact: Not recycling metal scrap means that valuable materials are being wasted, which can have an economic impact on both individuals and businesses. Recycling metal scrap can help generate income and create jobs in the recycling industry.

6. Higher Cost for Consumers: It’s worth remembering that items made of non-recycled metals will cost you a lot more than those made with recycled material. Therefore, you’re directly helping households to save money by selling scrap metal for recycling. As a matter of fact, recycled metal helps keep prices low for stuff such as consumer electronics and vehicle spares.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see from this article, selling scrap has several advantages for you personally as well as the community where you live and the US too. There’s no point in allowing scrap metal to contaminate your surroundings and the environment or occupy precious space at home and office. Therefore, selling it is the best thing to do.

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