Earn from 8 Best Online Typing Jobs From Home

Online typing jobs is the most comfortable ways to earn money from home. Thousands of people search for different types of online jobs like data entry, form filling, captcha entry, image to text etc. which are based on typing but its difficult to find the real jobs.

Typing jobs comes at second category after data entry. It is worthwhile way to take online typing job as here you can work from home and make decent money each month.

Top 5 Online Typing Jobs from Home

We will show you 8 types of typing jobs you can do online from home. Read about each typing job & start with your favorite typing job-

1. Micro Jobs

This is one of the most simple online typing jobs from home where you are provided with thousands of simple tasks. Once you become a member of any crowd sourcing site, you can login to your account & see the tasks available there.online typing jobs

You can select the tasks as per your choice and complete them. Commission for each task is different & it depends mostly on the length of the tasks.

Your earning depends on many factor including your typing speed, smartness to choose & complete the job etc.

Find the 10 best micro jobs sites here.

2. Online survey job

Online survey is a way for companies to get the feedback for their products & services so they can know the consumer reaction & accordingly use the feedback to improve their products.

These companies take the help of market research firms (online survey companies) who are efficient in this field & give the accurate details about consumers to these MNCs.

You can join online survey companies & get paid for completing surveys on regular basis. You can check these 20 sites for online surveys here.

3. Captcha Entry Jobs

There are dozens of companies where you can join as a captcha entry worker & make money $1 to $2 per hour for typing & solving captcha images online.

CAPTCHA images which consist ofmegaTyper online jobs either 1 or 2 words. Just identify the characters, enter in the text box provided below & submit. You can see the examples in the image.

We have selected list of the best captcha entry sites where you can signup & type captchas. Even if you work on 2-4 sites & spend 2-4 hours daily, you can earn $200-$300 per month from this online typing job.

Refer:- Online Captcha Entry Jobs

4. Transcription

These days, legal and general transcription is most popular typing job. If your typing speed is 60 wpm with good ear, good command of the English, excellent vocabulary skills, good spelling and appropriate usage of punctuation then consider that transcription is the most suitable job for you.

However, medical transcription requires skill, specialized training and extensive work experience. Before you actually start working at home you require working on-site at least for at least couple of years.

If you are good at proofreading and researching then you can verify and edit your own work and apply your research skill when needed. Your job will become easier with these extra skills. If you are known operating any transcription software or computer program then it will help you to complete your task faster.

If you plan to take up transcribing job then you will require investing money buying headset, foot pedal and high speed internet access but you can make great income from this work from home job.

5. Writing

Writing is not everyone’s cup of tea but it is popular choice for freelance writers. You will find number of writing jobs around. If you are good at writing then you can definitely work as freelance writer taking writing jobs from home.

You can take assignments from various clients like private clients who own their business websites, blogging, content mills and greeting card companies. If you are good at web based content writing then, learn about search engine optimization.

6. Forum Posting

Forum posting is not profitable as compared to other options. It does not require any extra skill and work experience. If you able to write informative engaging post with good grammar and spelling then it is just like a golden egg in your basket.

There are a good list of forums where you can join and get paid for posting there. You can read how to earn from forum posting & if interested start earning from this typing job.

7. Online expert advisors

Online expert advisors are also known as internet guide. Internet advisors are industry specific experts who offer online advice for the inquiries of people. It is like Google search engine but with a human touch.

Often companies ask for at least two years of research experience in the relevant field. Apart from this, you should have excellent command on grammar and spelling, accurate and speedy typing skills with upbeat attitude.

8. Website testers

You can select your job profile as website testers’ review and test websites for ease and use functionality. You need approximately 10-20 minutes to review and then you will be able to answer some questions. You need high speed internet connection.

Try out each online typing job option from your home and explore the ways to make money. You can also signup for our MoneyConnexion online jobs training.

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