Creative Ways to Give Money for Christmas Gift

Pritam Nagrale

creative ways to give money

Giving gifts is a part of Christmas celebrations around the world. What should I gift someone is the greatest question that confronts me every Christmas season.

Obviously, gifting money is the best idea: it allows people of all ages to buy something they want or adds to their kitty to make that long-awaited purchase.

However, there’s one more question: What are the creative ways to give money as a Christmas gift?

Indeed, gifting money in a creative way is important. The receiver doesn’t feel you’re being stingy or giving a small amount.

At the same time, it does add some pleasant surprise when you use creative ways to give money as a Christmas gift.

creative ways to give money

Which money gifting ideas will help you?

Stay with me as I’ll list the top five creative ways to give money as a Christmas present.

Creative Ways to Gift Money for Christmas.

I’ll start with a warning.

There’re lots of unusual ideas available on the Internet to gift money as a Christmas gift. Unfortunately, most of them don’t really celebrate the spirit of Christmas. Instead, they are useful to gift money at any time of the year.

Therefore, try these five best and creative ways to give money as a Christmas gift and help others enjoy the festival.

1. Gift Cards & Shopping Vouchers.

Personally, I find gift cards and shopping vouchers from Amazon, Walmart, Kohl, Target and other stores the best creative way to give money as a Christmas gift. You can find various gift card options from PayPal gift card site.

What's so creative about giving a gift card or shopping voucher, you might wonder. Therefore, let me explain.

Falling short of money isn’t something new for most people every Christmas. There’re several sales during which we shop for ourselves and gifts for others. Despite drawing a strict budget, I usually end up spending more for various reasons. So, what should I do then?

I can either find ways to earn extra cash during Christmas holidays or I can spend the exact amount by gifting them gift cards.

Therefore, when you give a gift card or a shopping voucher to someone, they’re pleasingly delighted without disturbing your budget. And it helps them enjoy Christmas better.

You can always look for DIYs for creative ways to give a gift card. Or you can simply wrap the card with a thematic wrapping paper.

2. Prepaid Debit Cards.

Banks and credit unions across America provide prepaid gift debit cards. The only flipside you’ll have is to apply for them in advance to the issuer bank or credit union to personalize the card.

These cards are available worth a specific value only and issuers charge you a small fee.

Despite the flipsides, I find that prepaid debit cards are the best creative way to give money as a gift. The receiver can get cash or use it for buying something. And you can always top-up the card if you’re gifting it to your child or spouse.

Gifting a debit card is one of the most creative ways to give money to teenagers. It will help to teach them how to use one, the basics of banking and the facts about the card like charges, etc.

In a way, gifting gift cards or prepaid debit cards is a clever way to give money to your loved ones.

 3. Moneybox or Piggy Bank.

Did you know that Americans throw away a combined $60 million worth coins every year? And this figure could be much higher if you consider the unreported amount of coins that end up in trashcans and sewers.

That’s because nobody wants to bother with keeping petty change in their pockets, wallets, and purses. Instead of gifting money, you can gift a moneybox or Piggy Bank to your child or even an adult.

Encourage them to collect coins instead of throwing them away. After all, it’s hard-earned money.

And just in case you didn’t know, there’re several ways people can exchange coins for currency notes. You’ll be surprised how much money people can save money by simply dropping change in a money box or Piggy Bank.

4. Custodial Savings & Investment Accounts.

Invest in your child's future through this creative way of giving money as a Christmas present. Open a Custodial Savings and Investment account with any top bank in America.

It helps children learn how to invest for the future. And there’s no greater time than Christmas to embark your child on an investment and savings journey.

Custodial savings and investment accounts allow you to plan for your child’s higher education. It is also a good way to contribute to your friend's child or your niece/nephew's future.

It also imparts children the vital skills of saving and investing money for the future. Indeed, some banks do offer campaigns and promotions for such accounts. You might find one during Christmas too.

5. Gifting Money.

And finally, this is a simple yet creative idea to give money as a Christmas gift. Buy an inexpensive wallet or purse and put the money in it before gift wrapping. Or you can find various creative ideas to gift money or DIYs ideas on the internet.

The person that receives the gift would be pleasantly surprised to find a double bonus- the gift and the cash.

Most people are lazy when it comes to buying a new purse or wallet. Use Christmas as the occasion to gift them one. And with money too. They would definitely appreciate your gift and remember you as long as they use the wallet or purse.

Wrap Up

Try any of these best creative ways to give money as Christmas gifts. The festival Christmas has some teachings too. Regardless of your faith, these creative ways will also hold vital teaching for the person you give the gift: it highlights the importance of money.

If you notice your own spending and money habits, it would be clear we often run out of cash or overshoot our Christmas budget.

Though we may have enough money, a little cash gift from anywhere is always welcome. You too can brighten up someone’s Christmas with these cash gift ideas.

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