10 Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards and Free Amazon Gift Codes

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Get Free Amazon Gift Cards and Free Amazon Gift Codes

Who doesn’t love shopping on Amazon? I’m sure I enjoy it a lot. In fact, most of us spend a lot of money on buying a lot of stuff- from gifts to household essentials on Amazon every month.

But did you know that it’s possible to shop free on Amazon too? Indeed it is if we use Amazon gift cards and gift codes. What’s more, we can also enjoy all the discounts and other freebies when we shop with Amazon gift cards and gift codes.

This brings us to the next question: How to get free Amazon gift cards and free Amazon gift codes? Actually, it’s not all that difficult as you might imagine. Nor is it all that easy. You’ll need to put in some extra effort to get these amazing Amazon gift cards and gift codes.

And right now, I’m about to show you how. Let’s start by answering why would anyone give away free Amazon gift cards and gift codes.

Why Free Amazon Gift Cards & Free Gift Codes

To understand how to get free Amazon gift cards and Amazon gift codes, it’s first important to understand who gives them away and why?

There’re lots of businesses that require various kinds of work-from-home people like you and me. Ordinary people that haven’t any special qualifications but can help these businesses in some or another way. And they won’t pay cash for our efforts. Instead, they’ll give away Amazon gift cards.

That’s because Amazon gift cards and Amazon gift codes are welcome. Most people use them. In fact, millions of people in America, Europe and elsewhere actually go looking for them. Because they’re very useful to pay for anything from that pricey smartphone to monthly groceries or other stuff.

Another important thing: people don’t look for free Amazon gift cards and gift codes merely because they’re short of money. Instead, they also look forward to the fun and relaxation that comes while working to get them.

Sounds interesting? Then let’s go to answer this main question: How to get free Amazon gift cards and gift codes?

How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards & Gift Codes?

There’re several ways to get free Amazon gift cards and gift codes, only if you know where to look for them. I’ll now be showing you what places you can look for online. And there’re some places offline too.

1. Online Paid Surveys

Online Paid Surveys

Online paid surveys actually owe their success to Amazon gift cards and codes. Nowadays a lot of online paid survey companies also pay cash or give away other gift cards. However, all online paid survey websites offer Amazon gift cards.

Register on any excellent online paid survey website to start getting free Amazon gift cards and gift codes. Every time you complete an online survey, the company credits some points to your account. You can redeem these points for free Amazon gift cards and codes. Check how many points you need to redeem and user reviews before signing-up.

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2. Amazon


Amazon itself gives away free gift cards and codes. This may come as a surprise to you. However, Amazon gives them away only in exceptional conditions. Amazon hires a lot of people for various small online tasks such as Amazon Mechanical Turk. In fact, Amazon mTurk is a top micro-tasking resource that many people use to get free gift cards and codes and sometimes, cash.

Working for Amazon mTurk is fairly simple. Amazon usually announces when it’s enlisting people for this program. And once your application is successful, they assign small tasks.

These usually include checking for wrong images of product listings, removing or editing incorrect information, updating or removing a product, checking proper pricing and other simple tasks you can perform at home. In return, you get Amazon gift cards.

3. Online Shopping

Online Shopping

Ibotta is an excellent resource that allows us to save money by shopping online. To do so, the first step is to create an account on Ibotta.com website. Ibotta allows you to access cashback offers from various online stores.

These include topmost sellers such as Walmart and Kohl, Target and Sears among others. You’ll pay the tag price of the stuff and check out from your Ibotta.com account.

The cashback goes to the Ibotta.com account. And you can redeem this cashback for free Amazon gift cards and gift codes. You need to collect a minimum of $10 cashback before requesting a payout with Amazon gift cards or gift codes from Ibotta.com. This is fairly easy for first time users. Because Ibotta.com usually gives a joining bonus too.

4. Video Games

Usually, online paid survey companies also offer points for playing and reviewing various video games. If you love video games or have kids who play those, provide access to your account and let them enjoy. That’s because, for every game they play, the company credits points to their account.

These points are also redeemable with those from online surveys to get free Amazon gift cards and gift codes. In fact, your children or you can also play these games from a smartphone. That’s because most online paid survey companies also offer apps. This is a fun way to earn free Amazon gift cards for the entire family.

5. Website Surveys

Website Surveys

Speaking about surveys, there’s one more way to get free Amazon gift cards and gift codes. That’s through individual websites of various companies. For example, a leading news channel’s website recently was giving away $5 worth of Amazon gift codes for completing a readership survey.

There’re several companies that conduct a one-off survey from their own websites. For completing the survey, you get an Amazon gift card or gift code. These will be sent to an email ID you provide at the time of taking the online survey.

6. Amazon Gift Card Sellers

Often, people require cash urgently and have no ways to get it. Therefore, they sell off Amazon and other popular gift cards they have online.

These gift cards and gift codes aren’t entirely free. That’s because you’ll have to pay a bit. However, it’s possible to get a $10 Amazon gift card for half the price. Meaning, you get a gift card worth $5 free.

Look for such Amazon gift card and gift code sales on Craigslist and other classifieds websites. Before buying, speak to the seller to ensure the gift card or code is valid.

Also, check for any blackout periods since certain Amazon gift cards and gift codes can’t be used during festive shopping seasons or are valid only for specific products. Such checks can help avoid disappointments later.

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7. Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs

If you hold a credit card or have frequent flyer memberships or hold a loyalty card from any major hotel chain, you’ll most likely have collected points that can fetch you free Amazon gift cards and gift codes. Maybe you’re unaware of these points or that they are redeemable for Amazon gift cards and codes.

Check with your credit card issuing bank or credit union whether you’re a member of any loyalty club. And also find whether those frequent flyer miles and loyal guest points add up to fetch you an Amazon gift card or gift codes free. In fact, millions of Dollars of loyalty points go waste every year because nobody claims them.

8. Writing Reviews

Writing Reviews

Some companies will pay you in the form of Amazon gift cards and gift codes for submitting an honest review of their products and services. And some such companies also give away stuff free to try and review. However, these offers aren’t that frequent. To get free stuff and get paid for writing reviews, I would suggest you register on any website that offers the service.

A few online survey websites also have product review links. If you’re a genuine user of that brand or product, write a brief honest review. They reward your efforts with points that can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards and gift codes. In fact, you will come across lots of such things to review on some online survey websites.

9. Trade in Junk, Old Phones

Again, this is something I was not aware of. It’s possible to trade in your old mobile phone for Amazon gift cards and gift codes. Here I’m not talking about your smartphone or those in use that you wish to exchange for newer models. No. Instead, I mean those old and junk mobile phones that are outdated and nobody wants.

A lot of recycling companies and mobile phone manufacturers will willingly pay you a small amount of money for returning that junk phone. They’ll pay with Amazon gift cards and gift codes rather. These companies provide the incentive since handing over a junk cell phone helps them prevent environmental pollution by recycling the material.

10. Online & Telephone Quiz Shows

Online and telephonic quiz competitions also help you earn free Amazon gift cards and gift codes. These quiz contests are held by various companies and radio stations or TV channels are part of their advertising campaigns.

They give Amazon gift cards to encourage participation. You can join as an individual or as a team with family and friends.

Look for various apps and websites that conduct such quiz contests. Usually, radio and TV stations will announce these quiz contests in advance. While winners get large cash prizes, runners-up and deserving participants get Amazon gift cards. This is an excellent way for both children and adults to win Amazon gift cards and gift codes.

Beware of Scams

These are the top 10 ways to get Amazon gift cards and gift codes free. You can try your luck at one or all of these. However, here’s a word of caution. With millions of people looking for free Amazon gift cards and gift codes, there’re also a lot of scams too.

Beware of online scams that offer free Amazon gift cards and gift codes for parting with your personal information such as national ID card number, Social Security, tax or bank details. These are scammers and you’ll most likely end up as a victim of identity theft.

Wrap Up

Nowadays, a lot of people also give away Amazon gift cards to their family and friends during birthdays and festive seasons. That’s because they make an ideal gift and allow the receiver the freedom to choose a gift or pay for it partly. You might get lucky and get a free Amazon gift card this way too.


What is a free amazon gift card?

A free Amazon gift card is a card that can be redeemed on Amazon.com for purchases of products or services. It can be purchased or obtained through promotions, gifts or incentives. Some websites claim to offer free gift cards, but be cautious as many are scams.

How to get free amazon gift card codes?

To get free Amazon gift card codes, participate in online surveys, promotions, and sign-up bonuses offered by Amazon and other third-party websites such as Swagbucks. Another way is to participate in Amazon's Mechanical Turk program and complete small tasks in exchange for payment, including gift cards. Always be cautious and read the terms and conditions before entering into any agreement.

How to get free amazon gift cards?

There are several ways to get free Amazon gift cards such as signing up for Amazon Surveys, participating in online surveys, joining Amazon Affiliate Program, using cashback apps, participating in giveaways, using Amazon Credit Card, and using Amazon Mechanical Turk. Be cautious of scams and always use reputable sources.

Is the Amazon free gift card real?

Yes, Amazon free gift cards are real and can be redeemed on Amazon.com. They can be purchased or earned through various promotions and offers. However, it is important to be cautious of scams and only purchase Amazon gift cards from reputable sources, such as Amazon.com or authorized retailers, to ensure their authenticity and prevent fraud. Verify the code and packaging of the gift card before purchasing or redeeming it to ensure its validity.

How can I get a free $200 Amazon gift card?

To get a free $200 Amazon gift card, you can participate in online surveys, join Amazon's Prime Student program, enter giveaways and contests, participate in Amazon Mechanical Turk, use Amazon's cash back program, or participate in Amazon's referral program. These methods are not guaranteed to provide a free gift card, but by combining multiple options, you may increase your chances of earning one.

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