creative ways to give money

Creative Ways to Give Money for Christmas Gift

Pritam Nagrale

Giving gifts is a part of Christmas celebrations around the world. What should I gift someone is the greatest question ...

plasma donation centers

10 Highest Paying Plasma Donation Center Near Me (Earn $50 Daily)

Pritam Nagrale

Plasma donation can help a lot of people. When you donate your plasma, it’s used in the treatment of adults ...

how to donate money to charity

How to Donate Money or Anything to Charity: Complete Guide

Pritam Nagrale

Surely you would have felt like giving something to someone. Maybe money, food, clothes or even blood that flows in ...

donate plasma

Donate Plasma for Money: Make $300 Selling Plasma

Pritam Nagrale

Millions of Americans are earning as much as US$300 per month by donating their plasma for money. While a lot ...

right NGO

Are You Donating to Right NGO? A Quick Guide for Doing Charity

Pritam Nagrale

At some point in time we decide to give something back to the society. Most of us would do it ...

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