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best finace movies: movies about money

Movies and books can teach us a lot if we care to learn. While both books and movies are entertainment, a lot of them are based on true-life stories of women and men or even kids. The majority of these non-fiction movies actually provide us with some inspiration.

In the past, I have written extensively on topics such as the benefits of reading books, top books for financial education and literacy and a few related topics.

Furthermore, I often quote top investors or billionaires while writing about money and investing since their words are indeed inspirational and can spur us to create an extraordinary life from the very dull life that we often live.

Finding Movies & Investing in Money

Finding movies on money and investing is quite simple. They’re available on Amazon, Netflix and other alternatives of Netflix Video. It’s also possible to rent or buy DVDs or digital versions of these movies from various legit sources.

You can also watch some of these movies on YouTube, though they might not be in complete sequence or a single video.

Generally, top booksellers such as Barnes & Noble and superstores including Walmart, Target, Kohl and Albertsons, among others, will also sell these movies from their entertainment kiosks.

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Watching Movies & Investing Money

Before rushing to buy movies about money and investing, here’s something that you should fully understand. Unlike other movies that usually have a blend of action, drama, romance and other elements that entertain you, movies on money and investing can be very boring to watch.

While producers and directors of money and investing movies do add a dash of all elements to ensure the viewer doesn’t get bored, a lot of these movies contain a lot of talking. This can prove very irritating to a casual movie watcher who expects the usual entertainment from their movie.

Most other movies are ‘watch and forget’ type. This means you don’t need to really learn something from these. However, you need to watch financial and money movies very carefully if you plan on learning something from them.

Therefore, if you’re serious about watching finance and money movies, I suggest that you watch the whole movie first and, later, see selected sections that you would like. This means you would have to buy the movie.

The dialogues and scenes in money and finance movies can have a lot to teach if we’re attentive.

Best 5 Financial Movies to Watch

Money and finance movies are fairly rare. As you would know, Hollywood generally churns out movies under various genres such as romance, mystery, horror, action, sci-fi and comedy. That’s because such movies attract millions of viewers in the US and abroad.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for money and finance movies. They have fewer viewers. Furthermore, some money and finance movies are USA-specific. Meaning viewers in other countries can’t utilize anything they learn by watching these movies.

Nowadays, all movie production companies give preference to profits. Hence, commercial movies on romance, horror, mystery and action, among others, can be box office hits and score millions of Dollars. In stark contrast, finance and money movies often fail miserably and cause losses to the movie production company.

Regardless, here’s my selection of the top five money and finance movies that you should watch.

1. The Insider

the insider: movie about money

The Insider was one of the greatest box office hits during the years 1999 and 2000. The movie stars Al Pacino and Russel Crowe. It scored 90 per cent on the Rotten Tomatoes scale. The plot revolves around a senior official of a tobacco company giving an interview to CBS about cigarettes and some dirty secrets that top companies deliberately hide to make more profits from cigarette sales.

The Insider is all about how top companies often hide ugly secrets under various clauses in a job contract in order to make huge profits at the cost of the health of ordinary people. It shows the financial power and hold of the corporate world over the media. The Insider is a dramatized version of a true story. CBS News tries to get a top official from a leading tobacco company to spill secrets.

2. For Richer or Poor

For Richer or Poor: financial movie

Negative reviews by critics caused this slapstick comedy on money and finance, For Richer or Poor, to fail miserably at the box office. However, this movie is quite entertaining and can teach you some vital money lessons in life.

The plot revolves around New York millionaire socialites, Brad and Caroline Sextons, played by Tim Allen and Kirstie Alley. The couple decides to end their 10-year marriage but is struck with sudden financial woes due to reckless spending and fraud.

Tim is a real estate developer whose company is defrauded by his manager. As a result, Tim lands in serious trouble with the Internal Revenue Service. With all bank accounts frozen, the couple finds shelter on a farm run by Old Amish followers. They learn the lessons of leading an astute life while rediscovering a love for one another. Good movie to watch if you can’t control your spending habits.

3. Living on One Dollar

Living on One Dollar

With most of us grappling with rising inflation combined with stagnant salaries, this Hollywood movie, Living on One Dollar, can provide some inspiration. This movie tries to replicate real-life scenarios of lives led by an unorganized group in the US known as Dumpster Divers, who collect discarded but good food thrown by stores in dumpsters.

The plot revolves around a group of four friends that don’t have much money. They draw a strict budget and come up with a plan on how to live with just one dollar a day. This means they have to give up on several things that once were considered normal and indispensable. It’s a good movie for those who wish to save and downsize their life and spending but aren’t able to do so for some reason.

4. Wall Street

Wall Street

Yes, this movie is all about Wall Street and some of the dirty tactics, such as insider trading by stockbrokers at the expense of their clients. Though Wall Street doesn’t really do justice to the eponymous place or the US stock exchanges, actors Charlie Sheen and Michael Douglas prove what actually goes inside the stock market at times.

These actors prove the point that sometimes, greed is the only way to get rich. Unfortunately, this movie can cause some viewers to lose their faith in stock trading and Wall Street. But for others, it’s an excellent lesson on how to prevent falling prey to stock scams and using greed in a positive way to get rich.

5. Moneyball

Moneyball: famous finance movie

Moneyball is a true-life story of how a person can quickly learn the ropes of the trade and become successful with small investors in the money markets. It is a movie that’s based on the game of baseball, where players manoeuvre against all odds to score.

As a beginner in the world of money and investments, you might find some serious inspiration from Moneyball. This isn’t a very old movie and hence, easily available on Netflix and Amazon Prime, on subscriptions. With duration of just about 100 minutes, you will enjoy this money and learn too.

Special Mention

For anyone wanting to learn about money and finance, here’s a special mention. I don’t think that any article about watching movies or shows about money and finance is complete without mentioning the Tony Robbins show.

American motivational speaker and investment guide Anthony Robbins provide a lot of insights during his shows on various US channels. You can also see some of his shows on YouTube and, occasionally, on national TV.

Wrap Up

There’re many ways to learn about money and finance. One of these are movies, as I just mentioned. The other is reading superb books by top and renowned authors in the field. The third and perhaps the best way is to read financial news daily, either on newspapers or even online.

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