How to Get Paid to Watch Netflix: 5 Smart Ways to Make Money

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Get Paid to Watch Netflix

Imagine that dream job where you do absolutely nothing except watch your favourite movies and get money. Does such a job really exist? Do you want such a job?

Actually, watching movies on Netflix and making money is possible. I am not talking about one-off ways to make money by watching Netflix. Instead, I am speaking about time-tested and proven ways to make money by only watching Netflix.

If you want to get paid to watch Netflix, continue reading. In this article, I will write about some amazing ways that you wouldn’t know on how to make money watching Netflix.

The Popularity of Netflix in the USA

According to Statista, the German statistics portal, the US ranks first on the list of countries with the highest Netflix viewership.

An estimated 182 million persons, including households, subscribe to Netflix by mid-2023. This figure is expected to cross 188 million by 2025, according to estimates on Statista.

The cost of a monthly subscription to Netflix in the US ranges between $6.99 and $19.99, depending on the package you choose and your viewership patterns.

It’s worth knowing that Netflix also ranks at No-1 on the list of video streaming services in the US, despite several other options being available easily.

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5 Ways To Get Paid to Watch Netflix

These are some known ways to get paid to watch Netflix. You don’t need to complete complex surveys and win gift cards or watch boring ads. Instead, these ways to get paid to watch Netflix are legit and direct.

1. Netflix Tagger

A Netflix tagger actually works for the company. And Netflix requires several such taggers.

This job involves getting different kinds of videos from Netflix, watching them and later assigning them different tags based on genres such as comedy, sci-fi, action, horror, thriller, romance and others.

Additionally, you will also give tags for parental guidance and viewer discretion based on scenes and language that features in these videos.

2. Netflix Labeler

As a Netflix labeller or close captioner, you will require skills in English and a foreign language. This task involves creating subtitles in a foreign language for Netflix videos while viewing. For some videos, you might have to provide subtitles or captions in English.

However, videos that’re shown within the US as well as those shown abroad, do require some level of captioning. This job also involves working for Netflix or some of their associates.

3. Netflix Reviewer


You can review videos for newspapers, magazines and Netflix itself and get paid to watch Netflix. As I mentioned earlier, Netflix is the topmost video streaming service in the USA.

People want accurate reviews of the various videos they will watch on Netflix. This helps them to select what to watch and what to skip.

Usually, local newspapers, magazines and some TV channels too in your area buy reviews of Netflix videos from independent reviewers. Once you make your mark as a superb Netflix reviewer, you might get offers from other newspapers and entertainment publications for your reviews. This helps you make more money.

4. Netflix Blogger

Netflix blogger

There’s a lot of money to be made by blogging. All you need is a good domain name, website hosting and other essentials. Depending on your choices, these will cost less than $12 per year.

Use your passion for writing and create wonderful content about the videos you watch on Netflix. These can be in the form of reviews or even sneak peaks or brief intros to the video.

Provide a schedule of videos on Netflix and what’s hot and popular. You can earn money through Google AdSense as well as affiliate marketing for Netflix associates.

5. Netflix Vlogs

Netflix Vlogs

A vlog is a video blog for those uninitiated. If you’re an avid Netflix watcher, create your reviews in the form of videos. However, take care not to use any part of Netflix videos, trailers and similar stuff in your videos.

That’s because these things are copyrighted by Netflix and disqualify your videos from making money due to plagiarism. Open your own channel on YouTube and upload short videos of your summaries and reviews of Netflix videos.

Check on Netflix if it’s OK to use some of their promos and posters for your YouTube videos. You can make money from Google AdSense and affiliate marketing on YouTube.

Beware of Netflix Addiction

There’s also one major flipside of trying to make money by watching Netflix or videos on other streaming services. This flipside happens in the form of Netflix Addiction or Binge-Watching Disorder.

Basically, Binge Watching refers to watching several episodes of a serial or program in one sitting. In the US, one session of Binge Watching lasts between five hours to eight hours a day.

You might laugh at these suggestions but wait a minute. Large and reputed medical organizations point out that Netflix addiction is wreaking havoc on the lives of millions of American kids, women and men from different walks of life.

Many reported developing problems with their eyesight due to prolonged hours before the TV set.

According to Statista, 90 per cent of all American women and men that binge-watch TV programs suffer from lack of sleep and extreme stress levels. Of course, Netflix isn’t the only video streaming service that’s responsible for this syndrome.

Northwestern Medicine reports that the average TV viewership time in the US increased tremendously during 2020, but that could be due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the need to remain indoors. However, this number continues to rise, which is alarming for medical experts and especially the psychiatry fraternity.

The organization also reports that persons that binge-watch TV suffer from sleeplessness, severe stress, fatigue, loss of appetite, back pain caused by long hours of sitting, inability to focus at work or household tasks, weight gain and obesity due to excessive eating while watching TV.

Psychiatrists warn that binge-watchers also suffer from self-inflicted isolation that’s dangerous to mental wellness as well as elevated levels of excitement. They become dependent on TV and streaming services in a similar fashion as alcoholics get hooked on booze or drug addicts to dope.

Left untreated, binge-watching of Netflix or other TV services can become a major addiction that requires long-term psychiatric and medical treatment.

Wrap Up

You can easily make enough money from Netflix by using any of the methods I mention. At the same time, don’t overdo any of these ways to get paid to watch Netflix since it can lead to dependency syndrome, which is another name for addiction.

Remember, it’s easier to treat drug and alcohol addicts. Treating Netflix or binge-watching addicts is fairly difficult since TV streaming services are accessible almost everywhere, unlike booze or dope.

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