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In this era, when we have electronic transfers of money anywhere in the world, using paper-based financial instruments such as Money Orders, Certified Checks, Banker’s Checks, or Cashier’s checks might feel a bit outdated. However, there are often reasons why we need to pay or get cash using such a financial instrument.

Therefore, in this article, I will discuss about cashier’s check and the 30 best places to get a cashier's check near you. Also, I will be explaining a bit about cashier’s check, its pros and cons, as well as its uses.

To begin with, let’s look at the history of cashier’s checks.

History of Cashier’s Check

The history of cashier’s checks can be traced back to ancient times, when trade flourished between Europe, India and other parts of Asia. As you might know, most of this trade was done over the seas and, sometimes, over land. The oceans, as well as land, were rife with pirates and bandits who would waylay traders and rob their cash and precious stuff.

To prevent losing money- especially gold- to pirates and bandits, ancient tradespersons began depositing money they collected during a voyage with certain people who would give them a guarantee of their cash. If the trader had to pay someone, they would simply write the name of the person on paper or scroll. The payee could exchange the paper check or scroll for cash or gold.

However, merchants based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, are credited with using the cashier’s checks during the 16th century. It remains unknown whether these Dutch traders actually got the idea from their ancient counterparts or whether it evolved out of necessity to avoid travelling with large sums of cash.

Regardless, the practice of issuing such paper checks spread rapidly to England and other parts of Europe during the colonial era and industrial revolution.

The practice arrived in the US, too, from Europe. And the system was fine-tuned when banking began to take shape. People could deposit cash in their accounts and get a cashier’s check to guarantee payment to someone.

Uses of Cashier’s Check

Over the centuries and decades, the practice of using cashier’s checks has changed. In fact, you can get a cashier’s check from most banks and credit unions in the USA.

Here’re some reasons for cashier’s checks to be in use even today, when we have several other secure modes of transferring cash using electronic and digital channels.

  • A cashier’s check doesn’t carry details of your bank and related information.
  • Generally, cashier’s checks are easy to cash and can be credited to a bank account. Or, you can simply get cash from the teller by presenting the cashier’s check.
  • Cashier checks are ideal for making payments over $1,000.
  • You can get settlements from legal claims in the form of cashier checks.
  • When buying a house or taking a mortgage, it is preferable to provide a cashier’s check to guarantee payment.
  • Cashier checks are available across the USA and don’t cost much.

Now, if you require a cashier’s check for any reason, there are countless places in the US where you can get one easily. Of course, most issuers, such as banks and credit unions, charge fees ranging between $5 and $10 for each cashier’s check. Hence, you might wish to consider using other options to make a secure payment.

30 Places to Get Cashier’s Check Near You

If you wish to get a cashier’s check for any reason, visit any of these banks and credit unions. Remember, you should hold an account with that bank or credit union to get a cashier’s check.

And above all, you should have enough money to pay for the cashier’s check. This includes the value of the cashier’s check and the fees charged by the bank or credit union.

Now, let’s look at the 30 best places to get a cashier’s check.

  1. Bank of America
  2. Chase Bank
  3. Wells Fargo Bank
  4. Charles Schwab Bank
  5. Huntington Bank
  6. Citi (formerly Citibank)
  7. TD Bank
  8. Fifth Third Bank
  9. Capital One Bank
  10. Ally Bank
  11. Axos Bank
  12. Citizens Bank and Trust
  13. PNC Bank
  14. SunTrust Bank
  15. US Bank
  16. Union Bank
  17. Woodforest National Bank
  18. Fidelity
  19. M&T Bank
  20. Regions Bank
  21. USAA
  22. KeyBank
  23. Co America Bank
  24. Goldman Sachs Bank
  25. JPMorgan Stanley Bank
  26. Western Alliance Bank
  27. Valley National Bank
  28. Old National Bank
  29. East West Bank
  30. New York Community Bank

Other than these top 30 banks in the USA, it’s also possible to get a cashier’s check from any credit union nearby. However, as I mentioned earlier, you should hold an account with the bank or credit union to get a cashier’s check and, of course, have enough money in your account.

How to Get a Cashier’s Check?

Actually, getting a cashier’s check is quite a simple process. However, it involves actually going to the bank or credit union where you hold an account.

Nowadays, lots of banks' online forms are necessary for issuing a cashier’s check. However, you will need to visit the bank to at least collect the cashier’s check.

A cashier’s check looks like any other ordinary check that you issue. However, that’s where the difference steps in. A cashier’s check is drawn from the account of the issuing bank. This means the money you pay is credited to the account of the bank itself. Your money for the cashier’s check is debited immediately from your account.

Additionally, the words ‘Not Negotiable’ are printed on the cashier’s check. This means they can be cashed only by the person or organization to whom you’re issuing the cashier’s check.

Some banks may use security features such as a watermark or special seal or stamp to protect their cashier’s check against fraud. Others reverse print the name of the payee, too, so that it can’t be tampered later.

The account details shown on a cashier’s check are of the bank. Your personal banking details remain hidden.

Wrap Up

Before concluding, I will add that there’re several scams related to cashier’s checks too. These include giving fake checks and cashing stolen checks. Therefore, take steps to protect yourself against such scams.

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