10 Best AI Side Hustle Ideas

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best ai side hustle ideas

Having a side hustle has become pertinent nowadays, as we combat rising prices that render regular income from a full-time job, insufficient to meet our living costs.

Furthermore, side hustles are also a superb way to invest your spare time and earn some quick returns. Additionally, you can use side hustles to hone existing skills while developing new ones merely by working a few hours extra.

The Internet has definitely made easier, the task of finding side hustles. As a matter of fact, there are several websites and apps where you can sign up and find a side hustle quickly for every skill as well as near home or workplace or even some place you’re visiting.

Basically, there were two types of side hustles in the past: online and physical.

Nowadays, we have something that I call the third type of side hustle- those we can perform using AI. Admittedly, all AI side hustles are online. Yet, they’re subtly different because you’ll leverage the power of AI along with your own skills and knowledge.

As I put it, all AI side hustles are online but not all online side hustles require AI.

Before we proceed, here’s a word of caution before accepting or signing up to perform any AI side hustles. Most AI resources require a subscription. The free versions of AI resources come with severe limitations and wouldn’t serve much purpose.

Therefore, consider the expense and estimate how much money you’ll make before subscribing to any AI resource for side hustles.

Now, let’s look at some of the best AI side hustle ideas that could help fatten your pockets and bank balance.

Best AI Side Hustle Ideas

If you’re seriously looking for side hustles, try these AI-based tasks that can be done quite easily.

Some of these side hustles could earn you thousands of dollars each month, if not more. However, all tasks depend on the level of your personal skills and abilities to blend them with AI effectively.

1. Data Labeling and Annotation

Data Labeling and Annotation

This involves manually labelling and tagging data such as images or text to train AI algorithms. You will have to categorize various objects through photos, graphics and clip art, among other resources.

You can also identify various human emotions in written text and transcribe audio recordings as a medical transcriptionist, among others.

2. AI Content Creation

AI Content Creation

You can create a lot of content such as blog posts, social media posts and captions, or even video scripts by using your own skills, thoughts and AI.

You’ll have to provide prompts to the AI resource for research and find the best ways to structure the content. It’s also possible to get suggestions for headlines, subheads and the type of info the content should offer.

3. AI-powered Social Media Management

AI-Powered Social Media Management

Using AI resources, it’s easy to schedule posts, analyze data, and engage with customers or followers. This might involve setting up automated responses, monitoring brand mentions, and generating a content calendar using AI suggestions.

Social media management is a high-demand skill nowadays and a lot of people need good social media managers these days, and you can make good money doing freelance work in this area regularly.

To be really good at this, you need the right AI tools. That's where an AI Tools Directory can help a lot. It shows you the best AI tools to use so you can do your job better.

By using these AI tools, you can make your work easier and make your social media posts reach more people and get more likes or comments.

4. Faceless YouTube Channel Creation

Faceless YouTube Channel Creation

Voiceovers, slide shows and lots of other stuff using AI-based or AI-generated characters and voices could help you launch a superb YouTube channel.

However, here it’s important to ensure that you don’t imitate any celebrity by using their images and voices. A faceless YouTube channel can attract viewers if you’re giving relevant, factual and interesting information about something that matters.

5. AI-powered Translation Services

AI-Powered Translation Services

Usually, most AI resources have multi-lingual capabilities. Some of them can talk write or understand dozens of languages.

You can leverage these capabilities and provide services such as translations, proofing translated documents, ensuring accuracy of translations and lots more. In fact, you can also use AI resources to translate ads into another language for businesses.

6. Virtual Assistant with AI Skills

Virtual Assistant with AI Skills

AI resources make it easy to provide administrative, creative, or technical assistance remotely. Tasks such as scheduling meetings, summarizing documents, or generating data reports can be efficiently managed by using both, human intelligence and discretion along with AI and its power.

Virtual Assistants function like remote secretaries. They handle tasks for their employers, just as any secretary would at an office. Now, with the power of AI, you can perform more tasks swiftly for more employers.

7. E-commerce Product Description Writing

E-commerce Product Description Writing

Companies that sell on Amazon, eBay or even through retail stores such as Walmart and Target, among others, often require someone to write clear, concise, factual and informative product descriptions.

That’s because they wish to grab the greatest possible slice of the highly competitive market. You can provide such services to persons selling stuff on Etsy and Shopify marketplaces that vie with one another to attract more clients and get more business.

8. Online Course Creation with AI

Online Course Creation with AI

Online courses or e-education is not quite new but it definitely gained momentum during the Covid-19 pandemic that sickened the world in 2020 and later. Nowadays, millions of people around the world wish to take online courses to learn a new skill or fine-tune existing ones.

If you have any such skills that people would like to learn, create an online course using AI. You can also upload and sell the course online through different marketplaces including Udemy.com and Coursera.com among others. With AI, it’s easy to create such courses and the course materials.

9. AI-powered Market Research

AI-Powered Market Research

Analyzing market trends and customer behaviour using AI tools is something that’s possible now. You can find different AI resources that are specially created to provide professional reports through astute data analysis and market research.

Interpreting data visualizations, identifying target audiences, and crafting reports based on AI-generated insights are also some of the tasks that businesses look for. If you provide superb market research using AI, there could be a lot of clients wanting to sign up.

10. Data-driven Music Composition

Data-Driven Music Composition

If you’re passionate about music and would love to create your own, try crafting musical compositions by using AI resources.

At the same time, take care that you give accurate prompts to the AI resource to prevent it from copying or plagiarizing someone else’s work, including those of maestros such as Bach and Beethoven and other famous singers of our times.

Use your own creativity to compose tunes. This can take time but the effort will prove worthwhile. Always test your music before public releases.

Wrap Up

While AI is definitely a superb assistance, I wouldn’t recommend that you depend solely on these resources. The primary reason for this is that AI technology continues to evolve and grow.

Furthermore, AI resources come at a price and in some instances, the cost could be very high. Therefore, find AI side hustles with the least possible hurdle.

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