Fun Ways to Give Money as a Gift

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fun ways to gift money

Money is the best way to give a gift. That’s because the person who gets the gift money can buy something they want instead of being stuck with stuff they may already own, don’t need or have little use. When you gift money, you’re also gifting the freedom to a person to use it in any way they wish.

The simplest way to gift money is by putting some in a cover and giving it to the lucky person. The other way is writing a check. Unfortunately, with a check, the person has to go to their bank and deposit and get it cleared for the money to go into their account.

While giving cash is the simplest way to gift money, millions of Americans actually feel uneasy wrapping a few notes in a cover and handing it over. They fear that the person that gets the money or others that see the amount, might think we’re misers because the amount might be small.

We fear that the person getting the cash gift might feel disappointed with the amount, which could spoil their celebrations of a birthday or some happy occasion or even Christmas and New Year or a festival.

Thankfully, there’s nothing to worry about now. There are a few fun ways to give money as a gift. These are creative ways and you could be ensured that the receiver of your gift would feel happy getting the money in these unique ways.

Fun Ways to Gift Cash

If you’re going to give money as a gift to someone soon, continue reading. In this article, I will describe five different fun and funny ways to gift money. You can use these fun ways to give money as a gift depending on the occasion and the age of the person.

1. Note in a Bottle

Note In A Bottle: fun way to gift money

Surely you’ve heard about ancient sailors writing a small message and dropping it in a bottle. They would seal the bottle before chucking it in the ocean expecting waves to carry them to different shores where their message would be read.

Similarly, you can also roll and drop a currency note in a bottle. Remember, such a bottle should be crystal clear so the bill can be seen easily. This is a perfect way to gift money to someone who really doesn’t need cash urgently.

They can preserve it as long as they want in the bottle or remove it, if they wish to spend.

2. Dollar Garlands

Dollar Garlands

Make a garland with flowers and a few notes. Add some glitter or other fun stuff and assemble the garland. Gift it to someone on a birthday wedding or such events. This is an ancient Asian system of gifting cash-laden garlands to people on happy occasions. You can try it here too.

3. The Old Purse or Old Wallet

The Old Purse Or Old Wallet

Do you have an old and worn purse or wallet lying unused at home? If so, use it to gift money in a fun way. Actually, the more worn and dusty the purse or wallet, the better. Simply load the cash that you wish to give as a gift and hand it to the receiver without any gift wrapping.

They would be shocked to get a worn purse or wallet from you. However, the real gift- the cash- lies inside, which they can discover if they bother to look.

4. Tissue Box

Tissue Box

Stuff an empty tissue box with cash. Make sure the cash isn’t visible from above.  You can pack it in a manner that the box seems to be unopened. This gives the impression that you’re gifting a tissue box.

However, when the receiver opens it and removes the first tissue on top, they can see the cash inside. If you’ve the skill, stick the note to the first tissue, so the receiver pulls out the note almost as soon as they open the tissue box.

5. Bookmark


Have a book that you don’t need or want to give away? Even an old textbook or magazine will work wonders for this fun way to gift cash. Keep the notes as a bookmark in the book and give them.

The person who gets the gift will quickly discover there’s cash hidden in the book or magazine as bookmarks. You can gift wrap the book or magazine. However, use shoddy wrapping to add to the fun.

More Fun Ways to Gift Cash

There are some other simpler yet fun ways to gift cash. However, these will require a lot of effort and some superb DIY skills. If you’re capable of crafting such unique and fun gifts, try it.

6. Jack in the Box

Jack In The Box: funniest way to gift money

Buy a Jack in the Box and stick the note to the small ‘Jack’ toy inside. Or, simply keep the cash folded carefully in the box. This will surprise the receiver. A jack in the box springs up to shock the person who opens it. But that shock soon vanishes and they’ll be happy to see the money inside.

7. Photo Frame

Photo Frame

You can hide a currency note in a photo frame. Gift the frame with a photo or picture of something really ugly. The receiver will open the frame to change the photo and find the cash gift.

8. Compact Cases

Compact Cases

Empty compact cases used by women for makeup are another fun way to gift cash. Simply fold and enclose the money in the compact case and give it. If the compact case is old and worn out, it adds to the fun.


One of the novel ideas that I came across was when someone gifted a friend, a lot of cash arranged like a pizza, in a typical takeaway box. Of course, the money will be lighter in weight than the pizza and hence, the receiver will guess there’s something else inside.

You can include a few chocolates to make the box heavier. Fun ways to give money as a gift are excellent for kids and teenagers. However, fun-loving adults will also appreciate such gifts. You can also buy some stuff at gift stores.

That could help you avoid the hassle of creating a fun way to gift cash yourself and save some time.

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