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free samples

Having a computer and an Internet connection can actually help you save on grocery and medical bills, while providing ample entertainment. In fact, you can save hundreds of dollars every month by visiting some selected websites that offer free samples.

free samples

Of course, these samples are available for a limited period only. Generally, companies do not offer samples of two different products when any testing is on.

Why free samples?

Companies small and large spend billions of dollars combined on research and development. They wish to ensure, their product meets the strict manufacturing and quality standards set by the US and other governments. Additionally, innovation and sometimes new packaging is the only way to keep ahead of competition. In such cases, the last test they need to pass is acceptance by customers.

The role you play

As a consumer, you are one of the million potential customers for a company. You are most likely to put in a good word about a product you have tried, to friends and relatives. This in turn, tempts them to try the product.

Remember, word of the mouth publicity works much better than conventional commercials on TV, radio and newspapers. That is the reason companies are willing to offer you free samples.

Best companies for free samples

Based on consumer feedback and research, we present a list of some top companies who offer freebies. Generally, these samples are given for testing without any strings attached. However, some may ask you to complete a small survey to find your satisfaction. Below are some such organizations whose free testing product samples you can try.

The Mayo Clinic Diet


Millions of people across USA wish to lose weight. Undoubtedly, the best institution to approach for a diet and weight loss program is Mayo Clinic, the world renowned medical services provider.

Mayo Clinic’s team of dieticians, nutrition experts and physicians have evolved over a hundred delicious meals that can be consumed by people who wish to lose weight or counter some dietary deficiency.

Mayo Clinic offers a free, seven-day trial of these highly nutritious and tasty meals for residents of the US.

Apex Belly Melt – Forskolin

Body Blast Forskolin is an all natural weight loss solution that helps you burn fat, keep weight off, and preserve lean muscle. Over several years, Forskolin has helped tens of thousands of Americans to lose weight and lead a healthy life.

Forskolin also offers a free seven-day trial sample of its dietary supplement that helps you lose weight and live slim and healthy.

Free Baby Samples for EverydayFamily


For would-be parents and moms grappling with high costs of diapers, Everyday Family has the best solution. It offers free diapers to members. These diapers are generally new and improved variants of top global brands including Pampers and Huggies.

Millions of people have received free baby samples from EverydayFamily and the company prides itself as “an online home created just for parents and parents-to-be.” You can also enter sweepstakes that offers prizes in free diapers.

Apex Enhance XL

Enhance XL formula is extracted from some of the world’s finest sexual enhancement ingredients which are completely natural. The company claims, the product helps men better satisfy their partners.

The product is said to contain natural Human Growth Hormone stimulating ingredients. Samples of Enhance XL are available upon request to residents of certain states in the US.

Check whether your area qualifies for free samples.

Apex Garcinia Cambogia Plus


Apex Vitality Garcinia Cambogia Plus ranks among the bodyweight reducing nutritional supplement. It is claimed to be formulated by experts in nutrition and diet.

This product is based on natural elements and hence, cuts out the risk of side effects if used properly. You can get free trials of this product for a week or more, depending upon your requirements for weight loss.

Smart Money Secret 2.0

The Smart Money Secret book gives you in-depth information about how to finally fix your credit quickly, easily, and permanently for free. Generally, this book costs around US $49 a piece.

To get this free book, you need to pay a fee of US$ 6.95, for shipping and handling. Alternatively, you can download some software offered by various companies and get the e-book for free.

The book shows you dozens of legal ways to wriggle out of bad credit.

Apex NutraPal Probiotics


NutraPal Probiotics delivers good bacteria to your insides and helps restore a healthy balance to your digestive system and keeps it running smoothly, claims the company website.

However, for beginners and people suffering from digestive disorders, free samples of the product are offered by the manufacturers. To qualify, you need to register on the company website.

Apex Voluminous Eyelashes


Apex Voluminous Eyelashes comes in form of mascara and can be easily applied to get lovely looking eyes. This mascara type make-up accessory consists of Vitamin-E, Soy Amino Acids and Wheat Amino Acids, among other ingredients.

Admittedly, such products are fairly pricey when bought online or from your neighborhood beauty store. However, the company gives you a sample for free trial, which can create wonders for your eyelashes.

The FREE Samples Guide

If you want to enter the world of free samples, here is an excellent website and Facebook page that helps you get there. The Free Sample Guide contains names of companies, website listings and description of products they make.

It also features a link where you can view the latest samples on offer.

Tara Medium


Sometimes, we all have questions that have no answers in our material world. Some of these questions can be rather be perplexing. And some situations may seem to have no solutions.

Generally, several people faced with problems that require out-of-the-world answers. Tara Medium does exactly that. Upon undergoing an online test, you are emailed a report about your supernatural afflictions free.

However, longer, comprehensive reports can cost you.

Samples and Savings – Glade


Almost everyone scrimps and scrounges when it comes to spending on disposable stuff like paper napkins, room fresheners and other similar accessories.

Global leader in home care products, Glade, now offers you the opportunity to get free merchandise for your home. These include a variety of products. This is a one-off offer and comes occasionally when a new product is launched or packaging is changed.

Get an XBox Project Scorpio – One Field


Here you get a free game for Xbox when you answer a set of questions asked over the affiliate marketing channels of the company. However, this is a very popular quiz related to Xbox and recommended only for gaming aficionados familiar with this format.

Scribd – Book Trial


For book worms, Scribd provides unique experience of reviewing books. Indeed most of these books are yet to be launched for readers in the market. As a reviewer of books, you will have to read the entire script and suggest changes if any.

Your comments are considered for editing purposes.

Free Cosmetics Samples by Samples and Savings


This is an excellent website for women who wish to try newer cosmetics. Samples and Savings gives away free cosmetic sample like lipsticks, mascara, eyeliners, nail gloss and related stuff for free to enrolled members. Brands include

  • Victoria’s Secrets
  • MAC Cosmetics

You can continue receiving cosmetics provided you successfully refer a friend or relative to the program.


Free educational books, publications on a wide range of topics including animals, marine life, aircraft, space exploration and motley other topics are available for free at WorldBook.

You can enroll at their website and fill a simple questionnaire. Here, books of general interest to kids are widely available and offered to expand knowledge among youngsters.

Apple Music Sign Up – iOS

Apple Music Sign-up offers some thousands of songs for free download. The service is however available for three to six months only, depending upon where you live. Further, you can avail this free sample offer only via your iPhone of Mac OS computer.

The Astrology Guide

Once again, for those who believe in stars, signs, omens and the like, The Astrology Guide is a free e-magazine delivered to your email ID daily. Enrolling on the website also entitles you to a concise guide about astrology.

The guide explains movements of planets and their possible impact on your life.

Learn Our History


In a bid to popularize American history among youngsters, this website is giving away various DVDs that educate kids. Ladies of Liberty and Learn Our History are two popular DVDs that are on offer at this website currently.

Research Opinion Poll

Based in the UK with affiliates in the US, Research Opinion Poll conducts various types of research among people. People who complete these surveys are offered free coupons that can be redeemed for MAC Cosmetics.

Product Testing

You can try and keep some really great stuff from this website. Here you will find everything from malted drinks to home appliances for free. However, there is a small catch.

You need to submit a questionnaire about the product you have received free and used. This website operates in Europe and USA.

MedicarePlus Card – Free Savings Card


Apply online and save on your medical bills. Medicare offers a free card upon application. You can use this card alongside your medical insurance. The clinic or hospital will honor both. In fact, with Medicare free card, the medical facility you visit will offer you a great discount. The card is valid for medical, dental and eye and ear care centers.

By using all these 20 free samples websites, you can get almost $1000 free products.

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